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26 August 2013 @ 03:36 pm
Namida no jikan terebi  

Can't bring myself to reread it now, sorry for the poor English.

They started with Love Rainbow, and the first 20 minutes flew away in a blink, honestly. As last year, I wasn't much excited about Arashi's singing, I thought they won't perform anything new or make me feel much. All these always played songs kinda lost their meaning for me. Well, singing Hero already proved me wrong x'D That was the song for Oshima-san before she started the marathon. And how easy it was to remember, why they sing the same songs over and over again. Because they are good. Hero was the best choice for this moment, no other song has a simple and better way to express the main point here: YOU ARE A HERO. Oshima-san is a hero~
Because she was 88kg, when they asked her to run, she had to run 88km. Can you understand that? Because I really couldn't till the last hours watching her struggle. EIGTHYFUCKINGEIGTH. That's more than double of the simple marathon. AND!!! She had to take on the challenge when she was 88kg. Though~ Only in one and a half month she already lost 9 kgs, and till this day she could even lose more than the required 15! Not sure about the exact amount, but 17 something. Truly amazing, and shows her enthusiasm <3
So her favourite band, her MOST FAVOURITE PEOPLE, sang Hero for her. I can't even imagine how that feels. And Jun's faces. It was already way too much for me, when I watched the vids of Oshima-san's practice with him, but this... It really didn't help to even catch a glimpse of Sho, I wanted and only saw Jun here. And honestly, I thought this will be the case till the very end, and I might end up loving Jun the most forever. I honestly thought that. But it's not so easy, when you have a bias~ And Sho proved me very wrong.

Well, the whole 27 hours proved me wrong about many things anyway. I thought this year would be like the previous 24htv, but could not be more different.
It was the weekend of tears for me. I cried last year, too, but that was nothing compared to this. Nothing. I cried three liters of tears. Or more. 27 hours of crying.

But we started with Aya-chan's Darts no Tabi, and that can't be sad, ne? I can't even write much about it, she was superduper cute, she is one of my favourite actresses, one of the few I love since I first saw her. This year the theme was [Nippon tte..?], people had to tell what Japan means for them. She met mostly men, and not everyone recognized her, but they laughed a lot <3 I regret not writing down what they said as answer :/

Right after this came Masaki's main task. Ryuuta-kun is a boy, who - if I remember well - had an accident, which effected his brain, and now he can't move the right part of his body. When it happened, there wasn't much hope he will recover, but he did very well, he can do anything by now. With difficulties, of course. Difficulties that makes something like syncronized swimming mostly impossible. Still, that was his dream, performing together with the Water Boys, the syncronized swimming team - not sture again - of his school. And Masaki spent the whole summer vacation helping him with it. No wonder he is like three shades darker than Ohno-san. <3
And they did a magnificent job. Those Water Boys created a performance that was possible even for Ryuuta, I already had tears watching them thinking about how they should do it. They are very nice people. And the "Love Saves The Earth" phrase, they used as subheadline for 24htv this year, already showed how true it is. People can feel love, and that love can save other people~ Ryuuta's family seemed really touched because of the love those boys showed towards their son, and because he was able to work well in a team.

Nino's project for this year was cut into many pieces. Here came the first. He talked with a professor about two things. First was which is the right word: Nippon or Nihon. First they talked about how japanese people said "f" instead of "h" in the old times, so it was Nifon. Then they conluded that BOTH is right. We - we: me and the boys I saw in the little window on the screen xD - laughed so much x'D The professor asked Nino if he knew who was the prime minister in 2009, he couldn't answer, then the old man told him and he went all: I KNEW IT, OFC I KNEW IT I'M A 30YEAR OLD MAN. Seriously Nino, you looked and acted like an 8 year old through all the videos xDD The other theme was how old Japan is~ Nino said a really huge number if I remember well, but the actual and official age is: 1312 years. The first mention of a country called Japan was 1312 years ago.

