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03 July 2014 @ 02:18 pm
Unfuckingfinished city~  
So Italy~
First of all, if you are from Milan and reading it, I'm so sorry, but I'll write some not nice opinion about your city. I'm sorry, really.

The trip started off with the news, Zsóf's train was late by 50 minutes. No body was surprised, that's MÁV for you, really. I was waiting for her in Keleti station and read Kamisama no karute, for the first time without using a dictionary, and need to admit, I was fucking good. I knew every kanjis that were important for understanding the story! By the way, I'm way over its half, so what seemed like a joke in April gonna be true in the end, I'll finish the book before the second movie comes out on dvd :D So damn proud.

After Zsóf's train arrived, we went over to Nyugati station to catch a train to Ferihegy. Ferihegy is the name of our airport, and I thought if the train has a stop named like that, you can get off EXACTLY where the airport is. Well you cannot. We had to take a bus too, and already started to freak out because the time was going forward so damn fast, because of that one hour late stupid train. By the time we arrived to the airport, my tummy was a mess actually xD We tried to figure out the way to the departures and if we have to checkin even though we did it on the net or not, but in the end just went to the bathroom first. Then what I said from the first moment, Zsóf went and asked someone about the way. The policemen were really rude anyway.

Then my rudeness on airports started x'DDD I totally didn't greet the lady who checked our bags before the security gates. She was like "Do you speak hungarian?" I nodded, then she went "AH SO?!" with such "how damn rude can someone be" tone x'DDDD My face was burning. I was just so lost and excited I totally forgot about saying good morning or anything x'DDD

When we arrived to the custom free area, a lady asked us if she can help find the way to our gate, then she noticed we have only THREE minutes before the boarding closes, so she said HURRY. And we fucking was in a hurry. WE RAN TO THE PLANE, like in a stupid american movie x'DDDD It was so obvious we could have stopped, because we passed by a group of Italian people and everything, but we ran like crazy. (There was this group of footballer kids, like around 10? AND THEY WERE SO CUTE~~ They sat in front of us on the plane, they were so loud and they way they talked <333 Misterrrrrrr~) Then waited for like 10 minutes in the line before could leave the building and actually got close to the plane. That boarding closing time is a joke x'D But well, we can say we ran to catch a plane x'DDDD

I said Zsóf because of this, things will go smoothly in Italy. I was so so wrong x'DD But before that, THE FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Christ and all the saints, humanity is amazing, and we are damn clever and just I wanna put flowers on the grave of the people that invented planes. I cried. With the shouldershaking, tears streaming down your face kinda way. Then Zsófi asked if everything is alright, and I turned to her and with such a hysteric tone said: I'm just so fucking happy to be alive. In English xD It's was beautiful. And just so amazing. For the 80% of the way we had not much clouds, so I could see the land, and I'm pretty sure the Mediterrean sea too, even though I have no idea why did we went by its coast. Then the huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge cotton candy like rain clouds arrived. AND IT WAS LIKE IN AN ANIMATED MOVIE. Goind through them, sometimes I couldn't even see the wings (??) they were so thick. And the moment when we came out of one of those huge ones *___________* Ah, no words can describe it. Simply fantastic.

When we landed they didn't even check our identity cards, or anything, we were just there and nobody gave a damn about who comes in x'D Finding the airbus was pretty easy after we checked out where we have to go on Monday for the departure and all. (Oh yeah and tried the free wifi too, first time to realize, they are fucking slow.) The way till the city center already showed something very terrifying, everything seemed like we were in a very sleazy part of Budapest. The buildings were old and exactly the same style like here, but in a lot worse shape, and the whole atmosphere was like we were at home. Not very nice when you are excited to be somewhere else finally.

Buying tickets for the metro was another adventure x'DD We wasn't sure if you can use them like at home, if you don't come out you can use it to change trains too, you see. So we came up on the station where we had to change lines, and ended up asking a most likely homeless guy about how the metro works in the city. His english was so damn good! Like better than anyone's we talked with during the three days x'D By the way, yes, the metro works exactly like here. And even though it's pretty modern, I'm sure they already have them for a while so they aren't nice or anything, and there was no airconditioning on many of them. Geez, with so damn many people, it's like hell down there.

