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05 August 2014 @ 08:38 pm
Terebi ga BUKI  
Probably Kimura Takuya image heavy.

It started with messages from people~ That Mitani Kouki or what said when he first saw Shingo, he thought "What a fake smiling kid" ^^" And then Shingo proved how much he can fake smile when he had to answer x'D Steve Wonder!!! Asked them what is SMAP to them, Senpai said, it's his base, the "kaeru basho" <333333 Old videos of 27htv happenings, because it's 27year old too, like SMAP~ I guess 98% of people said they won't be able to do the 45min nonstop medley in the end x'DD Nakaikun agreed. KATOUCHAN <333

1st: SMAP vs Mechaike! Otokodarake no suitaikai. They played beach flag, but the flag was in the middle of a pool xDDD They bet that if SMAP loses, Tsuyopon has to be bald x'DDD Hirochan was so slow as first x'DDD Shingo even fell down, so didn't even jump into the water in the end, omg, they will lose xDDDDDD They lost with 4-1!! And no that 1 wasn't Senpai!!!!! Ah, Rope-pulling above the pool, okay xDDD THEY WON~~ They did a grouphug, then Tsuyopon hugged Shingo again <3 Sumo~ Shingo and Tsuyopon lose too T_T They are losing again xDD ... The staff is cheating xDD They say 80-80, but it was so not xD Then that annoying ugly old comedian came and everything went crazy for more than 10 mins -.- But Senpai is soooo happy, and he took off his swimsuit *_______* Who can keep their breath more under water, Tsuyopon and the old man both cleared the 1:30, so it was a draw~ They swam a freestyle relay, and they lost T__T Gorochan's form was perfect, bUT HE WAS SUPERSLOW XDDD I knew before they started it, that he is Reichan xDDDDDD Ugh, they had to kneal down in front of these idiots -.- Blah.

2nd: Special Drama I'm gonna freaking cry XD It's about their break up!! WHY?? XDD Nakaisan wa Smap ga suki desuka? / Daisuki desu. Smap wa nai to boku wa nannimo dekinai no ne. <3333 Kihontekini wa boku hontou no koto ittenaidesukedo xDDDDDD USOTSUKIIIIIIIIIIIIII XDDD OMG Hirochan going out of the FNS meeting with "We should think about if we can do this at all", sassuga riida~ Nobody else had to courage to say anything... They even had AKB have a part~ SENPAI SURFING <3333 Smappu ga moshi nakunaccharunara, boku wa dare ni narundarou? SHINGO <3333 And I'm crying... I little boy ran up to Shingo during Ojamap shooting and asked almost crying, if he stops being SMAP, and said he is sad because her mom and sister are sad... And then Shingo's face... This is just a stupid dorama, but seriously, I just don't want them to finish being SMAP... Without SMAP... I just can't even imagine life without them... T___T Shingo even said, he would probably disappear all in all, even from Japan if it happens... T___T ZETTAI ISSAI KAISAN SHINAI DE KUDASAI!!!! Ofc, Sanmasan started the rumour XDDDDDDDDDDD

Yes, these were the most important parts from the drama xDDDDD

3rd: Wild na show In this show they talk about wadai news. The first was about an idol little girl who got a nuigurumi as present, but the bastard fun put a GPs into it -.- They ended up talking about drama and tv show ratings and how they try not to be interested in those. They don't even know their sales of cds, or as it got revealed, they had no idea when was their latest single's released xDDDD Sanbyou ruru xDD They know the sanbyou rule in Japan too xDD Senpai said it, I'm sure it's because of his girls xDDD Kyaa they talked about their first concert. There was only two people on the stands, and when SMAP went to the right side of the stage, they ran there to wave at them, and when they went to the left, they ran over there xDDDD I wonder what about those two~ They are legends. Omg they started the bistro corner in Sumasuma because Morikun was good at cooking... It started in april in 1996, and Morikun went away in May....... ??? Shingo joined them late by an hour, he totally had no idea what's going on, his face as they started to bomb him with questions xDDD Geinou ripoota vs geinoujin. Blah. Pff... The reporter said they exist because there are fans that want to know about the celebs' private life. Moron, you fucking encourage them!!!!! Because you give them what they want they want more and more, and won't let those poor people have at least a little life -.-""" Baka Shingo xDDDD He kinda admitted that there were times when they wanted to break up. In the end Nakaikun even slapped his head for bringing it up x'DDDDD Jeez the glances they take at the people outside of the set x'DD They are like asking for permission for everything they say ^^" Yappa namahousou ga kiken da.

