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02 October 2016 @ 11:03 pm
Szandi no mama de  

I don't think I've ever been in love with an OTP as much as I am with Andreil. I mean, I had pretty intense Ohmiya and Sakuraiba periods, but damn it, Andreil is just so much more. I can't get away. It's been months now. And it just gets worse and worse. They make me so happy. And fullfilled. And also just wanting to cry 24/7. How can I be so much in love with two boys being in love with each other? Is it because I love them separately too? But not in the I'd get together with you level. It's like I want to adopt Neil, and be friends with Andrew, because they are just so perfect together that nobody can get between them??? Like Nora actually managed to write a pairing, that you can be actually 1000%sure will never break up?? Because they were over all the bad shit before getting together. They found each other when they were both in the deepest shit, where they were completely naked, and there is just nothing for them to hide from the other. And they were understanding each other from the start like they are able to read the other's mind. So they will live happily ever after, and it's just so beautiful. Everything is so fucking beautiful about All for the game. Yeah, it's probably not just these two, because yes, I love every Fox so damn much, that I even got a tattoo for them yesterday. They will be on my body forever, to represent second chances and surviving. Because "Fight because you don't know how to die quietly, win, because you don't know how to lose." And because they were all broken little shits, how found each other and slowly but surely helped each other rebuilt themselves. Oh god just thinking about their pasts makes me want to sob. But the worst is thinking about their success, how much all of them deserves it, and how much ALL OF THAT DEPENDED ON NEIL AND ANDREW'S LOVE FOR NEIL. Oh for sky's fucking sake, I so can't with these feelings. I could go on and on about these kids for hours. I want to. Or... just let me be in their world.
Mood: excitedexcited
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