Arriving to the station that was supposed to be close to our hostel, we were completely lost. It was next to a traffic circle (??) so we had like six possible ways to try x'D Asked a girl which one is the way and she totally directed us to the exact opposite direction that we needed x'D Then tried a 40something pair, and they finally showed the right way, but we just went and went and there were no sight of OUR hostel. Because we passed by one, but that had another name. I was already so done, Zsóf went ahead on a smaller street alone, and I just waited for her by the crossroad. She asked another guy but he had no idea about the hostel either and his directions were bad too. But Zsóf checked that little street where that hostel was, and when saw the whole name plate of it, we finally realized IT IS THAT. Seriously, it was ridiculous x'DDD I loved it anyway~

Checking in was easy, the janitor spoke good english, and we even paied less than we thought we have to by almost 10 euro! Our room was very... simple xD Like three beds and a shelf and that's it, but it was clean and WE HAD FIVE PLUGS. Zsóf read reviews of the place and people said there are no plugs in the rooms, we were totally freaking out about that xDDD We had five. xDD But definitely there was no wifi in our room -.-

Then we went out because we wanted to eat something. Well, that wasn't easy either x'DDD The hostel was close to the stadium, so it was a very suburban area. THERE WAS NOTHING NEAR US. It took like an hour to finally find a place where we saw pizza x'D It was like a bakery shop anyway, so it wasn't that typical italian pizza, but that's good because Zsóf doesn't like the thin paste (??) and it was delicious~ The lady in the shop didn't talk ANY English anyway, I tried to ask if she was closing already because she was in the middle of cleaning, and there was NO opening hours in any shops, but she totally didn't get what we want xD So we sat there and probably kept her in work for overtime xD But she was supernice she gave us ice and glasses to our coke~ And even tried to explain where is a supermarket or a shop, after Zsóf found in her Italian language book how to ask for it xDDDD It was hilarious.

On the way to the supermarket we found a fast food kinda cafeteria that had a sign of free wifi so we had to go in. The guy in the pult TALKED ENGLISH WELL. He seemed like a geek anyway, I was totally sure he is in some kinda fandoms! Again, free wifis are SLOW. But this one was at least useable :D And he even explained again where is that supermarket. Plus, the old guy that was buying something when we asked, came after us and even showed the way till it~ He was creepy anyway, even followed me around in the shop later on xDD

But we finally could buy water~ Which was very funny again xDD The sign said it costs 1,86 euro. We were like WOW that is fucking expensive for 2liters of mineral water, but whatever we need at least two. Then the cashier said it's 0,72cents. ... ... Zsófi started to ask back in English "only? only? really??" but the lady was didn't even listening or I don't know she just wanted the money xD So we almost paied 1100 forint for 2 liters of mineral water x'DDD

We had to go through a construction site to get back to the main road. That was like the fifth cunstruction sites we passed by anyway. THERE ARE CONSTRUCTION SITES EVERYWHERE IN MILAN. That is why the post's title is unfucking finished city. Maybe in 20 years Milan will look nice, but now it's a mess. And like every sites are left unfinished??? We haven't seen ANY people working on them. They are just there unfinished and looking like shit.

I guess we asked about the wifi when we got back and could use it too in the common room~ It was pretty alrightish.

We took showers, lets not talk about that, another adventure xD Then maybe went to bed. Zsóf slept too, I didn't much. People were making fucking loud noises on the corridor all night long and the bed wasn't that comfortable, so it wasn't the best night of my life, but I didn't wake up bad, so who cares~

We had breakfast included in the price, and we ate like the best buns ever. Seriously. And I drank a very big cup of coffee with a very little milk x'D That was a first for me.

