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~you see colors, I feel blue~

Álmaimban élek...

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4 April 1988
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“I’m not sure if I’m depressed. I mean, I’m not exactly sad. But I’m not exactly happy either. I can laugh and joke and smile during the day, But sometimes when I’m alone at night I forget how to feel.”

Akanishi Jin
Jin owned my heart since 2008 august. He is still very special for me, and I guess as a beautiful memory my love will last forever. But now for the first time since I know him, I'm only his fan. I can fangirl over him without any deep feelings, and be happy for his successes in life. I like him a lot, always did so, so please try not to bad mouth him for me.
例えばいつか違う世界で 生まれ変わっても
僕らはそれぞれ 同じように出会い

Be happy, Jin! ♥

Rainbow Knights
I'm a proud あらしっく. - Or with the name from Junjun, アラシスト (⌒▽⌒)☆ - I've never loved a band like them before, so I can't accept any hateful comment about them, I can criticize them, but I would protect them from hate, no matter what. One day I'll stand in Tokyo Dome and sing "Arashi Arashi for dream", definitely, no one can stop me. I need to say thank you those guys, because they give me power to bear with life everyday. If you want to be my friend, then deal with my random fangirling over them, no need to comment, I'm used to be "awwwwing" alone, just ignore those posts. Yet, if you love them, please write something, because it makes me the most depressed, when people don't join me in fangirling.

SMAP, aka the Kings
Need to admit, never thought I'd add a column in my profile to SMAP, like ever, but the last few months proved me, I have to. I was way too biased with Kimura senpai since 2010 January, I didn't want to talk about SMAP, because I knew how wrong the way I treat the other four members. However it started to change, slowly, but they definitely won me over. All five of them. I won't be able to get rid off my Kimura Takuya freakness, and I don't want to either, so that's how it is. I'm biased, very much. So, you can find many things about SMAP here. Because they are the kings, and I'm happy to be a slave of them!

I always had a thing for Britain, but after Japan came into my life, everything else started to fade. Thanks to BBC's Sherlock, I got them back. And because I love to suffer, I'm really happy about it! BBC has the cruelest screenwriters, but I'm in forever debt of them. Thank you for torturing my soul!
After Sherlock, I finally started to watch Doctor Who, which is the most amazing tv show I've ever encountered. I love everything about it, even though so far, I watched just a few episodes of Classic Who. All three Doctors, all the companions and friends, they have place in my heart. Sometimes even the evil bastards, cause as I mentioned, I like to suffer xD
So~ Let's have dinner, okay? Even if you aren't my date. //winks You are my division if you know what I did here~~ And I'll burn up a Sun to say goodbye, if you want to leave!

It started with Free! in July of 2013. Then it just escaleted way too quickly. Because it started with the swimmer homos and continued with the basketball homos, I guess, it's easy to imagine what kind of animes I like. Nope, not homo ones x'D Well, it's always nice when there are gay boys around. But I just need idiotic, but amazing characters, a good story and humour with drops of love. Plus Shingeki no Kyojin, which is outside of everything, totally different level.
I love the seiyuus, too. Kimura Ryouhei with Kise stole my everything right away I heard his awesome way of talking. Then came Suzuki Tatsushisa - actually his Makoto won before Kimura-kun, but I haven't realized it for a while - and with him also new music. I love anime character songs, but Tatsu's OLDCODEX, too. A lot.
Kimura-kun. Suwabe-san. Tatsu. Kamiya-kun. Kaji-kun. nakamura Yuuichi. Hanzawa Kana-chan. Orikasa Fumiko-chan. Ono Daisuke-san. Ono Kenshou-kun. Ono Yuuki-kun. Nakai Kazuya-san. Miyano Mamoru. Shimazaki Nobunaga. Sawashiro Miyuki. And many, many others. Seiyuus are amazing people.
Also. Ghibli movies. MANY OF THEM. I can't put into words how much I love Ghibli movies.

I formerly posted a lot in hungarian, but now I write only in English or in my mixed language which is english-hungarian-japanese. Deal with it, and try to talk to me. I like to chat about the things I post, I wanna read your opinion too. I know I'm scary sometimes, and this profile shows I'm a monster, but if you're nice with me, I'll react that way too. Basically I'm the kindest person in this world. I'm a dragon, but at the same time I'm just a fluffy panda, who would like to love to live.

Arashi. Akanishi Jin. Szivárvány. Rainbow. Pink. Zene. Music. Rainbow-maker. Büszkeség. Pride. Naivság. Naivety. Végletek. Extremety. Igazságérzet. Justice-sence. Nagy szív. Big heart. Még nagyobb száj. Bigger mouth. Vélemény kimondás. Don't hold back opinions. Gondolkodás. Reasoning. Sok beszéd. Talks a lot. Érzelmek. Feelings.


Music is my language

CrediT ♡
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