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15 January 2017 @ 08:12 pm
I love Kamisama no karute  
"Books are such good things, ne, sensei?"
"Yes, they are good things, but in essential times they tend to be useless. What should I do with patients like Kuniedasan who wants to postpone their treatment? I can't find the answer even in Kusamakura."
"In books, sensei. It's not the 'right answer' that's written in them. The thing books teach us is something different. People have only one life to live. However, books let us know that there are different lives. If you read many books, you can experience many lives. Like that you will be able to understand many people's feelings."
"Many people's feelings?"
"Stories about people in trouble, people who are angry, who are sad, who are happy - we read all those stories. With that even if just a little, we learn how to understand other people."
"Why is it good if you learn that?"
"You become a kind man."
"I don't think it's such a good thing in this world, being kind."
"That's because you mix up kindness with weakness. Kindness is not weakness. What the other person think? The power to think about that is what we call 'kindness'. Kindness, ne, is the power of imagination. I think you are a kind person, that's why you went along with my selfish request. However, sensei, kind people have many hardships. You are probably someone who suffers a lot."
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