4th: Sanma Nakai no Konya mo Nemurenai They are already sleepy, when only 7 hours passed xDD Tsuyopon said, he is fine, but he isn't in a state that's okay for being on tv xDDD I SO CANNOT WITH HOW GOD SENPAI LOOKS BY THE WAY. Hirochan playing with the plushies <3333 Senpai's laughs at Sanmasan are always so precious <333 HEHE I NOTICED IT SANMASAN I NOTICED IT!!! In the end of the drama when Sanmasan showed up he wore the t-shirt Senpai wears in the first ep of HERO with the text: Lie stops here. I NOTICED IT. He said probably no one saw. Jeez, nobody got it from the SMAP members, except Senpai ofc xDDDDDD Too bad they weren't together as six the whole time. When Sanmasan stops the water after showers, he hears the water says: otsukaresama xDDDDDDDDD So he thinks he should finally retire xDDD The other day he asked for WARM ICE COFFEE on a train?plane? Dunno but omg xDDD Nakaikun hitting Sanmasan, the table, and himself with that plush shark is the cutest thing xDDDD Or it's a whale sorry xD But it's orange and some giants merchandise I guess xDD The staff laughing at them is also way too cute, I mean this is the true we love both of you kind of totally honest laughing <33 Not that I can watch Sanmasan without laughing, anyway xD Senpai is searchin for wife for Sanmasan again xDDD Sanmasan's rabumeito 10 is never gets old xDDD The tenth is a girl he met somewhere in a store 10 days ago... so random xDDD Oh no! He was in car and the girl made him stop and asked for sign xDD And he was with Senpai so the girl didn't even want HIS sign, but Senpai's. But she is on Sanmasan's rabumeito list now xDDDDDDD ... Omg he is talking shit xDDD So the one who stopped the car was a GUY, and then this girl passed by, and then came back when saw them with the guy and asked for handshake.... Oh lol when Nakaikun doesn't know someone from the geinoukai xDD Fukatsu Rumi is some baseball news caster rn, or just in a program about baseball, she doesn't look like someone loving any sport. I guess Nakaikun is getting sleepy, he couldn't read maemuki!! xD They called the girl and she said being sunao is important too... well that is so far away from Sanmasan xDDDDDD The 8th girl is a tennis player from CANADA xDDD Gorochan and Tsuyopon are out in the city searching for girls for Sanmasan xDDD And Gorochan's mic and earphone wasn't okay, but Tsuyopon didn't tell him at all that they talked to him xDDD OMG XDD The no7 is Anohana's Tsurumi!!!!! xDDDD Anohana is really a popular story in Japan, they mention is many times oO He reads the manga btw. And calls her Tsuruko. Omg they asked Hayami Saorichan to record his fav line from the manga xDDDDDDDDDD Inoue Maochan is the sixth~ SHE ASKED SANMASAN WHY IS SHE NEVER ON THE LIST xDDDDDD Omg Senpai you are an idiot xDD They introduced the sexy actresses (I'm pretty sure they weren't in anything yet, or they are pornstars) and they made the girls say what they'd do with Sanmasan. Senpai listened to their ecchi shit before but he said everything is okay... the last girl's idea was so over the limit, jeez xDDD Okay, now I'm 90% sure they are pornstars xDD The task was to figure out what is their films title.... There is this old man doing skits in like every hour and he ends up dropped into water in the end. He did Johnnysan now xDDD And this time even Shingo ended up in the water - he is with him for every skit - xDDDD Johnnysan kept saying Nakaikun will die at 33 since his teens, then when he didn't die, Nakaikun went and told him, then he just answered: you no seimeiryoku da xDDDDD And the you wa dame hanashiiiiiii xDDDD Sanmasan once asked Johnnysan if he could join JE, then he turned around and just replied: YOU WA DAME. xDDDDDDDDDD Third on the list is Keiko~ Tsuyopon and Gorochan came in through the "wall" xDDD Omg the girl that was the 10th called the show and they talked with her xDD Ugh Senpai's shocked/pissed face as the girl said Sanmasan can have her number, even though she is only 19 ^^" LOL XDDD Nakaikun asked who she would pick if all SMAP and Sanmasan is possible, then she ofc went with Senpai, because she even saw him once in private. Then Nakaikun asked again if it's okay to pass her number to Sanmasan, even though he might call her to ask for date or something. She hesitated, then Sanmasan added: I will bring Kimura with me! That voice the girl used as she asked back: AH HONTOU DESUKA? xDDDDDDDDDD Oh, the old man with the skits was Biito Takashisan, didn't realize xDDDD I couldn't understand 20% of what they talked because the ossan won't open their mouth properly -.- Ugh, Gouriki is first with Harukachan, seriously, Sanmasan???? 11 hour passed~

