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18 June 2017 @ 11:42 pm
I love my seiyuus  
Yumeiro cast event~~~ The first step of my awesome summer.

I must start with how great I was with finding my way to Odaiba. I got on all the trains at the end where it was closest to the norikae exit, it never happened before xD

As I got to know now, Zepp DiverCity is actually in a mall, just wow that OCD is always playing here. So many people, geez. I decided not going early for goods cause it was raining all day long, but in the end it would have been ok, as everything happened in the mall xD It must be a site when all the crazy looking rock music fans march through this riajuu hell xD

But as this is a fairly small venue, even if I sat at the next to last line, I saw everything perfectly well~~~ It was even a little higher than the lines in front of us, so yeah, it was amazing.

The moment it started, the girl on my right started to scream and clap, I was so glad!!!! Everybody was holding penlights as true otakus, so I was like noooo, I prefert clapping I want to clap without feeling bad about it, so yeah. That girl saved me big time xD She was always laughing super loud, and commenting things, so I could do the same!!!

Ryoutakun came on stage first, and on the screen they showed Kyoya's card but put Ryoutakun next to him, so everybody was lmaoing right from that moment xDD Nacchan was super cute trying to be serious cause Iori is supposed to be that, but he failed in like ten seconds XD Tosshi made us scream from both ends of the stage as a real entertainer xD And then Yuukichan was just as creepy as it has to be as Jin xDD

I want to say they started with normal greetings, but there was literally nothing normal about them xDDDD Ryoutakun was supposed to be the mc, so it was really only the four of them on the stage all the while *___* THIS POOR BOY XDD He is so reserved, so serious, sO ADULT, and then there were these other three with the constant mindfucking and dumbness, so Ryoutakun's lines contained mostly of STOP IT STOP FOOLING AROUND WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME, STOP XDD Also he called them baka like ten times XD

The other three all wear glasses right, so they were the meganebu, and their brains are connected like that, aka, they are all idiots according to Ryoutakun xDDD I cant remember why, but they said something, then just all of a sudden got into stupid kimeposes, and they did it like all were different but really at the same time? They were laughing at how linked they are so bad xD

After like 15 minutes, they finally got to announce the name of the meeting. Well. THEY HAD TO DO IT THREE TIMES CAUSE THEY ARE USELESS XDDD Ryoutakun ofc said his part well, then Nacchan second: Dream tour 2017... Well the title was Dream fanmeeting tour 2017 xDDD Next time he did it, then Tosshi fucked up his lines xDDDDDDDDD I couldnt really catch what he tried to say? Something with their megane xDDD Then the third time it finally happened, which made Yuukichan sad as he didnt have any lines to laugh at xD Oh yeah, when Tosshi messed up - I guess - Nacchan and Yuukichan went and group hugged him xDDDDD He is so tiny!!!!

After the 20 minutes that it took to get to the title call, they got to the first corner which was playing the game on stage. Nacchan was going on about how good he is at it - the others were correcting everytime he boasted about clearing the expert stages without miss xDDD He did Sakura yo nantoka ai nantoka, and I say it like this cause they didnt know the title either xDDDD Tosshi was going on about sakuran nanchara nanchara xDDD And when Ryoutakun tried to announce it, he messed it up too xDD
Btw. Nacchan. This kid is so hyperactive, they couldn't keep up with him at all xDD He was katteni starting the game, Ryoutakun had to rush with announcing whats happening xD Also he tried to buy gems first??? Everybody was like wow it must be the first time the shop was on the screen in an event xDD
They had to do it with one hand, so Nacchan announced that means he will sing in the mic with the other, we screamed so much. Yuukichan was standing next to him like he was the friend in the game center who doesnt do anything always just watching xDDD And as they were leaving Tosshi alone even though they are the meganebu, Tosshi got mad xDDDD
Nacchan was really singing AND DANCING while playing xDD He was so bad xDD He also ruined the system??? First we stopped seeing his screen on the big one, then the music disappeared too xDDDD So he left the phone and came to the center and just sang and danced? xDDDDD Also was accusing the staff and saying its not his fault that he cant play. It was xDDDDDDDDD Ryoutakun is nice - also there wasnt enough time xD - so they said they accept it as cleared xD We needed both of them to clear the stages, so we can get cards in the game as present xD

Ryoutakun was next. He got Hikari hikaru hikari - Tosshi was doing the mc here and he messed up the name, also did Nacchan tbh Hikaru hikari hikaru was what they kept saying xD - and he admitted he not just never played with this stage, he never heard the song either. Tosshi said they all played around in the green room with their stages, but Ryoutakun really didnt even hear what he'll do before this. They told him he must do it with one hand too, but then they took pity and he said he'll drop the mic if cant do it well like that.
And was he good?! Omg, we were all just saying umai sugoi because yeah, with one hand it wasn't the best, but after with two he just cleared it so easily? And if he didnt let his guard down in the end, and missed the last two, he would have got such nice combo number. We were already screaming too cause we thought it's over, so maybe it was our fault xD

The next corner was drawing on omoraisu, because omoraisu is important for Yumeiro company. Well, getting to the point of starting this game was already so long, I can't even xD They tried to janken to decide who is with who as team. IT TOOK LIKE 10 MINUTES? XDDD Because it wasn't normal janken ,they were singing around and being stupid and not understanding each other like wow xDDD Ryoutakun was having a mental break down at their idiocy XD
In the end they got separated as Nacchan-Ryoutakun and Tosshi-Yuukichan, which made Tosshi lol. He was like we are the ojisan team, then he added I'm the chibi ojisan, and there is the tall ikemen in the other one xDDDDDD Ah, did I mention Tosshi's idiotic laugh already? xDDD HIS LAUGH WAS SO FUNNY XDDD He was like suffocating sometimes XDDDD