We decided to check if we can walk from our hostel to the city center where the airbuses are, because Monday morning we had to take one at 5am, and metro only starts to operate in Milan at 6am. ???? ???? Unfuckingbelievable by the way x'D Well, the way was very interesting again, especially because Zsóf's stomach was acting up after like 5 minutes so she was like I NEED A TOILET for 80minutes xDDD Yes, in a city, we couldn't find any shops or cafeterias to use for bathroom for 80minutes. Just imagine the area then. Budapest nyolcker, hungarian friends. We saw nothing even to take a picture of. Then finally a nice looking building showed up, but IT WAS UNDER CONSTRUCTION TOO and I was already very done with everything x'D We finally found a metro station after deciding there is no fucking way we walk through these roads in dark, we love our lives that much (or I wanted to fly one more time and not dying yet xD) Aaaand~ Zsóf's period started. Yes, it's an important information, because her period is as strong as mine, so it's very much not easy to do anything for three days with it. WE HAD A CONCERT AHEAD US. So so so bad timing.

We went back to the station, where we asked that homeless guy about the directions, because Zsóf wanted to buy an Italian sweater we saw there in the shop of the chinese girls. We almost decided to go back to the hostel because we walked way too much already, but then fortunately went up to the surface. And it was a good decision~

We were in a very nice square with a very very nice temple - which was by the way under construction who is surprised - AND VERY VERY VERY MANY ONE DIRECTION FANS. XDDD Because the official store was open in one of the shops in this square xD So so so so many under 15 girls who looked the same. I'm not joking, they all look the same. Like didn't even have to wear One Direction merchandise, you just knew that they are here because of the concert too. Terrifying!!!!

We didn't go into the official shop anyway, mostly because the line was crazy and because it would have been way too expensive.

Oh. Almost missed a very important happening xDDD When we came out of the metro in that exact moment two black guys from Senegal grabbed our hands and in the next second there were two very simple bracelets on our wrists. Dude, what is business politics!!!! They asked us where are we from, if we have husbands or boyfriends, then told us they love us, and that those stupid bracelets COST 5 EUROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My jaw was on the ground xD And very very unluckily I had a 5 euro bill which landed in the guy's hand in the next moment xDDDD I paied fucking 5 euros for a stupid bracelet and a nice hug, plus an I love you. Well x'DDDDD

So we walked around the square a little and tried to avoid these guys, we had to show our bracelets so they didn't grab us again and again and again and again. Then I found a Ferrari shop~ *______* I stood next to a real life ferrari f1 car~~~~~~ *___________________* We started to get hungry after this, so we tried to find a place to eat pizza or something, but first got into a market hall where there were Louis Vottion (no idea how you write this) prada shop and an armani shop next to each other. Oh well not a place for our wallets x'DD

Then in a little street a girl and a guy literally attacked us, then started to fight over us, because both of them wanted to attract us into their restaurants xDDD We went with the girl, because of the free wifi xDDDDDDDD And we ate very good food~ I ate a pasta with sea things, and nyammmmm I loved it!! IT HAD CRAB~~~ *____________* And the free wifi was slow, very much xD

On the metro to home we were together with almost only One Direction fan little girls. It was already around the time when they opened the gates to the stadium, so they started to leave the square, and like literally took over Milan's subway x'DDD Poor poor people that just wanted to use the transports, they were freaked out by the crowd of these KIDS. And their parents. Oh guys, alllll those parents. Half of the audience were the parents. And MOSTLY DADS. Our jaws were on the grand many times. We ended up going with the crowd till the stadium anyway. At least we knew how to get there~ It was one of an experience. Walking in that crowd of loud teens~ Wah, still terrifying xD

San Siro is old. And not a nice stadium at all, plus there are no signs of the fact that it's the home of AC Milan. We haven't seen anything related to it. Weird.
We tried to figure out how the entrances are, but it wasn't easy in that flow, so in the end sat down by a koktail bar like shop, which played very loud One Direction music. Oh and we got free Haribo :D Haribo was there both days and they distributed gummyrainbows to everyone. So nice :D We listened to the music for a while and ate the haribo, then the crowed started to scream like crazy. BECAUSE THE BOYS ARRIVED~~~~~ The most embarrassing two minutes of my life happened as we ran after their cars. I will denied this fact forever x'DDD We couldn't see them anyway.

