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01 April 2017 @ 12:26 am
How to get to Japan if you are Szandi  

I was keeping it together fairly well till the last day. Eszti was there with me since Sunday - we watched Beauty and the Beast and it was sooooooooo goooood - so it wasn't hard to distract me from it, but on the 30th I was a mess. Eszti bought some sky lanters a very long time ago, so we finally tried them, as that was our last night together for a while. It was an adventure x'DDD We wanted to go right after sunset, around 7pm, well it really wasn't easy to say goodbye to my lil bro, therefore we were still at dad's place at 8pm xDD
Then we went to search for a place where nobody would see us - these lanters are probs illegal, and we were really afraid of burning down the county xD - and right after parking, I realized, I left the lighter at home, so me. We went back home one more time, then take2 of searching. We went to this 'street' where there are many wine cellars near a forest. It was super dark already, and I'm super bad with horror-ish things, imagine my reactions the funniest way you can xD In the end we decided, this wont do, everything was too dry, way too easy to burn, also Eszti saw a dog which luckily I didn't. I thought of an other place, and it was great, no dried plants nearby, also nobody goes to that street that late.
The lantern didn't fly, but the second did. And it was really pretty and peaceful - I was screaming though xD We watched it until the light went out so safe, nothing burned down~~

I had to wake up on the 30th at 5:38am cause Dad didn't come back in time from Germany - he was rescuing people whose bus broke down - and Delli had to go to work, so I was in the house while Atis slept. Dad arrived an hour later, so I still had a little time to nap until 9am, but by this time I was getting the anxious dreams about missing the plane and shit XD
Didn't miss it. We were more than in time, so had a nice little crying scene in the airport. My poor baby was crying so hard, I don't think his "I don't want you to go" will ever get erased from my mind, and I'm crying again. We said goodbye like three times? First they decided to go to buy food for Atis, then came back. Kid and me crying again. We made pics, then they went outside, just to come back in a minute later because that wasn't the exit. Kid and me crying again. Then they left, but we went outside with Eszti so we were waving at them till the latest of seconds as they drove away. Eszti left like half an hour later, because I had to go through the security check. It was... well, it was just as painful as expected. I really hope she can come in November to visit...

After that everything went really smoothly, but I was crying constantly. Smooth, well, I was so nervous that my period started four days early right before the flight xD I only had two pads on me as the others were in my checked-in bag, so I had one more reason to stress about for the travel xD
My plane was delayed one hour, so we were sitting on the plane for more than one and a half hours, but it was okay, because to Dubai there was nobody sitting next to me or in front of me, I could stretch out so fine. I tried to watch Rogue one after take off, but I won't say I remember much of it, I was just feeling sorry for myself and tried to not sob. Dubai looked really great from the sky at night. I really like to watch cities from the sky at night.

Even if we arrived late, I had originally three hours to change planes so it just reduced to two. We had to go from the exit right to the Duty free zone, and WOW. Dubai's airport is HUGE. And there were so many people, and it was like a market?? People actually tried to sell me stuff? xD I was shocked. I walked around for half an hour and couldn't find either end of the building, just how big that place is??
I guess the pane to Tokyo was full, I sat next to an old married couple, but they were fine, didn't mind me going to the toilet way too often xD (I cant help it when I'm on my period) I mostly slept, but saw the sunrise above the clouds <3 Also the first time Japan showed up, we came up from Kyuushuu~ It was mostly cloudy, but omg Fujisan was peeking out above them?? I almost screamed when noticed it. As we reached Tokyo the sun started to go down, so I saw the sunset too, damn it was just so pretty. I listened to SMAP's Dear Woman, then Arashi's Okaeri when landing~

Getting the Zairyuu(Resident) card was a lot easier than I feared. They got me out of the line of "people with foreign passport" after the ojiichan noticed I have VISA, then I was sent over to an obaasan, who asked if I want to baito or not. I said yes, then she asked if I have my school papers on me, and I didn't ^^" Fortunately it wasn't that much of a problem. I went over to room where it was done, and then the obaachan ran after me because I left my bag with my wallet in it at her place x""D SO ME. The guy who made my card talked a little Hungarian, he said he was in Esztergom before, we discussed how that is like 20km from my village. After getting the card I went to fetch my bag. AND FINALLY FOUND THE OKAERINASAI SIGN~~~

