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Two months packed with happiness

So. I usually complain about being a lazy ass and not writing posts, but tbh, the last two months went by with me hardly having any freetime so the excuse for not documenting is rl rn xD

Right after my birthday, I went to Ikebukuro on the weekend. Alone. First time on the Tokyo metro alone and I didn't lost. What a skill xD Especially cause I don't think I already had a phone here xD Yeah, I got it on the 10th? And this was on the 8th.
So Ikebukuro. Omg. Dudes, that place is crazy. There were so many people, that was the first time I actually felt culture shocked XD Also it's a freaking hell. Money wise. I was there for like four hours? And I spent so much money, that I ended up not going to the Suncity part which was my destination in the first place. I had to go home cause my conscious was screaming to stop spending money, yes xDDD But damn, did I love it? I went to this huge bookoff and spent there like more than an hour just surfing through their collection, trying to resist not buying everything xD Then animate!!! ANIMATE <3333 The main animate is in Ikebukuro and it was decorated with all kinds of Shingeki no kyojin stuff because Season2 was just about to start at that time. I don't need to say just how much I loved it. I wish there were a little less people, so I could have taken better pics.

So I got my phone on the 10th, I guess. In the end I went for it alone, because that guy's explanation sounded so shady. I went to the bank alone to get an account, then after school I went to the au shop. It took three hours, and the guy to fail to notice that my iPhone does work with Japanese sims but I got a sim card!!! Also a pocket wifi~ And internet that gives me 10gb every THREE DAYS. Can you believe this?? It's expensive through hungarian eyes, but my thai friend says she pays only 1000yen less, and she only have 3gb for a month? Or so. So I'm pretty freaking satisfied with my subscription.

The next weekend was about Kuroko no basket. I wanted to watch Last game in the cinema since I arrived, but as we wanted the coasters with Taiga-Daiki-Ryouta, I waited till this weekend. And I had to go to Chiba to a mall for it, because the seats were reserved to most big cinemas in the city in 5 minutes (The reservetion opens in midnight. Anime fans.) So yeah, I watched it three times x"DDDD Nah, actually only two, cause on Saturday I just went inside then came out with the coaster. That was Taiga. Just like for the first time. I ended up with two Taigas. Baby, I love you too, but I really wanted Daiki and Ryo too. But I ate omuraisu in that mall!! Nyamm, so so so good. I even ate the mushrooms in it xD
On Sunday I went again to Nihonbashi this time, and you know what? Fuck them, cause the coaster event was supposed to go on for a week, and they ran out of them by the second day. What is that even?? So it was such a waste of money, that if the movie wasn't great, I would have threw a tantrum xD
But it's good!! It had some weird moments what doesn't really connect to the series I guess, and fuck that ending!!!! I even cried a little. Taiga <3333333333

Our school has connections with Tokyo Communications and Art, which is a school where you can study about anime, theater, etc, all kinds of really really cool things. And that connection means, we can go there and enjoy everything they offer for free. On the 22nd we had the first occasion. It was advertised as only watching a movie in their theater room, but it ended up so much more!! There was a man who talked about japanese anime, and he worked with Production IG before who actually made Kuroko and he worked with SnK's studio too, I was so amazed. Then we watched Totoro~~~ I never watched Totoro in a cinema before so this was such a nice experience <3 And then they lead us around the school. And I got to know that Kamiyan and Daisukesan was in the recording room, as they recorded a part of Durarara there!!!!!!!! As you can study to be a seiyuu too here. It was so interesting. Also so many posters? There was a beautiful Kamikaru too on the corridor <3
And we got food. It was pasta day, so there was ramen, soumen and tsukemen. We ate ramen with the boys, damn, so good. Also KITKAT IN SUCH AMOUNT OMG!!! We were in awe xD