5th: Smap Busaiku?! The new Busaiku song is as... crazy as the first was xD But the lyrics is nicely deep. Ariyoshisan and Ookubasan are the guests~~~~ Ookubosan's fav is Shingo, wow xD Ariyoshisan used to call Senpai "getsukyuubaka" xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD They have a competition of who is more kakkoii. They do skits with a girl and the audience, Ariyoshisan and Ookubosan decide it's kakkoii or not. Not gonna write about the kisumai skits, sorry not sorry, I so don't care about them. Tsuyopon almost fell asleep omg xDDD Pff then he got chosen for the next skit xDD He started to talk about - well totally stuttered xD - how because he never had a renai rumour, people think he is gay, then turned away from the camera, looked at Shingo and started to say he is not homo and loves josei/sutekina people, OKAY TSUYOPON I'M SO CONVINCED xDD Tsuyopon's skit theme: They met after 1 month with her gf, then the girl got angry, because he didn't notice she's cut her hair. HE SAID HER EYES ARE WAY TOO PRETTY HE COULDN'T SEE HER HAIR. KAKKOWARUII KIMOCHIWARUI MAJI DASSAI XDDDDDDDDDDDD He's got 17 points xDDD The first Kisumai guy - Senga - got 19 btw out of 100, at least his ass is saved from getting the title chou busaiku xDDD Jaj xDDD Ariyoshisan couldn't say Tsuyopon's name, first it was Kusainagi, then Kusonagi xDDDDDDDDDDDD Kya Kitayama is the MC, so when he got to do the skit, Hirochan jumped up like a kid and so excitedly said now this is what I love and took over the MCing xDDD Omg Tsuyopon is saved!!! Kitayama was so bad he's got only 12 points xDDDDDD And then Gorochan got 9..... THEY ARE SO LAME. Senpai~~ The situation is that her gf in the cafe wants to kiss, but he has to decline because there are too many people. He said the ue no hito for sure changed the theme just for him xDDD Gyaa he kissed her forehead... And then he said, gomen, basho machigaiteta~~~ He's got 73/80 yes from the audience :DDD Ookubosan 10~~ Ariyoshisan 9!!! Omg, that's 92 :DD They call Fujigaya the kingu, but Senpai is the god, okay? Wareware ga Kimura Takuya children da... HAH? XDD Ariyoshisan said it. OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! YUUKO WAS THE GIRL FOR THE SECOND PART WTH WTH WTH WHY DID SENPAI GET TO BE CHOSEN BEFORE THIS I WANT HIM WITH YUUKO ZANNENSUGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. And the set is a bedroom... I'm so jelly!! LET SENPAI DO THIS ONE MORE TIME!!!!!! Miyata got 3 points all in all, I guess everybody is saved xDD .... O___O Hirochan... kowaizo, nani shiteru no???? He shouted at Yuuko, it was so not okay O___O .... ... If you'll get 1 point at this, honey, I'll break the hand of the girl that thinks this is okay. WHAT THE FUCK. HE'S GOT FUCKING 26 FROM THE AUDIENCE, 5 FROM OOKUBOSAN AND 2 FROM ARIYOSHISAN WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?????? Jeez I'm still shocked what that was... He seemed like all his anger from before when his gfs wouldn't understand he has to work came out all at once. Shingo's got 90... I mean yeah the 10ppun dake isshoni neteru part was cool, but everything before that just so damn rude. I don't wanna be the gf of anyone from SMAP, they are all HORRIBle. UGH. And I so get why Ookubosan said in the end, she wanted to see this with Arashi ^^"""" They at least try to be nice.

