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30 March 2018 @ 06:35 pm
One year in events~  
I'm in Japan for exactly a year. It's common to say a year felt fast, but to be honest, mine was so full of amazing things, that I don't feel like that at all. Everything I've ever wanted, ever dreamed of, ever had been sure that could never happen already happened. It's kind of scary, but also, I guess this is why I feel like I'm ready for the next chapter of my life. I'm turning 30 in 4 days, and it's time to start being an adult. I found a job, I'm gonna work my ass for this small Japanese company that so far been so kind to me that I already feel endlessly in debt to them.
And of course, whenever I can I'm gonna go see Arashichan, Yuutan and OLDCODEX. Because even if I got them plenty in the past 365 days, it never could be enough.

2017.06.18 - Yumecast Dream Fanmeeting (Nacchan, Ryoutakun, Yuukichan, Tosshi)
2017.07.08 - Wakuwaku Gakkou (Arashichan <3)
2017.07.16 - Nanatsuno taizai fesu (Yuutan <3, Tatsu <3, Tsudanii, Konchan, Sorachan, Misakichan, Aoichan)
2017.08.23 - Dive!! event (Yuutan <3, Shisho, Nakkun)
2017.08.27 - AoEx event (Yuutan <3, Okarin, Junjun, KAMIYAN, Yusasan, Konishisan, Kazusan, Sawanosan)
2017.09.12 - OLDCODEX They go, Where? in Zep Tokyo (OLDCODEX <3 My eyes met with Tatsu so many times~)
2017.09.13 - OLDCODEX They go, Where? in Zep Tokyo (OLDCODEX <3)
2017.10.07 - Yumecast Dream show (Nacchan, Ryoutakun, Yuukichan, Tosshi, Uemurakun, Yuusan, Tasuku)
2017.10.29 - Shingeki no kyojin event (Yuutan <3, Hirokun finally, Daisukesan, Yuichan, Marinachan)
2017.11.10 - OLCODEX They go, Where? in Sendai (OLDCODEX <3, and Eszti~~~ We got to celebrate Tatsu's birthday together. One of the best nights of this year.)
2017.11.18 - Seiyuu datte tabishimasu 2nd (Yuutan <3, Suwabesan, Shoutachan, Namikawakun, Maenokun, Tasuku)
2017.12.02 - Donten ni warau movie butai aisatsu (Yuutan <3, Nakkun, Torisan, Wingu)
2017.12.03 - Arashi Live Tour 2017-2018 Untitled (Arashichan <3 9 years of waiting was over this day~ My dream to see Arashichan singing in Tokyo Dome came true~)
2017.12.10 - Reading High (Yuutan <3, Suwabesan, Tosshi, Umechan, Sekisan)
2018.02.04 - Dive!! Reading Final Event (Yuutan <3, Shisho, Nakkun, Tomokun, Ryoutakun)
2018.02.08 - OLDCODEX We are Here! in Yokohama Arena (OLDCODEX <3)
2018.02.20 - Hangover, Mobile members Limited show (OLDCODEX <3 in acapella~ Tatsu's voice is just absolutely mindblowing)
2018.02.21 - Hangover, Mobile members Limited show (OLDCODEX <3 I definitely needed this second day of Hangover)

(There was weird anime event that I went to thanks to my school and I met Umechan for the first time there. Shisho also was there. And there was also a Live viewing for OCD's latest album in animate. I dunno what I did with these tickets.)

I met Yuutan 9 times~ I'm one lucky being. Even Tatsu 7 times, wow, that doesn't feel so much. It's good to love not just Arashi, because if I was only focusing on them this year, I might felt unsatisfied today.

I also got to go to Naganokun two times and see and climb my precious mountains. I walked the streets Shosan walked in Kamikaru, and been to the castle that he cleaned pigeon shit off x"D
We went to Kyoto and Ohsaka with Eszti <3
I got to see and touch the Pacific~
We were in FujiQ, and Disney sea~
I watched so many movies [aka, I cried my eyes off so many times in the cinema X'DD]
And I'm gonna see Fujisan finally on Sunday. When we went to FujiQ it was completely covered by clouds.