As we walked back the crowd just didn't stop for a minute. The metro station was half an hour away and the little girls and their parents just came and came and came and again, it was terrifying. We could see what 80 thousand people mean that time. A HELLA LOT.

In the hostel we ended up watching the brazilian game in the common room, I mostly used the net, because only Zsóf was interested in Neymar. It was a bad game anyway ^^" But the german guys XDDDDD They were cheering for the other team because they bet money on them, but they lost so one of them were going mad in the toilet next to Zsófi xDD They were really funny. Zsóf speaks german very well, so she could talk to them and understood them and all so yeah. Oh and we saw one of them half naked and just wow that back. Ehm. xDD

Wanted to go back to the stadium anyway to see how much you can hear the concert from outside, but the match took so long, we just decided to stay. And after we took a shower and were lazying around in our room, we realized WE CAN HEAR IT FROM THERE!!! As I said the stadium was like half an hour away from our hostel, and we still could hear their voices and ohmygod the crowd. When You and I started and they started to sing it, I almost got teary eyed they were that loud. Wah~ we were pretty excited :DD

We slept a lot. Maybe I slept a lot, Zsóf was just trying to exist with her stupid period pains. After getting breakfast - we got bread not that good buns! - I just went back to sleep and slept till like 1pm? ^^" It was raining anyway, so there wasn't many things to do, plus we didn't wanna walk around more, my thighs got irritated too the previous day, it hurt. We ate the buns we bought and the "stolen from the dining hall" butter, then started to get ready~~

We had a tactical meeting about when to go, so Zsóf didn't have to use the disgusting toilets way too much, and decided to arrive only after the date of the gate openings. It was before 5pm anyway. They had a good system to let us in, but everybody talked Italian, there was a moment when I already hysterically shouted WE DON'T SPEAK ITALIAN x'D They didn't even check our bags O_O You could bring in ANYTHING, how messed up is that? No wonder the boys get thrown shit on them all the time. Especially when we came out there were policemen around with guns and all O_O Never mind.

WE WERE IN. Zsóf right away went to use the toilets, and I got a good spot to wait for her. And the waiting started. Jesus christ we waited a fucking year............... On the ticket there was the information that some special guests start at 18:30. We thought it's gonna be the 5SOS guys or what. Nothing happened at 18:30. As I mentioned we got there before 17:00. Around 18:45 the screens turned on. I was like okay, if those kids came out now, 1D will start around 20:30 at least (there was 20:00 on the ticket) Well, it wasn't because of the band.................... They started to show PVS OF RANDOM SHIT FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally mad. LIKE WHY??????? So damn annoying, and I just respect the japanese way where they start the damn concert in time. My back started to hurt like crazy after 3 hours of standing around doing nothing, and I'm so totally not interested in ketiperri and other random nonasian guys' PVs -.-""""

In the first half an hour we still had fun looking at the flags and signs the little girls made anyway. They were mostly nice and funny, though we saw ones about how they have to save Zayn from marriage and shit, and that's just so rude. I have five fingers for five rings, that one was my favourite anyway xD And the we love you more than pizza was super funny too xD Plus the tshirts of the parents. There was a lady with "Don't touch my daughter unless you are Niall Horan", SO COOL XDDD The dads were there to be bodyguards and to hold up their signs anyway xD And the waves on the stands looked nice too at first~ But it gets boring after a while too. Like everything gets boring when you just standing around waiting for a concert to start.

The 5sos kids started only a little bit before 8pm. And they were on for almost an hour. Wah, so not interested.

It was already 21:15, when 1D finally got on stage, and the 'One Direction fans' concert started. x'D Oh god, it wasn't a One Direction concert, because you can't hear a thing. If you plan to go to a 1D concert to hear them, then don't buy ticket in the stadium, just be outside, I'm pretty sure that's a better spot. Or I don't know, maybe even the stands are better, but in the arena you just can't hear a thing. And it's just fine~ Because you have to scream. You have to follow them around and wave and scream at them and sing the lyrics together with everyone. We screamed from the first second till the last without an end, and went crazy, and it was the best experience of my life.