It was such a dream to take a pic with this :DD

Our plane's were already out but mine came just after I got in line~ I ran to the toilet not that I finally had my pads xD And then one more check of my passport and I was out~~~

The sensei from the school - the lady I was emailing with described her as young and cute with a bob cut xDD - was right next to the door so I found her right away. She was really cute, and shocked how well I was understanding her. We checked the buses, but the last to Nishikasai where the school is was just leaving then, so luckily I didn't need to go back alone. I went with her to the other terminal to fetch a French boy (she was trying so hard to carry my bag when it was almost as heavy as she is x""D), and there we met the lady who was dealing with me in emails since last may :) She was shocked how tall I am x'D I wasn't really surprised how small she is XD

We had like 45 mins till the next bus so they did an interview with me about how I feel about arriving and their service. It's gonna be in the video they make for the opening ceremony of the school xD We had to pretend to meet again with Gaosan, too for pics' sake xDD Then we talked with the French boy for a while, and then bus ride to Nishikasai. It was like an hour, so by the time we arrived to the school it was like 8:40pm? Poor sensei - wish I could remember her name xD - was so dead, she was dealing with kids coming all day long, we were her last. We did some paperwork, then got a ride to the dorm.

And then I was kinda shocked ^^" I mean I did choose the cheapest place, but didn't really except it to be like this because even the cheapest is really expensive. I'm not gonna complain here, but I had a rush of I wanna go home last night x'D I was probably just really tired. As I didn't have internet yet, I just went to sleep after a little packing.

I woke up around 10, and right away got clothed and went to buy a router so I could use the dorm's net. The men in the electronics store were really nice with me, and the lady in the cashier stand also as that was the first time I used my cards here, we had a little misunderstanding, but sorted it all out. I went to a supermarket next, and bought some food, then got back to the dorm to set up the wifi. I had messages from so many people asking if I'm ok ^^" I spent a few hours trying to get back in touch with the world, then headed back out. I searched for Sunny mall which the lady in the dormitory said offers necessities for cheap prices. She wasn't wrong. I bought so many things and it hardly was even close to what I paid for the stupid router xD (which doesn't even offer fast internet so fucking hell, I'm so doomed to live a real life xD)

Ah, yeah, after the supermarket I just couldn't not go into the bookoff that is like 10 steps from the dorm. OMG. I saw Arashi's Beautiful world cd for 280yen?? What is money??? Fortunately neither Orange or Shouwa or 3gatsu got into my sight, because I really didn't want to buy anything too expensive after that router xDD Geez, I can't wait to be able to travel in Tokyo, I'll hit up every bookoff I see and just bleed through my eyes, cause bookoff is heaven.

So yeah, I walked around a little in the neighborhood today, but it started to rain around 3pm, and it's still going on, so I stayed indoor after the big shopping. I guess jet lag is still kicking cause I was super tired from 1pm to like 8pm, but now I'm ok again x'D I'm also feeling better about the dorm, I can get used to anything - except slow internet, so I'm hoping with all my might here that the sim card provider on tuesday can offer me some package with unlimited internet and a mobile wifi, damn. Why does slow internet exist?!!! Meh...
Just two pics of the street near the dorm for now~

Okay, so, it was a really positive day. People in the shops were all really nice, I didn't have the they try to awkwardly talk to me in english moment yet. Everybody seemed to realize asap that I understand what they say so yey.

Tomorrow I'm planning to go for a bigger walk, I'll post some more pictures then ^^

Ah, yeah!! Nino won the Spot Arashi game :DDDDD I saw this in the airport!! I was doing the interview while Nino was watching xD

And then today in the supermarket~~~~

Btw, in jelly is reallllly way too sweet xD
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Joanna D.: shopknumba1 on March 31st, 2017 04:34 pm (UTC)
So glad you made it to Japan safely! I wondered how soon you would see Arashi displayed everywhere. They're almost like trademarks, or icons (I can't think of the better term). I know I would seriously jump out of my skin when I step off the plane and see a large display of Arashi in front of me to welcome me. It's different when you're not expecting it in every day life.
iloveohmiyailoveohmiya on April 1st, 2017 04:39 am (UTC)
Remind me to take a photo with the Welcome to Japan sign when I get back at Narita. I can't remember having something from there HAHAHAHAHAHA x'DDDD I can''t wait for the coming days OHOHOHOHO