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07 March 2015 @ 08:20 pm
If you ever thought Levi is my fav in SnK you were so wrong  

That lastest chapter was wow so rushed. Like I couldn't really pictured what Eren did in the end with that titan thing, and then wth Reiss' titan is doing -__-'' (And I still can't remember why they thought it'd listen to Eren's orders, but I'm too lazy to reread the previous chapters again, I had to do with way too many times in the past months, becuase RELEASING A STORY MONTHLY IS FREAKING UNFAIR)
But the main point - there isn't one - I just wanted to write is that...
I had this sense of security for a second. Levi and Erwin are back together. Fucking FINALLY. It was so fucking long ago when they got separated, and I always had this shaking fear of one of them could die any second without the other (so stupid, both of them will anyway, but I just waaaant them to be near each other when it happens T___T) But anyway that feeling was shot in the head as soon as Erwin proposed his plan, even though I have no reason to feel that. They are still practically in the same city, but Erwin just like killed any kind of security feels with that plan. I felt so much respect for him again, anyway. Making these decisions. Carrying the responsibility of a whole city's life on your shoulder, and being brave enough to let them be sacrifices if the time comes, it's just crazy, and I don't understand how he keeps himself sane. Or can it be called sane? I don't even know, because I can't imagine what I would feel if I have to make the decision: let these thousands of people die so we give a little bit of time for everyone else. It's crazy.

Though I kinda feel like they'll make it this time. Hangie didn't die!!!!!!!!!! So I hope this strategy will be successful now without any problems, and we just go to that fucking basement already. Eren, be useful, please, and stop that deviant for good.

And like constant boner for Historia??????? She is so cool! The way she just told Levi off, omfg. Cannot wait for all this to be animated - in my next life I'll probably be able to watch it in this speed.

And utterly missing Reiner ;___;

Another realization was in this chapter that Jean is so ugly in the manga x'DD Everybody is uglier, but he is especially ugly xDD I see way too many amazingly pretty and cool fanarts of him on tumblr XDDD

Like this cuteness~

I can also say that to you.

Or this freaking coolness.

Or this with that freaking jumper, READ IT XDDDD

Or in heartbreakingly cute shit like this.

Even in cosplay he looks AMAZING.

Fuck I can't stop

Was I trying to prove something?


Okay I stop now because I've got teary eyed, because this could never happen and not because they didn't live in the time of Captain America but because Marco died and I never ever gonna be over that T______________T
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