I just love his faces when he is looking cool into the camera, then people start to talk shit about him [like perverted shit xD] and he goes like this xDD

Gyaaaaawwww Katouchan in yukata~~~ They called SMAP over to get refreshed on the roof where there are hot water pools~ Omg and they arrived only wearing red towels!!! HALF NAKED SMAP~~~ I so can't with Hirochan wearing that towel as a girl xDDDD Senpai ahogy spricelte le az announcer csajt xDDDD Dachou kurabu made Senpai do their hot bathtube gag AGAIN!! ^^" Aztán a többieket meg elsodortatták vízzel omg xDD Shingo hid in the brush xDDD KOKUMINTEKI WANKO XDDDDDDDD

They are so old xDDDD

6th: SMAP yori aidoruna?! Gotouchi SMAP senshuken Aka there comes the ridicolous performances from all over the country xD Jesus christ it's gonna be three hours long. Oh wow my Yukina baby is amongst the judges~~ She has super long black hair now, CHOU SUTEKI!!! They are in different studios, Senpai is with Shingo and Tsuyopon, and Gorochan is with Nakaikun. Senpai and Gorochan are the main MCs, but Hirochan just won't shut up, so it's like he is doing instead of Goro xDDD Ah, the first performance with the taiko drums and the okinawa people was seriously amaaaaazing. Iwate-ken, and the sumo men~~ that was chou kawaii, then even sang!! Akita-ken, sutekina ladies sang Aoi inazuma in akita-ben! Just wow, we won't live in Akita-ken, that dialogue is a different language xDD Kansai (which isn't a ken so why?? xD) Kyoutou daigaku no gonin~ that was a cool perf with jumping ropes to Maidoari~ Fukushima-ken with the flower girls. The dance was goooood, but the singing is on Nakaikun level xDDD Hirochan's face as Tsuyopon said the girl sang his part perfectly as he does XDDDDDDDDDD Ah Senpai did the hiprole thingie *___* You know why I dislike rora? Cause she thinks being a so called tennen chara - WHEN SHE IS NOT TENNEN AT ALL AND IT'S SO PISSING ME OFF THAT PEOPLE CALL HER THAT WHEN TENNENS ARE MASAKI OR HONDACHAN OR HARUKACHAN - means she can get away with being rude as fuck. SHE IS SO FUCKING RUDE. And doing an ahaha only after telling people off is just unfuckingacceptable. Toyama-ken, old ladies with deauuuuman, which is dear woman and let's not talk about this x'DD Damn it, Hirochan, he called one of the ladies otousan, then Gorochan said she looks like Nakaikun's mom anyway, then the lady started to call him Masahiro xDDD Wow~ Shizuoka-ken, FujisandaisukiSMAP performed ON THE HIGHIEST POINT OF FUJISAN!! Suggeeee. I so can't comment anything else on the oldmen from Nagasaki-ken in almost no clothing slapping their own ass then kimochiwarui. Okayama-ken RHYTHMIC GYMNASTIC!!!! And they perform to Original smile <333 And they got the 100points~~ SUGOI. Miyazaki-ken with old ladies dancing hip hop~ They were the once jumping on Hirochan when he went to surprise them, and now they made him hug one of them so tightly jeeez, kawaiiiiii. Oh god the bodybuilder oldmen from Hiroshima-ken with Sekai ni T_T NANDE. The five little boys from Ishikawa singing Arigatou <3 Kandoushita~ Oh wow they've got 97 points! There is a shougakkou in Kagoshima that has only three students oO They sang Best friend for their teacher~ Hirochan got teary eyed, ofc <3 And they got 98 points! Pole dancers from Kouchi-ken. They are awesome, but the perf and Yozora didn't really match, I guess. Oh god, announcer guys from Fuji tv as Tokyo-ken representatives xDDDDDDD ONE OF THEM FAILED THE JE AUDITION SEVEN TIMES!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD IINDESUYO!!!! SUGOKU II!! They had original lyrics for Crazy five, I LOVED IT. Ah, the shodou girls from Niigata~~ Now that was a properly put together really interesting performance. The girls from Ehime ^^""" That magurou cutting was super lame. Shimane-ken with samurais~ I mean they wore those old samurai armors that are super heavy and danced to 10$ super bad choice, they kinda died xDDD Sendai kara opera smappu~ They got 96 points and it was well deserved, such a good performance. Hokkaido~~~~~ Are, dokokade mita hitotachi... The guys who can do calligraphy with clamshells...And not just calligraphy but "dance" too, WOW.SUGOKATTA. Well deserved 94points~ Fukui-ken with dolphines??? Oh wow they have five members as three dolphins and two girl trainers :DDD And 97points, it was cutie :DD Toukai-ken with five onee girls~ Jaj. The singing was HORRIBLE xDD But the dance was hobo kanpeki~ They got worse points than the oldmen in almost no clothing -.- Kumamoto~ Oh the kids from the Gin no saji mitai school with their cow loving xDDDD The fifth member is the cow and that is Senpai xDDDDDDDD They wanted to bring the cow in from the entrance, but they totally didn't make it till the song got over, so Nakaikun and Gorochan ran to them xDDD Oh namahousou saikou xDD And this was the second worst perf till now xDDD Fukouka~ Awww announcer men, but the main point is one of them proposed to her girlfriend in the middle of Lion heart~~~ Yamagata-ken, wow one more proposal xDDD This time from a single mother to her kareshi. This one was a success too, and kawaiii~~~ Nagano-ken~ Ah the ballett boys <3 Ehh~ Kadono-san gave them only 9 points so it was 99 in the end, but it was really kirei :DD Saga-ken with the mochi eating -.- This is what I hate about Japanese television, these men got 88 points when it wasn't even funny, but the onee girls only 60... And this was the last. The one that got the most point will dance with them in the non stop medley, that's obviously the rhytmic gymnastic boys, but they give four other plus awards. S-mile award: the two little kids groups got it :D M-iracle award: Single mother SMAP~ A-ction award: The first super cool okinawan guys <3 P-retty award: the Shodou girls <333 Nine and a half hours left~