Did I mention I held Yuutan's hand for a second and he smiled just at me two times and said thank you just to me in english? Oh, well.
I also received the candy he made in his tv show. All I did was retweet a tweet. And I was selected together with 99 other people. Out of 7000. I like to think it's because Yuutan knows my name as I'm writing letters to him everytime I go to an event. I need to go to one again, because the last time I said my goodbyes and told him I most likely go back to Hungary x'D But in reality I got a job at the last minute, and already moved to my own flat, and going to work on monday for the first time. Everything feels like a miracle. It's just so weird to live your dreams. But I'm not gonna waste this chance.
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Joanna D.: shopknumba1 on March 30th, 2018 04:29 pm (UTC)
Congrats on living your dream to be in Japan finally! Will you be there long term or have you not decided yet? I hope to go there some day and maybe see Arashi in concert. I'm hoping so anyway. It would be awesome to see them during their 20th anniversary. Are you planning on seeing them too at that time?
さっちゃん: {嵐} 五色 - Radiantcsaca on March 31st, 2018 01:15 am (UTC)
Un, hopefully the company I’m going to work for will be satisfied with my work, and I can stay until death. ^^
Arashichan’s 20th anniversary tour can’t come fast enough. My company has its main place in Fukouka so I might apply for Fukouka dome that year and finally get a ticket myself through the fan club not just go together with a friend like this year xD

Hope you can make it too ^^

Edited at 2018-03-31 01:16 am (UTC)
Joanna D.: arashipknumba1 on March 31st, 2018 07:11 pm (UTC)
Living in Japan for life sounds awesome. Are you thinking about becoming a citizen? I read somewhere the requirements for becoming a Japanese citizen, and it seems pretty easy, except they say you have to give up the nationality you were born into. I get a funny feeling about that, so I probably won't apply to be a Japanese citizen.

Going to their 20th anniversary will probably be insane! I wonder if Jun has anything in mind yet.
さっちゃん: {嵐} 潤たん - J ureshiicsaca on April 1st, 2018 06:37 am (UTC)
I didn’t think that far ahead yet xD I wouldn’t mind throwing away my nationality but I don’t even know yet if I can deal with working in this country or not xD Gonna try to spend a few years here then I might ^^

I’m pretty sure he already has it planned, but it’s gonna get more and more fabulous as time goes on!!

Edited at 2018-04-01 06:38 am (UTC)
Joanna D.: junpknumba1 on April 1st, 2018 11:58 pm (UTC)
I figured it was too early for you to know for sure if you're staying that long or not. Most people I've been following were in Japan for years and then left. I feel like I missed out on something by not being there myself.

Whatever Jun cooks up, it's going to be amazing! And Japan is going to go crazy.
yuuki_73yuuki_73 on September 9th, 2018 09:28 pm (UTC)
I came to your blog looking for .mp3 from [untitled] live tour and found this history of you beautiful life!!!
You know? Meeting Arashi is part of my Heavenly dreams that won't come true.
I am too rooted in my life here in Brazil. My family, my job, my cat, my friends, my home.
I could only visit Japan for 30 days, on vacations! Would that be enough to satisfied me? Or to make me crazy?
I don't want to change my life, but I would love to answer to "俺ら名前は なんだ?" with 55,000 other voices....
I wish you all the happiness!!!
shiroiamyshiroiamy on January 28th, 2019 10:39 pm (UTC)
Szia! Régen jártam errefelé. :) Szívből örülök, hogy ennyi álmod vált valóra és a Japánban maradásod is szépen kialakult. Sok élményben volt részed és mindegyikért keményen megdolgoztál. Az ilyen pillanatoknak tud az ember a legjobban örülni, mert érzi a súlyát az odavezető útnak. :)
Ha találkozol valaha egy KAT-TUN-ossal, mond meg neki, hogy Európa szívében még van, aki emlékszik rájuk, akárhányan is maradnak. ;)