On the 25th I met with my Greek friend for the first time. We never met before, but she came for work this time, and as we were finally in the same city, couldn't just not go for it.
We met in Akihabara xD You would think there isn't much difference between Ikebukuro and Akiba but there is? The atmosphere is so different oO Like Ikebukuro is really for anime fans, but Akiba is just such a mixture of every otakuism possible. It was a weird experience.
I almost got lost because the station is under construction and I managed to come out on some weird far exist x'D But we found each other in the end.
Then went to Seizariya and ate. And talked ofc xD But also ate. PIZZA~~~ Japanese people doesn't know what cheese is. But it was good. Also the gratin I ate, nyummmmmm. We talked a lot, she made my anxiety a little easier. It shouldn't be a problem that I didn't graduate from a japanese course in uni, she found a great job too even though studied on her own~ Such a role model :D
After eating, we found the animate in Akiba (yes, I love animate XD) and as she needed to buy stuff for her friend we went inside. It was nicely different than the one in Ikebukuro? They sell older stuff, also stuff that already long ran out in the main shop, I came out with a bag worth almost 5000yen x'DDDD It's pretty hard to come out of animate without buying anything, but last week I finally managed to achieve that!!!

And then the next day, the 26th WE WENT TO SKY TREE with Yonchan~~~ Because we just love to climb towers xD
To be honest, it can't even be compared to Tokyo Tower in many aspects. Like it's not pretty at all. Not during the night, not during day, it's just grey and if there are even clouds you hardly can see it. Tokyo tower is just so pretty whenever you see it. Like when you see it from up the outlook in Sky tree!! The prettiest point of the city!!! But Sky tree obvisouly wins as experience. It's so tall, it actually feels like up at 450m meter like you are flying above the city. Up in Tokyo tower you still feel like you are part of the city, there are many skyscrapers just the same size or even taller. But from sky tree? You are like among the clouds - feeling wise.
Also. There is a Shingeki event going on you see x"D The tallest lookout is like stepping into SnK world. Omg, I just loved it. The stamp rally was such a fun way to explore different parts of the tower too. I really wanna go back now that they changed the setting, but can't bring myself to actually do it yet xD

On the 29th we went to eat Okonomiyaki with Yonchan. We found a shop on our way back from Sky tree, and promised to try it out as soon as we can. Omg the obachan who runs the shop x"DD We arrived around 5? Because from 12 I had to go to TCA to their open campus and study about anime character illustration on PC in order to enjoy their free trip to the sea but about that, I'll write later xD
As we entered, two obasans were inside already, drinking alcohol, and as they noticed I'm foreigner they started to cheer? xDDD Then got even louder when we announced we wanna eat okonomiyaki xDDD They were so drunk? I didn't get why they cheered, until it became obvious that the owner obasan doesn't really like foreigners. She was so grumpy xDDDD We didnt know how to do it right??? So she grumbled a lot as made our first one. It was the kind of place where your legs are in that hole under the table? It felt so japanese~~ So we ate three servings and drank beer, and ended up playing 5000yen, which made the obasan a lot happier in the end xD In her defense, she was preparing for the rush later, so I get it was annoying to deal with us. Especially cause at first we ordered manjuu, then okonimyaki and to prepare them you need different ways so she had to do it two times. We were so shy to ask her everytime to come to our table when we wanted something xDDDDD We just kept giggling around with Yonchan. I really enjoyed it~