7th: Gochisou Bistro sMAP They get food~~ But Nantoka Shinobusan and Imada Kouji cooking it, oh jeez. Well, Imada called for help so he just cuts ingredients xDD We are on fire we are on fire now~ 1D bgm <33333 SMAP talked about they feel the pain from the suitaikai now, poor things. And teased Tsuyopon a lot cause he 90% fell asleep during the gotouchi smap corner xDDD They praised Senpai and especially Gorochan because of their good MC <333 Shinbousan made soup only, but they say it's super oishii. And they ate the whole thing, so I'm sure it couldn't be bad :DD The Imada team made mackerel, Haru would be glad xDDD They ATE everything~ And then Hirochan announced there are two more people coming to cook more xDDD Two Olympic medalists girls will make sweets :DD Imadasan talked about how he is happy to call over all his kouhais, SMAP's face xDDD They would never do that. Shingo either asked for the nihonshuu of Shinobusan or he told him to drink but he so did xDD Ah he said Shinobusan made him xDDD Shinobusan loves to CHUU with ANYONE, and Senpai looked at him with cold eyes for it [more like ALMOST FALLING ASLEEP EYES, omg kawaiiiiii] then Shinobusan said he wants to Chuu with him especially xDDD But the ichiban he wants to do it from Smap is Hirochan xDDDDD One of them made such an interesting setting for the sweets, I love it *____* She should win in looks for sure :DD Senpai is either falling asleep for real, or every bite of that sweet makes him enjoy it with closed eyes xDDD Daifoku tabetai~ Hirochan seriously ate eeeeeeverything :DDD Shingo switched places until he finally found his place next to Tsuyopon xD <3 Oh the Imada chiimu won~ I just changed my opinion about these two men. I mean usually with Arashichan they just stole the spotlight and so damn annoying, but with SMAP - with Nakaikun - they just can't, and because SMAP is a hella lot better at being mean than Arashichan, they can make them shut up, which makes them funnier xD

