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20 March 2015 @ 10:45 am
And the spring without you starts today... Perfect.  
I still feel emotionally devastated because of the Shigatsu ending... And I wasn't even like... 30000% hyper about the whole story. But that ending, man. That ending fucked me over so much, I feel the tears piling up behind my eyes and pulsing in my head and just damn this day is gonna be long. Can't decide if I feel empty or what... but no, this cannot be emptiness, it's so many things, tangled in there and... throbbing.

Man, that ending... I mean not just the letter, the whole episode. I'd give the masterpiece title just for that one episode. And because they went with that ending for Kaori. [Spoiler (click to open)]I started that ep with being slightly angry, cause I thought they'd save her, but no, and handled that passing away so beautifully. Using Chopin SO HEAVENLY WELL. Amazing. So so beautifully cruel. I could cry a river, but I'm not doing it, because it's all inside and getting more and more tangled, and I want to rewatch the whole thing already. And listening to Chopin's Ballade #1 In G Minor, Op. 23 till the end of time. Wah...

//cannot stop shaking her head and wanting to cry

Mood: emotionally devastated
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