So, the teams were done, then they had to decide who goes first. Nacchan and Yuukichan did janken again. This time they did it as not looking down at their hands while holding a tone out as long as they could. These cheaters kept changing the one they choose, and what's funny? Nacchan was losing every single time, as Ryoutakun pointed out laughing his ass off xDDDD

So Yuukichan started, ne. They bring in a camera that Nacchan had in his hand so the first thing he filmed was Yuukichan's ass upclose xDDD He positioned the camera until the lights were coming through Yuukichan's legs, and they joked about they just saw the first sunlight of the year so they will be lucky xDDDD
He had to draw omuraisu on the omuraisu xD Only Tosshi didnt see the mondai as he had to guess what Yuukichan draws. He had 30 seconds. He spent 25 of that dancing around the stage xDDD Then just draw an arrow on the plate toward the omuraisu xDDDDD It was 90% cheating tbh xDDD But he was very proud of himself and saying it's lucky he got Tosshi cause their brains work the same. It put nice pressure on Tosshi, but he guessed it well xD

They did the camera thing with Nacchan too, but he wore these pants that were loose so even if he opened his legs wide, the pants were in the way for the lights xDDDDDD
He had to draw boneless ham on the fucking omuraisu xDDDDD HIS DRAWING WAS HORRENDOUS BUT RYOUTAKUN GUESSED IT??? We had to choose which one of the teams win by clapping and I gave mine to them cause Ryoutakun guessing that was like genius level xDDDD
I guess it was after that Yuukichan filmed Ryoutakun from below so he was like looking down at us right? We were going crazy screaming while Nacchantachi lolled, then Ryoutakun ended it with: KAERE on such a jackass voice XDDD My masochist self loved it.

And then third corner: nama dubbing~~~~~~

The way they changed attitude in five seconds? They were joking about everything until this was their side job, this is the real one, and Tosshi was stretching and it was made into a joke too, then bamm, they just started and were in character and WOW.
The skit was about Iori being a detective, and he was searching for his right hand, who I guess is supposed to be Hinata in the game? But as he wasn't there he didn't have a right hand xD They met up with Jin who was Detective Nooman xDDD His underling was Sousei with the name of Dandori? I guess xDDD And he was horrendous xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD He kept screaming and getting angry at Iori for being better at being a right hand than him xDDDD They teamed up to search for a thief called Kaito nantoka. He was supposed to steal a crown and the hearts of us xDDDD They went into a museum, and very soon got separated from Sousei, who then met Kyouya. KYOUYA'S CARD WILL HUNT ME FOREVER ITS SIN OMG OMG OMG OMG I'm still not sure what his character was supposed to be xD He was acting like he is a the thief for a while, but he wasnt? He had the crown though at first? So he was trying to make Sousei to join him and leave Jin. He made us lift our hands if we think Iori is a better underling, most of us did xDD Tosshi was losing character right here, he was like heeeh, so many of you, right, okay, I'm not gonna get sulky, he was sulking xDDDD Then the people who thought Sousei is a good underling HAD TO WINK XDDDDDDD Nobody did xDDDDDD Tosshi was so so so so damn funny here xDDDD Sousei didnt wanna team up with Kyouya so Kyouya was supposed to drag him with himself. Well, Ryoutakun did not do it, but Tosshi acted it out non the less, not just us, but Yuukichan and Nacchan were lmaoing on the floor by this time. Yuukichan was literally on the floor. Tosshi kept screaming AND CRYING AND CALLING FOR NOMANSAN TO SAVE HIM XDDDDDDD He was so funny that Yuukichan and Nacchan couldn't get back into character when they had to xDDDDD After they let Tosshi screaming like ten more times they finally ended up recognizing his voice and went for him. Kyouya tried to tell Iori that Jin is actually Kaito, but he didnt believe it, so they went running after the supposed real one together, and then Iori was left alone, because Jin and Sousei were really the thieves xD Sousei was acting like an idiot all along, I loved that revealing, but it was kind of obvious tenkai xDDD In the meantime they somehow stole the crown too from Kyouya, who was puffing about that, but tbh I was concentrating on the card behind them way too much by this time. THAT CARD IS SIN IM TELLING YOU. His exposed tigh..................

So yeah, it was a good skit.
The final came with the announcements. Nacchan and Yuukichan were waiting for their birthdays to be announced, well, we got concert announcement and stage play announcement instead. Just wow~~ Already bulleted for the concert, I really wanna go!!!
Especially cause after their greetings they sang a song!!!!!!
Tosshi was like we are going to call the gods. Everybody was wtfing until Yuukichan enlightened him that nope, they are going to call the place where gods live xDDD "Call heaven" ne xDDDDDDDD

I loved Ryoutakun's voice!!!!!!!! He is the least talented at singing tbh, but in live he was good??? And Nacchan who can sing so well on recording wasn't good??? I was shook. And I got reassured again that I love Yuukichan's singing voice the most in this bunch, even if Tosshi was way above their quality. Ah~ I was so satisfied with everything T___T

They left the stage with their lines from the game when you clear a stage xD

It was like 100minutes of constant laughing. My cheeks and stomach hurt. I mean it. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!! And it was so so lucky to have only four of them, so it was really like watching a bunch of friends messing around.

Other randomness: Tosshi hugged Ryoutakun from behind at some point xD
They kept calling Yuukichan OnoMaru which I hope is a hint at how he looked - yes looked, cause lately he is in really good shape.
Yuukichan's normal talking voice is so much like Taiga, I was getting goosebumps at some point

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