I got my Arashi fanclub card somewhere here~~~ *__*

From May 3rd it was Golden week, so no school. And I went for a trip to the sea~~~~~~~~~ TCA offered it and again FOR FREE. We went to their school for 12, worked some on our illustrations again - technology man, those pads? I dont even know what they are called but you like actually draw with pens on it in PS? so cool - and then at 3pm it was shuppatsu~~~ Or so we thought xD First we had a task. We got a paper and had to ask 30people about their names and what they love then fill in the boxes, so we could play bingo on the bus. It was so much fun xD They called your name and you had to announce your name and what you love, then if you were on someone's paper, they cricled in and the people who got bingo actually got presents later xD
We went to the middle of nowhere tbh. It's the opposite shore of Chiba, not the one close to Tokyo? So actually by the Pacific. And there were nothing else around but rice fields, not even my pocket wifi could catch signal xDD
We arrived and right away went to a barbecue place and just ATE. A LOT. We even did some marshmallow xD And then firework by the sea~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was super windy that night, but we had so much fun. I was together with my thai friends, and the boys who talk English. I had to admit, I'm super bad at changing from english to japanese and back x"D I speak both so naturally that I dont even notice which comes out of my mouth. As Ruru (Ludovic, the french boy I arrived together to the airport xD) said, I even mix hungarian sometimes xD
We were put into groups of six, with two of that kids from TCA. And our people were two japanese girls~~~~ They were so nice, and actually anime fans so omg I talked so much with them!!! One of them even drew me Levi and Eren during the night. Btw, this was a proper japanese ryokan. That means tatami room with futon, and common bath. Omg. My roommates all said they can't do that bathing together thing, so they showered in the teacher's room that had one xDDD I got over my embarrassement, but geez, I'm really not a fan of this. Also my tattoos make me so awkward................ We talked until like 1am? I was up even after that, I guess.
Then breakfast at 8. Proper japanese breakfast with fried fish, miso soup, raw egg on rice, and other tiny side dishes. SUCH AN EXPERIENCE~~~
After that we had these fun team games till lunch. I noticed I'm a lot better dealing with being in such a crowd than I was when younger. I can actually volunteer to do activity or other games in front of everybody. I would have never done that before. I'm such an adult xD
Lunch - which we all thought we wouldnt get - was curry~~~~~ What else xD
And then the teachers said the ones who wants to go to the sea can now for half an hour~~~ I TOUCHED THE PACIFIC!! MY SECOND OCEAN!!!! I ACTUALLY STEPPED INTO IT~~ Omg we played around so much with Ruru, he got soaked all over, I was okay with just my pants' legs xDDDDD I can't wait to swim in it, will most definitely go to the sea whenever I can during summer.

On friday I just rested in my room. Tbh, I was already fed up with being with people ^^" I didn't have alone, quiet time at all during april. So I recharged, then on Saturday afternoon went for a Jinja hunt~
In Minatoku you can find temples in every 100meters. I only looked up Sengaku-ji which is the temple with the graves of the 47 ronin, but as I was walking around for 3hours, I found at least 15 of them. Some very small and very old, some very big and luxurious. It was so good. Also it was super hot so I even got sunburned x"D I got omikuji in one, and it was so on point, I was a little scared. I used JR line the first time that day!! I was a little scared to change from metro to trains, but it was so unnecessary. I ended up seeing the cool ass SnK posters in Takadanobaba station which I couldnt during my first Ikebukuro trip as they are on the JR station not the metro.
Yes, I went to Ikebukuro in the end, because I just need animate every week x"D

On the 7th it was Tokyo Pride. So many people in Yoyogi park. So many people walked, so many people high touched us from the sidewalk, so many Happy pride, so many smiles. It was a long afternoon with lots of standing around and waiting, but I'm really glad I went. It meant a lot to my conscious.

On May 12 we had Undoukai. Yes, my school IS Japanese xD It was only rope pulling, rope jumping and relay, but we did it in an actual sport arena and all, so good experience again. Also I started to talk with another of my classmate this day, yey~

I guess it was rest day on the 13th and then I went to a new part of town on the 14th. It's on the north, Taito and Adachiku, I guess. The main purpose was to get goods of a stage play for Jessa, but as I noticed that it's near to the place Tatsu and Abekun visited during their Dagashikashi trip, I went there too. The old dagashiyasan was closed though T_T I'm not sure if it's cause it's closed for good or cause it was Sunday but saaaad.
Ofc I ended up in animate again x"DDDDD Nobody is surpised. But now I actually had a purpose!! I had to buy the animage with Levi to myself, Zsófi and Jessa, also Umecchi's mag for Zsófi, so it wasn't just meaningless longing xD
I ate tempura-don after arriving back to Edogawa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On May 17 we watched Senpai's Mugen no Juunin. I will admit, I didn't really understand the story. Especially Soutakun's chara, but it was a good movie. And Kimura Takuya is amazing.
As that day was the release day of Linked Horizon's 2nd album that features songs set in the SnK universe, I wanted to buy it so bad, but we couldn't find a Tsutaya in ginza that was open after 9 so that got pushed to the next day. Wth, so many people in Ginza even after 10, like why dont these people return to their families on a freaking wednesday night instead of drinking outside x"DD

I found it in the not-bookoff the next day anyway, I was afraid they wouldnt have it but damn, best freaking cd I've ever bought.

