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05 April 2017 @ 09:06 pm
Sometimes four days feel like four months~  

On the first I really went for that long walk. I walked from Edogawaku to Kotoku over Arakawa. At first I just wanted to go till Arakawa and see where Masa sailed in Manabu~ But then I got to the bridge and noticed Sky tree and couldn't stop after that. So I just walked over the bridge in like 8C and super strong wind like some zombie being attracted by Sky tree xD Ofc it's too far from here so I didn't go there, but I found a map by the base of the bridge on the other side, and it said there is a park fairly closeby so I went on. And was I lucky?
There was a Haru matsuri going on. With lots of sakura and stalls of food, so it was ZA NIPPON kanji, I loved it. I ate takoyaki~~~ Also saw baseballing kids xD And did I mention the beautiful sakura? Nyaaaaa~~

On Sunday I was just studying, because we wrote the test on Monday right? That separates us into what level of Japanese are you on. I got into the best category, or so I thought until today x"D People in the better half are separated into 6 boxes p1 p2 etc. I got into p5, right? So there is P6, both of these are JLPT N1 level aimed courses, so basically the same, but we are still separated. That is bad, because I thought I'm gonna be together with this American guy I got to know on Tuesday, but today it became obvious that we aren't. I am the only not chinese in my class. Geez fuck me, I'll have a very good year :/ Well, these guys at least speak Japanese around the same level as me, so maybe a little more friendly than the ones in the dorm. But I really wanted to be together with the American guuuuuy.
Tuesday was so good. We had an orientation about everyday things, how to act in Japan, how the school works etc. Now we were separated into big groups of who understands what language. My group was the English one, so there were at first two guys (then came one more who was a little better) who should have translated what the sensei was saying to us to Japanese. They were horrendous. We already realized this on Monday when we signed the contract with the dorm as they really weren't much helped. So the glasses one guy after like 10 mins told me: Help us with the translation!! I was like ok x"D And then I did, because the sensei knew I'm good so I just bumped in whenever these two useless ones couldn't translate, and luckily she wasn't mad but actually grateful xD And I need to tell you, I just love translating to people. Most guys seemed so grateful, they thanked me - I even got applause too when the sensei asked for it separately for all of us XD - and damn, I felt so fine. There are these three boys who don't speak Japanese at all, and then there is the American guy - we are the only ones who are caucasian looking x'D - who I just loved to talk to. I mean the only reason for that is he is american x'D
After the orientation we had to wait for a supposed explanation about how to buy sim card in Japan, but it never happened. Actually the company forgot to invite an english translator, there were only one for the chinese kids... I'm not saying damn wth but damn wth. I get 80% of the students are chinese, but hey we pay the same prize. Whatever. We were waiting together in front of the class with all the boys, and I just loved talking in English, it's so easy now, geez, it's actually 80% easier than in Hungarian, I don't need to think about words, everything just flows once I start T_T
So we were waiting right, then a chinese boy appeared to talk with one of the guys, and he was talking SO GOOD ENGLISH like with actual American accent, and he was so naturally cool that we were all like kicked off our feet, I mean it, even the boys x"D That was one of an experience XD

After we finally figured out that we won't have an explanation, we were let go, this was already around 2:30pm, and I had plans. I decided days before that I want to go to Tokyo tower for my birthday, and that time seemed already so late. I rushed back to the dorm and asked the Thai girl I got to know after the test on monday, but she was sick, so she refused to come with me. I tried my luck with the girl in the room next to me, she is korean, but she hardly spoke with us on monday so I was hesitant, right? And she said it's fine, she wants to come. And was it the best decision of that day?
Not just that she knew how to use the subway, she understood what I was bubbling about, and she even answered on a fairly understandable japanese. AND SHE IS AN ARASHI FAN. But in order.
On the map Tokyo tower seemed so far from Akabanebashi station, but the moment we left it TOKYO TOWER WAS JUST THERE. I screamed and jumped, I am so sorry, but geez, my heart almost exploded with feels. I wanted to see Tokyo tower so bad T__T And it lived up to all the expectations. It's beautiful T_T And as always my birthday weather was perfect, so in front of the blue sky, it was just heartwrenchingly pretty. We decided to go up only after the sun goes down, so first we went to Shiba koen. Or wanted to x"D On the map it seemed huge, actually it's hardly any place. And even the jinja was closed for a funeral so we only saw it from outside. But the sakuras were really pretty and we got the japan feeling as so many salarymen were having hanamis xD (I'm not saying I felt a BUMP in my heart when saw the Keio university sign but it might have done it)

After the koen we just went up to the base of the tower, got to know that there is a huge One piece fesu going on, as you can expect, there is always a one piece fesu going on somewhere in japan x"D And we took so many pictures xD I was really glad cause Yonchan was just as excited as me. It's always easier to fangirl about things with someone who doesn't kill your vibes, ne~

We really didn't know what to do as my shitty map didn't show any places nearby - we still dont have net on our phones -_-" - so just started to walk toward the park where the Imperial palace is on Sakura road. And were we lucky? We found a tiny tiny jinja that was right out of youkai stories. It had the komaiuns, the hand washing part, the bell, the box that you throw money in, and we could even buy omikuji for 10yen!!!!!! After we got home I looked it up and that jinja was created more than a thousand years ago. If I was alone and there weren't people having hanami there, I could have spent hours there. Ah I just wanna find tiny jinjas like this a lot.