The stage was like a simpler version of a JE stage. They had a huuuuge big stage, then a walking part till the center of the arena, where there was a smaller one, that even was lifted up for like two songs and had screens all over it~ I'm sure the next stop will be moving stages for them :) The big stage had screens all over it by the way, sometimes for arts, but most of the times to show the boys, and it looks very very awesome. Oh yeah, and FIREWORKS. They even had fireworks, and not just one time, but many times throughout the concert :D

I can't really write about how it went down, because it was a screaming, smiling - for Zsófi, crying - mess, so forgive me for that :)

About the boys.

Those amazing boys <3 From the first minute you could tell Zayn and Louis are totally done with everything. Zayn was bored and went on like -100 tension till the end, and Louis was... I don't even know, just seemed bitter and done with all the shit. They aren't like those shining, always smiling boys anymore, and it breaks your heart when you think about, how they started off, how much they loved everything and everyone, and how much more there is still in front of them doing this shit with such bad emotional state. I realized after like 5 minutes, when screamed Lou's name for the 10th time, that he is my favourite 1D member x'D It hit me hard. You can't say anything about Lou that I don't know, I mean, how he is acting like a piece of shit and everything, I know all this, and still totally totally loving him. Yeah~ always the broken little ones. ANYWAY. ZAYN. ZAYN IS BEAUTIFUL. I didn't mention yet, but we stood next to that walking stage, around its middle, and like 4 meters away from the boys??? WE COULD SEE THEIR WRINKLES. And Zayn is beautiful. You would think they at least photoshop him a little for pics, but no, that kid is just simple pretty like hell. I wish he still had a little energy so at least smiled a little bit. I would say, he even disappeared from stage for a whole song after an hour or so, he was nowhere to be seen ^^" But not just his face, but his voice is perfect too. When we could hear them, he really sang well, his high notes are just like you hear them on the CDs.

About Harry. Harry lost his innocent vibe too completely. He is now just a stage whore. I wouldn't be surprised if he was drunk, too. He was hyper, running around, fooling around, getting us more and more excited with his teasing, but maybe if you are not a teenager, you can see how aggressive it is, how he does it only to entertain himself and probably thinking bad things about the audience. But then there are the moments when the little, ear to ear smiling boy is there, waving for you, or singing his lungs out for you, and you see, you just can't think bad about all this. Because even if he treated us like monkeys - with all the do this do that for me - we were that for him, without feeling bad. It just comes off afterwards. There, you just enjoy looking at him, -when you can- hearing him, getting teased by him. I loved it. And he was the one in front of us the most~ Lou and Zayn mostly sat down closer to the big stage and didn't even bother to get up - LOU WAS TURNING TOWARDS US ALL THE TIME THANK GOD, BECAUSE HE LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD WITH HIS LONG HAIR NOW -, but Harry was running around really a lot. <3

And then Liam and Niall. The two fairies. The two sweet sweet children. It was worth it for them alone. It was worth everything to see Liam trying his hardest to be super nice with everyone, like a dad, trying to cover up for the two that just sat around, trying to tune down Harry's whoring around, and everything. I just want a Liam. Life would be so much better with a Liam. He was everywhere, talking a lot - you could actually understand him x'D -, praising us~ And even though you could tell he is trying hard to enjoy it too, it didn't give you any bad feelings. Super super super sweet. <333333333

And then Niall. Niall is still the same. Niall is still enjoying his life, enjoying being on stage, enjoying going around the world and being on stage in the biggest stadiums that he always watched in tv when he was a kid. He talked a lot. His speech before Don't forget where you belong <3 And many more songs actually, because he really talked a lot. And played the guitar too many times *_____* Plus he's got the loudest cheers everytime he had solo lines. And smiled. Jesus christ his totally honest smiles. I want a Niall too. Niall would make anyone's life better. Little little ball of sunshine <33333