On the 20th there was again cinema in TCA. And as the first time, it wasn't just cinema. We watched a Crayon Shinchan movie which was surprisingly great, and then Lady Beard appeared. Like non of the people I talked with knew who he was, but I did and I was laughing so hard x"DDDD We even got pictures with him one by one!!!!! Such a famous man xD After that food was makisushi this time, nyammm, got so stuffed again xD Also WE COULD ACTUALLY TAKE HOME THE KITKATS THIS TIME xDDD I cant tell how much we laughed with the boys. We even got a little demonstration of sword fighting after.

I've got my hair cut and dyed on the 24th. My teacher told me that I need to tune down the red if I dont want to freak out the interviewers during job hunting... For 16 days already I'm a boring brunette. T__T My red hair T___T

On the 27th I went to Shibuya again. Ah yeah sometimes during the very first part of April we had a trip here with Ame and Yonchan, but I really hated it xD Way too many riajuu, I so don't feel comfortable here. But I had to come cause Jessa needed a ticket for her fav stage play actor's event, and I'm a nice friend. I went to Tower Records though~~~~~ There was SnK promo even here xDD But the best part was the OLDCODEX section. AS I GOT MY FREAKING EMAIL THAT I HIT FOR THEIR TOUR IN SEPTEMBER IM GOING TO SEE TATSU AND YORKE ON A CONCERT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGG I ended up buying three of their albums xDDDD Also SMAP's Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana which I promised myself to buy here where it surely counts into their sales.
Also visited animate Shibuya, who is surprised xDD It's again a totally different atmosphere shop!!! I might liked this the most so far?? So many things I havent seen at other places.

On the 28th we had a matsuri. Edogawaku holds it every year in the park just in front of our school, so we always have a boots too. This year we made different types of gyoza of the world. But I wasnt in the cooking team. The people who bought gyouza, got a ticket to come to our school and learn different languages! I was in charge of the hungarian class obviously xD But ended up helping out from 9 till 6pm with so many things. First it was serving tea til 2pm, then my class, and I even helped with English. A group of american kids came from a different school to hold english classes but their japanese wasnt good enough so I helped with translating. I loved it!!!!! I love using both english and japanese ;; Also got to end up being friendly with a new girl~


And then on the 30th I got my Arashi concert dvd. All the emails said it would be delivered on the 1st of july. but it wasnt because Arashichan loves me. The next following days were all about Arashichan. And I got so overwhelmed with feels that I ended up buying ticket for Wakuwaku gakkou with a girl I just got to know on twitter because of my dvd rips xDD IM GONNA SEE ARASHICHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 IN TOKYO DOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ITS NOT CONCERT BUT ARASHICHAN WITH MY OWN EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll have the best freaking time of my life in July. Unbelievable. You know I'm actually in shock about Arashichan, I still dont really grasp this. I'm so excited about Nanatsu and Yuutan and Tatsu, but this? This is just so huge my brain is refusing to accept it. I'll probably sob through the whole thing xD

On the 4th of June I had to buy pin for Zsófi so I'll be able to post her box, and as I dont like just to go to animate, I ended up in the Imperial garden. It was totally late, already 4pm when I arrived, and it closes at 5 so I havent seen the palace, but aw, I missed green. It was like being in a forest at some points.
I walked over to Akihabara and I felt so overwhelmed by how much I love Tokyo. I love the sky scrapers, I love the tiny green peeking out everywhere, I love the sky, I love the cleanness, I love everything.
As the pin wasn't in the big shop, I ended up in Akihabara girls station, which is a smaller animate, mainly with goods for animes like utapuri? And stageplays. I felt so out of place x"D If at least there were some seiyuu stuff, but nope. I have so no interest in otome games or harem anime omg. But there was some Nyanko sensei pictures on the stairs, I was the most excited about that xD
I left the town with seeing an Arashi Are you happy? poster, and I could say with such confidence, yes, I am happy.

