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15 February 2015 @ 08:31 am
You know you are obsessed with something, when you wake up on a Sunday before 7am just to watch it.
And oh it was worth every minutes. I know the ending. I know everything, and still this game was so EXCITING. When Shuutoku had their last good run, gosh, my heart, I was screaming inside that WIN YOU CAN DO IT YOU DESERVE IT DO IT, no matter, how obvious the outcome was. I feel so sorry for you, kids. You did good. You gave your very best as a team, and it's a shame Sei has that stupid cheater advantage.
I love you all. After Seirin, as a team, Shuutoku is my second favourite. And I won't ever forgive Sensei, because he didn't give you even one won game. Ne, Daisukesan? <3

Senpaitachi, Takao, thank you for saving Shinchan from his isolation and solitude.

And I still don't get how the remaining parts will be aired????? Okay, the Kajiou game will take up the next 7 eps of this season, then the Teikou arc should have at least 6 again in the spring, but then what????? Will the freakishly long Rakuzan game fit into the last 7??? AND WILL IT BE OVER???? OR WHAT??? And if not, then what? Will we have 13 eps for it later sometime??? Because no fucking way the remaining story could take up 46 eps ://// Ah I so root for it to be over in this 20 eps x"""D
Mood: thankfulthankful