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17 January 2017 @ 02:38 pm
Oh, gosh, I love Kamisama no karute.
There was this married couple in the last chapter of 0. They were just fooling around climbing the mountains with Haru until the other old man with them got into an accident and decided that it's alright if he just dies there. Haru saved him, and brought him to the hut they were all staying in until the blizzard and the night went away. The husband was very cold with the old man when he woke up in the morning, and he accused him of wanting to die there. Haru told the old man, they lost their 6 year old kid a few years ago, and that day was the anniversary of his death. The kid loved the mountains and always wanted to climb to Jounen one day, but he never got the chance, so they went there every year for him. They were just the smallest side characters, really, and here I am still sobbing, because it hurts so much. Kamisama no karute is amazing. It has so much suffering in it, and somehow, it still heals the reader because it always has hope in the end.
I love these books.

And I love Haru so so so much.
"The place where you can go back to is something you create for yourself." And you go after this, and create that place for yourself by Ichisan's side. Wonderful.
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