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03 March 2015 @ 11:12 pm
Let's put you on my sidebar, little one, it's really about time.  
When the love you feel for someone overflows in a second and you start jumping in bed, and squealing and squeezing your pillow and just wanna hug him and tell him he is the cutest being on this planet and thank him for existing and making this shitty place a better one and that you want him to be around forever and make you happy and start jumping in bed randomly and making you smile and feeling alive and just wish he would be even closer and being your blanket that protects you from everything and just never ever leave your side.

Yuutan. Oh Yuutan. ❤️

And no. It's nothing sexual or koi-like. It's just the warm, blanket type of feeling. Or a cup of tea. A blanket and a cup of tea, that is what Kaji Yuuki is.
Mood: enthralledenthralled