They didn't really interact with each other on stage. We saw Lou hugging Zayn, Harry groping Niall's boy parts, Liam standing next to Niall and putting his arm on his shoulders, sometimes it seemed like Liam was trying to give power to Zayn just by looking at him when they passed each other... but nothing really more. Lou and Harry avoided each other like they had contagious illness :/ But then again, I saw Harry staring at Lou like some famished wild beast when they finally stood close to each other, so~ I still hope they didn't end up like Kame and Jin. Oh, and Liam calls Harry, STYLLLLLLLES. xDDD STAYLLLLLLLES xDDDD Sounds so funny xD

There were talking corners. There was one with the answering for twitter messages. They did that exactly in front of us on that walking stage <3 A girl asked them about what they would do if they were prime ministers of the world. Lou right away asked, how would that work? Liam tried to answer, then he went on his so so typical Lou way: Ah so, and grinned like an idiot xDDD I didn't hear what Zayn mummbled about, but Lou offered free icecream for everyone, Niall said there would be nothing else to eat but pizza, and Harry said world peace. The next moment everybody started to shout PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA, because pizza is a lot more important than world peace xDDDDDDD

There was a question about which five people they would bring to a deserted island, Harry pointed at five random fans in different directions, and I couldn't hear the others... And there was one more question but can't remember that one ^^""" I'm so bad at this review thing, sorry xDDDD

Harry stole someone's sandwich by the way. He stole it, ate from it, then gave it back, then the fans passed it around so he could get it again, then ate again and gave it back one more time x'DDD Ah! Hidden talent!! That was the third question. What hidden talent they have. Harry said he can juggle. So he got three apples, and played with them. Then bit into one, and throw it RIGHT INTO OUR DIRECTION. Geez, I thought the girls will kill each other for it x'DD

When Lou sang "Sorry luv but I don't really care" in Happily, I turned around and jumped into Zsóf's arms, that was so important for me. <333

For You and I in the end, the fans prepared pictures. The whole stadium - except us xD - had hearts with the flags of all the nations in the world, and they lifted them up for the boys so they can know the whole world loves them. It was super touching. The previous day the stands even formed pictures and texts for them <3 I saw gifs of Lou's reactions, he was touched <333 The next song was Story of my life, and for that everybody showed the boys baby pictures. :) How nice~ When it comes to things like this, I think 1D is really pleased with their fans. I think it was Through the dark, Zayn asked everyone to turn on the flashes on their phones, and they turned off most of the lights, so the whole stadium was like the dark night sky with stars. It was super beautiful. <3

But anyway... these kids are really terrifying. A girl splashed water on a MOTHER because she didn't want to let her go ahead, then hid behind the backs of others, and that lady ended up pulling the hair of an other girl, she got that angry. And just seriously, they are agressive, and can't shut up even when the boys ask for it. Harry tried to talk, asked them for long minutes to stop screaming, but they just didn't. Then he gave up and just went sssh!! scream! sssh!! scream!! because you can talk to them about anything else. As I said, I understand the screaming, I screamed too like crazy, but when the band asks for silence because they want to talk about important things or something, why it is impossible to shut up for a little while? They are really rude. Well, what can you expect from 14 year olds.

So you see, it's really not surprising that the boys are not even trying anymore. They don't try much to sing louder than the audience, they don't try to talk much, because they know nobody is listening to them, and just that these girls entertain themselves, no matter what they do. This whole situation is so messed up, and heartbreaking. But I love these boys. They gave me an amazing experience. I won't forget the part from Right now till Strong, like ever. They had Right now, Through the Dark, Happily, Little Things, Moments and Strong right after another. And what I could hear, it was beautiful. Oh, fuck, it was perfect even just standing there, looking at them and hearing only the fans singing. I love these songs like crazy, and I could hear them while seeing the boys with my own eyes. It was worth everything. I'm proud to love these guys, because no matter the fandom, they are fantastic people. All five of them. And I just pray for Lou, Zayn and Harry to not become worse than how they are now. Because they are nice kids, and fucking them up is all the responsibility of the people around them, this crazy life style and the fact that no matter what they do, they can't satisfy everyone. They never will be good enough for their fans, and while for example Sho already accepted this as a grown up man, these boys are just getting more and more bitter because of this. And honestly, it breaks my heart. Because they do more than enough.