Also so so excited about the upcoming months.
I'm going to Yumecast even on the 18th. I'll see Yuukichan, Natsukichan and Ryouheikun~~~

Then on the 21st I'm going to the Philippines to meet Jessa. These last 13 days are gonna be freaking horrible, I just cant wait anymore. Also. Sea. And swimming. And dolphins I WANNA GO ALREADY.

July 8 is Wakuwaku
July 16 is Nanatsu
Jessa will come on July 20
I might hit for the OCD CD release event on the 29
Jessa will come on the first part of August again
And August 27 is Aoex event, so I'll see Yuutan again.
If I survive all this, OCD concert on the 13th of September...............
I cant believe this tbh, and who knows what else i still end up buying ticket for, I'm horrible x'D

But you know, I actually spend my time seriously too xD I study everyday for long hours outside of school, and I ended up writing an 80% above JLPT practice test last week. I started to study for this exam in April, and now I'm actually clearing it. Yes, I fucking studied a hella lot. I'm also the best in my class. I do all my test above 90%, and I'm mostly the one who answers the questions when nobody else wants to/can. I feel so confident geez.
I always went for a job fair of hotels on the 30th of May. And I gave my CV to a hotel company and they invited me to interview on the 2nd of June. It was so sudden and so unexpected. But I did it? And I was really nervous before the interview but after just 5 minutes I actually felt alright? I could answer their questions pretty well, even if what I said wasn't lies to make myself look better. I need to learn how to lie in order to make myself look better ^^" I was way too honest, so I doubt I'd get a positive response, but my japanese was a lot better than the othe boy's on my right, and I think even more natural than the one on my left even though he has a japanese wife and kids. I'm sure there were many people a lot better than me, as they had interviews all day long, but I don't feel like I did a bad job. And I learned from it a lot so I can do better the next time. I had my eyes on one more hotel company during the job fair, and I already found one on the net that seems nice. I really wish I could work in a hotel. I just wanna use my english T_T

About friends~
We are changing classes in July T_T I'm not happy about that. I think I'm not gonna be in the same class as the boy I talk to the most. He sits in front of me now, and we talk a lot lot. He is so nice to be around. I also like the boy who sits next to me but we only talk when it comes to school stuff. And then there is the boy I started to talk with during the undoukai. He is a music maniac so we keep recommending each other new music, and he also talked to me a lot about korea as he came from there. He is such a kind soul~ We went to a famous tsukemen restuarant together with him and the first boy. We actually waited in line for more than two hours after school to eat a food that I didnt even like x'D They totally tricked me into this anyway. Saku said he wants to practice talking in English with me so I thought we'll just stay in school and study, but we ended up going to this place with three of his other friends and Junsu and it took 40mins on bus to get there!!! and then the waiting in line........ Geez, it was a tiring day xD But we talked a LOT with Junsu about all kinds of things so oh well.
And then there are the Arashi fan girls in my class :D Shibun and Choukun. Shibun's friend hit for Wakuwaku so she is coming too!! And Choukun is so cool? We talked one afternoon, and she loves baseball, she went to an actual match already, and she loves traveling, so it seems she is going to Kyoto and Nara alone during our break when I go to the Philippines. I hope we can do some fun stuff together in the future. We talked about batting center, I really wanna go to batting center xDD
And then there is Shinei, who I'm together with in Job hunting class too. We are like comrades XD Surviving that class was the only hardships of this semester. Our teacher smiles a lot but she is superduper hardcore strict too x'D
Also the obachan who wanted to punish me for being late on the first day? Turned out the cutest xDD She is so laid back and cute. But I love Tomonaga sensei the most, she is probably younger than me and huge Shinee fan, and she is so much fun and just so lively everytime. I hope I'll have class with her the next semester too.
I spend the most time with Ame, though, as we are the ones who have classes in the afternoon, so we go to school together and go shopping after a lot. But we are going to Kamakura on saturday with Yonchan as last trip together. She is going home on the 21 T_T I wish we could have spent more time together but she became friends with a korean girl in her class, and they are always together...

Hm~ I guess this is it. It was a very short and packed two months. I loved every second of it. I love being here, and I really hope I can stay even after the school is done...
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