We walked a little bit more up, then I noticed a Haru board, and took a pic for a girl on twitter. I asked Yonchan is she knows who is that, and she said yeah, she saw her in a drama. I asked what, she said sekamuzu. I was like aaahhh Ohnokun's dramaaa. And she was from that moment on flying in feels xDD That's how I got to know she loves Arashi for more than two years now, and her fav is Ohnosan xD I kind of felt like we were on a lot better terms from then on xD We bumped into a Tsutaya, went in then spent like twenty minutes just drooling over Masa's mags xDDDD

As we got out it started to get darker, but actually I left the dorm without eating because I promised myself and Jessa that I would finally eat in a good place, so we stopped by a karee shop and eat karee~~ It was so good? I was afraid it would be too karai for me, but not at all? Also the meat didn't have any parts I couldn't eat? I ordered a M set and it was so huge that I even left most of my salad and rice there. But the miso soup was great. Actually my tonsils are swollen up, and as I was literally talking ALL DAY LONG by this time my throat was hurting so much that the hot soup felt like a blessing.

And then we went back~ By the time Tokyo tower showed up between the buildings again, it was already lit up. Ah it was heart wrenching all over again. So so so beautiful. The ticket to go up was 900yen, which I say was totally worth it. The look out at 250m is under constraction but the 150m one was just fine too. We saw everything~ The Docomo Yoyogi biru, Rainbow bridge, the ferris wheel in Odaiba, Skye tree - which was a lot smaller than I imagined - even Tokyo bay, and of course the roads that seem like Tokyo tower~ Everything was so pretty. We went on the glass floor look out too but I guess it's better during the day cause the lights below were so vivid that we hardly saw anything.
Coming out of it you go through like three levels? And there are so many shops, even a chinese market level something that sold unofficial Johnnys and anime goods xDDD And there is a whole floor for one piece rn obvious. I yeah there is some Citylight event going on until the end of this month, they projected some video on the glasses of the look out and the floor, it looked so nice. We really went at a good period.
For closing we ate crepe, even though I was still stuffed with the karee, then got back home~ I felt so good.

Today somehow nothing went as good xD We had to go for 12 for an explanation about the cellphones, and I almost arrived late cause i had to stop by sunny mall for medicine and face mask and shit. I actually should have been okay but my shitty offline map put the school in a wrong place, they already moved from there, so I had to ask around where it is xD Nobody noticed it though so that was ok. But then the explanation went on so long and it was so pointless - the guy wanted to sell us phones saying that au doesnt offer only sim cards, I already looked it up and they do, so Im pretty sure that company just wanted to sell us iphones -_- - that we were late for our orientation with out new classes. It was kind of chaos today at school because everybody had their personal orientation too, but the lady who did the class was particularly grumpy. She assumed I was late because I had the bag with the medicine on me I guess, even though I told her we had the explanation about the phones. Just like five mins after I arrived the class was over, and she just tossed me some papers to ask the others what they are, and hardly even told me the date for my counseling -_- Plus, she acted like she gives me a favour with not reporting me as absent for the day, like fuck you. If she didnt act like her time was so important that she doesnt even have time to look at me, I would have told her I was in the building more than an hour before the class started, but she was really rude so oh well. I hope she isn't the one who holds our main classes. One boy was slower than the others so I at least could get some information, but damn she just kept saying ask your friends about it, but do you even realize I HAD NOT EVEN ONE CLASS TOGETHER WITH THE CHINESE PEOPLE YET????? They were all put into different groups than us from other parts of the world, I literally havent even seen these people yet. I was so pissed.

I had to see the sensei who held the orientation the previous day, she was just as kind as before. She told me we dont need to make a contract with that practicular cellphone company and she asked me to tell this to the other boys too, so I'll go tomorrow as I have the day off and ask around at au and docomo. Ezawasan also told me as I am really good in japanese, I can just go by myself to the bank and get an account after we get back our Resident cards tomorrow, sounds so scary xD But hopefully the American guy(Robert from now on xD) will come too. After that's done I should be able to purchase a sim card finally. So mendokusai.

I had to wait like more than an hour before my counseling, but I found the Thai girl, Amechan so the time went on fine. She and her thai friends, especially an 18 yo girl who loves Rabu raibu were really nice. And even a random sensei came by and she noticed that my sheet is blank so she explain what's what, and I could get it done before going to see the councelor. I kind of wish they would be more positive ^^" I talked with Ito sensei too before the cellphone thing, he is the one who speaks hungarian and he was like ah you are good you are good but be ready that finding a job might not be possible, and now this councelor woman had the same vibes. Itou sensei at least said I might be lucky as the olympics are coming up, but without that this woman would have kinda killed my vibe completely. Also she said the sensei who holds the lesson about how to find a job in japan is super strict, jesus fuck I hope it's not the same woman who I met today.

But you know, if the guy who held the phone explanation could get a job with the level of english he speaks-he wasnt japanese either-, I kind of still on the positive side.

Ah~ so after Tuesday today was kind of a let down, but whatever, tomorrow we are going to Shibuya/wherever else we get to with Ame and Yon so who the fuck cares xD
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Joanna D.: springpknumba1 on April 5th, 2017 12:25 pm (UTC)
You've probably said this before, so sorry for making you repeat it. What organization did you go through to get to Japan?

I love the pics, btw! I'm kind of living vicariously through you there. :)
さっちゃん: {嵐} 翔さん - words not neededcsaca on April 5th, 2017 09:02 pm (UTC)
It wasn't an organisation. I friend recommended Toyo language school, I applied and they accepted me. There are a lot cheaper solutions if you are still in school, don't make this your first option because it's really expensive.

Glad you appreciate them, I had such good time on my bd *_*
Joanna D.pknumba1 on April 6th, 2017 01:29 am (UTC)
I'd ask what the school was about, but I have a feeling you'll write about that in future entries. I'm not in school right now, but I'll definitely do some more research on this.

Happy belated birthday!