So it's fine. Everything that happened is fine, and I enjoyed even just looking at Lou sitting there like 6 meters away from me. I appreciated his tiny smiles, his amazing voice, Harry's laughter, Zayn's beautiful voice and face, and every damn thing Liam and Niall did for us.

Thank you, boys. Thank you so so much.

We got back to the hostel almost at 1am. Wanted to ask the german boys if Germany won their match, but they looked at us so shocked, because Germany had their game only on Monday x'D We stayed there to check the net, and all the kihihihi that happened, that I won't write down because I just so lost the will to type more xDDD

Monday~ helloztam a srácnak xD
Going home was long. We woke up after two hours of sleeping, was on the bus with many many stinky homeless people, had a long way on the airbus till the airport, then had to wait for almost two hours, because our plane was late by half an hour, and we got there without any problems, so we were very fast.

And then I greeted the men on the plane with a Hello, because we the italian cabin attendant guys said that when we came, and the hungarian men answered with Good morning, and I felt again, so damn rude xDDD

The flight back started off super amazing again, I saw the mountains with snow and very very nice lakes, but after like 20 minutes we reached a constant cloudy state, so there was nothing to see (they were these huge ones, but more like fog), and I ended up sleeping like Zsóf. It was raining in Hungary when we arrived, and it was very cold. I ended up talking with an american girl on the bus till the metro station, she was super nice *___* I didn't really talk much during our trip, but with her very much. I LOVED IT. Then we went to the McDonalds next to Nyugati and I finally could eat~ I ate almost nothing on Sunday, because I didn't want any problems during the concert, already had to congratulate my bladders because I didn't need to pee at all for 7 hours, that is a HUGE thing for us.

Then Eszti came with Dóri too. I wanted to go home to rest so bad when we woke up, but ended up staying more than Zsóf. Arrived home around 6pm. It was a long day, so I was sleeping by 7.

Thanks for everything Zsóf, it was amazing, and I loved every minute~ Thank you <3

Eszti is back home~ <3 But gonna write about that in a different post maybe. But she is back <3
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Kirie: ohmiya hear youkiriezero on July 3rd, 2014 11:03 pm (UTC)
what a bittersweet experience! I don't know if saying "I'm sorry it was like that" or "I'm glad you had fun!" :P probably a bit of both???
the flight!!!! :D isn't it pretty?!!! *---* the puffy clouds and seeing the cities under you... if you fly at night it's pretty too because you see all the lights as little stars... and it's funny because the parts where the cities end are dark and it's like seeing a map XD oh! and once we had an electric storm right under us! you have to see one the next time you fly!!! *--*b
さっちゃん: {嵐} サトッサン - King of VScsaca on July 4th, 2014 07:22 am (UTC)
The second is okay :DD It was really fun, we complained and all, but we enjoyed it and laughed a lot :D
Uwaaaa, yes, it would be amaaaazing to have a flight during the night! I was praying hard to see rain up in there or lightening or something, but didn't happen :D I was even thrilled with turbulence xDD
Kirie: <3kiriezero on July 4th, 2014 04:03 pm (UTC)
ah! that's great! then I'm glad you had fun!!!! ^---^b I have never been in a concert of an artist I like so I can just imagine how exciting it must be :) I think I would be the kind of fan who gets emotional and cries a lot :P (my! I cried of happiness (?) with Arafes' Hello Goodbye + Subarashiki sekai combo!!! LOL I know I would cry the very first moment Arashi apears! XD)

ah! turbulence!!!!!! that's the best!!!! \*O*/
reika8reika8 on July 10th, 2014 06:51 am (UTC)
Se a repüléshez, Milánóhoz vagy a 1D-hez nem igazán tudok mit mondani, de jókat kuncogtam a beszámolón, és aaaaaw annyira veled lehet egy ilyen után örülni~