8th: TamorixSMAP hisashiburi talk THEY WILL SLEEP IN THIS ONE *____* Ah, Tamosan brought men to make them soba, omg, poor things xDDD ... ... Shingo is still hungry, he is not poor xD the only one suffers openly is Senpai, the others just started to order like they didn't eat a lot 20 minutes before this xDD Awww they are so sleep xDD Awwww Tamosan said they can sleep~~~ Two minutes :DDD Shingo asked them to make the studio darker xDDDDDDDDDDD Tamosan is so absorbed in the making of soba, he is totally fine with them xDD Hirochan can't stay still, but the others are totally sleeping xDDDD Jaj ittenem, then Shingo and Nakaikun majide fell asleep and didn't weak up for long minutes even after the others did xDD EVEN AFTER THEY ALL LAYED DOWN AND HUGGED SHINGO HE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE A MOVE..... AWWWW XDDD Hirochan woke up the moment Tamosan hugged him OFC XDDDD JAJ XDDD Tamosan touched his chest and stroked his belly xDDDDDDDD HIROCHAN'S HOARSE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMg sexy.. I can't, jeeeeeeez. Shingo as he tried to make Hirochan believe he slept only for three minutes like the others xDDDDDDDDD Idiots, they all said hisashiburi to Tamosan when they came in, but they met two days before in MS xD Shingo thought it was yesterday, and asked what day is it and if it's akarui outside xDDDD They talk about only Tamosan and how he does now that Iitoumo is over. And Senpai is seriously about to fall asleep, he is so not interested xDDD Well, not like anyone else than Hirochan has a chance to speak xD Tamosan didn't have any interest in the show that started in the same timeslot as Iitoumo, so Hirochan asked the others if Sumasuma ended, they would watch the next show or not. They said they wouldn't, but then Hirochan said he would even record it xDDD Tsuyopon started to play the guitar and want to sing a song from Iitoumo. Then properly pled for help from Senpai, so they throw a guitar at Senpai too xDDDD And then only Senpai played because Tsuyopon was horrible XDDDDD

His face right after waking up

Then realizing he is on tv xD

9th: Nama housou de kekkonshiki sapuraizu! Goro and Zakiyama went to a wedding to ojamap them~ Five comedians went into the wedding and took pictures disguised first till Shingo mama got ready, none of them were figure out :D And then OHHHHHAAAA~ <333 Awww it was such a daisuccess :DDD Shingo mama saikou <33333 5 and a half hours left~

They are the couple who got married~

10th: Sanma ga Kimura wo omotenashi chuu/SanmaxSMAP Aww they started with the SanTaku setting :DDD What, Senpai says he invited Keikochan because of the previous night's talk about her xDDD ............. It's Zawachin masked as Keiko xDDDDDDD The two idiots with the cameraman bumping into their heads as they peeped Zawachin through that little window XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Sanmasan said it'd be good to date Zawachin, cause everday she could have a different face xDDDDD Senpai said he'll find out the name of the cameraman, then Sanmasan: you'll disappear by tomorrow xDDD Wow it's really the Santaku set *____________* When Tamosan said he never watches himself back on tv, Senpai thought the whole time: It's the exact opposite of THAT person. That person is Sanmasan xDDDDD He already watched TWO TIMES the SanmaNakai nemurenai part xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Sanmasan "redesigned" his SMAP tshirt, and got angry because Senpai wouldn't tsukkomi it for him, so he had to bring it up xDDDDDD You just can't imagine how much I love Senpai with Sanmasan. I mean in this setting, sitting next to each other. I JUST LOVE IT. His whole attitude/behaviour is different than any other times. Balfékek, the penguin something set should have been hidden from SMAP, but then they switched to that location and Senpai can see the set xDDDD Sanmasan wanted him to open the door before the ice castle and be super surprised, but it's dainashi now xDDD Anyway, Frozen based set, and it looks fun. Plus SMAP will probably suffer in the next half an hour, because it's Fujitv xDDDD You just gotta love namahousou, it was raining hard just 15 minutes before this segment, and the set is on the roof, so poor people are still trying to make it dry when Senpai and Sanmasan are there already xD Poor announcer boy got scolded so hard xDDD THIS WAS A MESS XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Ohmygod they are killing Senpai xDDDD AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW They made him kakigouri [I mean they made him make himself kakigouri xDD] and then the something they pour on it, there is one with tomato flavour, senpai asked why the hell is it tomato, and then they started to play the tomato song they sang in this year's Santaku together xDDDDDDDDDDD AND THE OTHERS IN THE PENGUIN COSTUMES~~~~~~~~ THIS CORNER IS A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HILARIOUS XDDD Yappa Sanmasan is the best comedian ever. Lol the last time they shot a PV, Gorochan got so angry, he threw a petbottle to the ground xDD I so fucking can't with the way Sanmasan talks about Tamosan xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD When Senpai is that exhausted, he stutters <3333 Aw Sanmasan really killed his legs T___T SENPAI IS DEAD. I swear you've never seen Kimura Takuya in this form on tv. Oh god he wants them to dance to Shake! in these costumes ^^"""" They are dying from heat. My tummy hurts from laughing, SAIKOU XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Four hours left~ Omg after it they switched to Senpai's changing room and there was a camera and he got naked, then threw his pants on the camera, KATOUCHAN'S FACE XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Ah... his underwear stayed on... but omg this video!!! 2top got lost somewhere and the other three are just so lame in announcing shit xDDD Shingo said so badly that they'll do a tour xDDDDD

I love when he does this

11th: Daihon nashi no [Mitaru] kikaku, houchisareru kokuminteku aidoru They entered a completely empty stadio, there isn't even cameramen, just cameras set up oO They can do whatever they want, Hirochan said right aways: Neyouze! xDDD Okay, they had no idea about the tour, Nakaikun asked now Katouchan that wth is this and when it got decided xDDDD Senpai's agonized face, because they have ONE hour to do nothing, it's seriously more cruel than making them do shit ^^" Aww he already closed his eyes and probably could fall asleep in his seat ^^""""" KAWAII. I don't really write anything about their talks, it's about the debut years when they had hardships, how they are ossans now, and one thing is sure: Shingo is angry because none of them said in the mockumentary out loud that they WON'T disband. And they scolded Tsuyopon again about the guitar failer, poor thing. And the pingpong balls falling on them..... THEIR REACTION IS PURE GOLD XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD SHINGO'S SHOUTING XDDDDDDDDDD Then Senpai went ii nee, like Sho in Kazoku Game, so it probably means he'll murder everyone xDDDDD And then Hirochan: Kita yo, baka hacchan xDDDDDDDDDDD Fujitv is seriously exists only to mock and torture SMAP xDDDDDD They kept throwing the balls at the camera xDDDDD Oh they prepared a room full with girls in bikini and good food for them, but wouldn't tell where the room is, so they just got a map and they have to find it, but they don't even know where the room where they are now is xDDDDDDD And they have 10 minutes. THERE IS A FUCKING CROCODILE ON THE CORRIDOR XDDDDDDD FUJITV SAIKOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN THERE IS TWO ON THE NEXT FLOOR!!!!! WTH XD OMG OMG OMG OGM the old ladies who jumped on Hirochan and the onee girls from the gotouchi segment CHASING THEM XDDDDD More dangerous than the crocodiles. And they didn't get there, because of all the stupid blocks XD Etto I totally skipped the Sazae-san corner, because I don't like this animation, but it was an anime with SMAP in it - not much SMAP I guess, because I didn't see them at all while skipping oO I deleted the whole 24th part, they weren't in it at all... BUT NONSTOP LIVE!!!

12th: Super Memorial Adrenalin Party They've got a HUGE stage, it's really like a concert. Battery OMG THOSE WHITE CLOTHES *____* SENPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHI I need this in ts. They look soo cool with the sunglasses!!!! Top of The World And they throw them away xD They danced so energetically, heroes, really, after all the shit they had to do <3 I really only like the oh oh oh part of this song. Mistake Shingo's huge smiles <3 Senpai is having problems with long notes/parts, and Gorochan was so so false ^^"" Omg start stripping, THOSE COATS SEEMS SUPER HOT!!! And in the wrong meaning now. SHAKE Party hard with fireworks :DDD Dynamite Hirochan is drinking a lot already </3>$10</u> Daww this dance was killer, but they did it so perfectly!!! It ended with I don't need the money... KANSHAshite Started with A Pay Day kanshashite xDDD Aoi Inazuma Ugh, Senpai, I think you should stop the na na na, and breathe instead ^^" Yozora no Mukou Hirochan, jaj T_T Only 12 minutes passed but he can't even think now, just breathing heavily. The stage is blue with white light, and the audience too, because they wear blue tshirts and have a blueish white light on their wrists as bracelet, kirei~ Hey Hey Oukini maidoari This choreo is always so cute. Moment And I love this one, everytime I don't need to look at feet xD SHINGO SO FIERCE *___* A Song For Your Love I so don't understand concerts where there are no screens that shows the artists. The people at the back usually pay the same amount of money, why the fuck can't they see it too? There is that HUGE stage with screens all over, but they only show the arts :/ Shingo, all my faith is in you~ Still can sing well too, not just dance <333 Plus, geez this song is so rare to be sang~ Ganbarimashou GANBATTE!!!29 more minutes!!! Ugh, choreographies with kneeling down must be super hard for them now. Hirochan sat down on the stairs <333333 SHINTSUYO <333 Original Smile Oh, the rhytmic gymnastic boys shoudl come now!! They didn't so probably in the end xD SEKAI NI HITOTSU DAKE NO HANA <3333333333333333 The audience helping Hirochan when he stops because can't breathe <3333333 They didn't sing my fav part of course, but that's how it is~ This is love Ase hanpaneeee!! TAKE THOSE COATS OFF!!! STAY OH GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!!! And Senpai sang his part so beautifully *_____* Hirochan's hoarse voice T_T BUT HE SANG THE WHOLE PART EVEN THE HIGH NOTE <333 And Shingo!!!!!!!!! Lion Heart That was nice, but so short~ Sakasama no Sora Shingo still smiling so bright <3333 gift It would prably be cheating, but they should have chosen not only dancing song, jeez. There is still 20 minutes!! SUMMER GATE Omg so many rare songs! BANG! BANG! Bakansu! PEACE!!!! Gorochan's hair still stands strong XD Joy!! AWWWW DAISUKI~~~~ Ah so the winner of Gotouchi can dance with them to this song not the one they performed~! Well they had a FEW hours to memorize the dance :DDD Gyaa even their announcer~ Hirochan Arigatou</u> Awwwww I so can't with Shingo's perfect idol behaviour!!!!!!! I'm gonna cry now. And Tsuyopon and Gorochan are making up for Hirochan's part too, because they worked less than him through the day, and they shine so bright too T___T SMAP <333333 You are ookina shiawase desu <3333 Jaj Hirochan getting off the stage for this song, it must have been hard for you emotionally... CRAZY FIVE Yes, STRIP!!!! Ehhh itsunomani we reached the 25th song!! Only two left but there is still 12 minutes O_O Oh god Tsuyopon could even do his three backflips!!!! Gorochan sitting on the girl is always funny xDDD Kyaaa Shingo's nani!!!! THAT WAS SUPER CUTE!!! He is so damn BIG in this white outfit... Awww Tsuyopon almost crying singing his solo part T___T JESUS CHRIST THEY DANCED LIKE CRAZY!!!! Amazing, amazing men. OH GOD NO BEST FRIEND THIS SONG NOW................. I love you all. Can't Stop!! -LOVING- Debut kyoku, ofc~ Second start, yes, this is it <3 Hirochan apologized for showing such a bad form, but baby, nobody would ever blame you who watched this whole thing. GANBATTA YO!!!
AMAZING AMAZING MEN <333333333333333333 Everybody screaming Otsukaresama at them <33333 They saying they nanka dekita <3 Awww Nakaikun saying how kakkowarui he was, then they started to chant, NAKAI NAKAI for him. YOU DID WELL!! Fujitv, seriously... They have to WALK back to the main building... Hirochan just fell to the ground right away... I'm crying so hard.. They walking so slowly, there are people everywhere screaming at them, while the big people they worked together today praising them... I'm just so proud of them <3 Hirochan's face in pain T___T And now will come Morikun's letter... Katouchan reads it... Uff... SMAP saikou. There is nothing else left to say. Anybody who wants to catch up to them has to walk a veeery, very long road, they are ahead of miles.

Thank you so much for doing it. Thank you for working the hardest. You are the best.
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