Tiny stories were Kazoku Monogataries this year.
The first one was about a woman who had cancer when she was pregnant. In order to save his son, she decided not to take any medications. At first I was like, geez, why?? You might have stayed alive and given birth later. But I realized, it's cancer. You can't fight cancer no matter how hard you try. So she instead saved her son. He was 9 month old(?), when she died, but she left him video letters for every big occasions of his life. It was like a dorama, really. She talked to his future wife and stuff. So many tears. And not just from me, oh no, Jun was already tearing up, and I swear to god Sho's eyes was shining from them, too. Not mention Masaki. Oh that boy kept biting his mouth for 27 hours. <333

The next story was about Kahara Tomomi, who was called "Utahime" back in the '90s. Then she went the Britneyspears way and started to take drugs and shit. Her manager talked about how horrible she looked and everything. But she was saved, and started to do volunteer jobs, and they showed her with an old lady she loves the most. And she sang her biggest hit song: I'm proud. Still a mistery for me how I knew many of her famous songs they played. Most likely they were used as insert songs in old dramas oO Because I swear to god I saw her for the first time in MS recently.

Masu-san went to Chiba for his Darts no Tabi. He met many old people, who totally had no idea who he is x'D Very funny~~~ And I love this man, so let me talk about the silent work he did during the weekend. He didn't cry like Hatori-san, he didn't talk that much either, but he was there and helped a lot. I watched him many times in ZIP with the boys, he is a very shy man. VERY shy. When he was chosen for the partner of Hatori-san he looked terrified, and I'm sure because of the responsiblity. So working through this weekend was his tiny challenge, and he did as well as other people. And no one will congratulate him, I'm sure, so let me tell you one thing, Masu-san: YOU ARE GOOD. You will be the next Hatori-san and you'll do this job for long years. You will be there with Arashi in their remaining years for sure. So thank you for your hard work. I love you very much. Please keep them company, like Hatori-san did in their young years. <3

And then came the dorama. Oh people. No words. I knew it was going to kill me, and it did. He bleed in the first five minutes. There was no long opening, no big words, he just bleed blood through his mouth. A lot of blood. I won't be able to look at peaches for a while I'm sure. So.much.blood.
Samii... You amazing being. How much I hoped this character won't be you. How much it resembled at you in the end. I watched you die, and I never want to do it again. You made me cry for an hour straight, nothing ever could do that before. I cried more than I cried on Doomsday, and none of you know what a big thing is that. Never believe in fanfictions that say the uke cried for days, you get so tried after just one hour that it'd kill you to do more. The "I cried my eyes out" got a new meaning for me, and I won't use it again. Crying my eyes out means what I did in the last hour of this drama.
Bangohan nani?
Otsukaresama deshita, Ohno-san.

I couldn't see from my tears and the burning of my eyes, then in the next second they showed Arashi. Because Shiyagare started. Looking at Ohno-san, honestly didn't make anything better for me. I was still sobbing and wanted to go to wash my face so bad, I couldn't concentrate on the first 10 minutes till the CM at all. You know, the boys looked very bad, too. Maybe they could watch only parts of it, but I really think it was enough for them. Nino and Jun's faces //heartbreaking// And Shosan was totally not in the mood for Kanjani's hyper behaviour either ^^" He was just quietly standing with his hands joint behind his back and seemed really uninterested. I'm not sure if it was this time, but maybe yes. They always go to accept the offered money from people that come to Budoukan. Many people. They come for the whole time and leave money, that the celebrities accept. People talked about on twitter someone asked Shosan for handshake, not just offered the money. Everyone shakes hand, it's not a big thing. But I'm pretty sure people don't ask for it, if someone doesn't shake your hand, then that's it. Shosan asked that people: Did you come here only for the handshake not to offer money for the charity? It's so him. He was upset all weekend, really, so obviously his feelings were all over the place, and this asnwer is so him. So after it, he just stood there with his hands joint behind his back and not shaking hand. And later someone rejected Jun, who of course shook hand with everyone, and told Sho: You understand us, we don't come for the handshake. I hope Jun didn't mind. It can sound harsh, really... Of course, he shook hand gladly with anyone, Jun is like that. And I'm sure Shosan also did it anyway. He told that only because the people asked for it.

But~ Shiyagare. Kanjani challenged Arashi in three games. It was said in the opening video, it's time for Arashi to give place for Kanjani x'D Ah, they don't know how true is that x'DD I mean, I talked with many people who think it's about time to let Kanjani take over the Kings of JE title from them~ They are the only ones who can do it <3 So work harder, idiots :P
The games were the same as last year, which is the stupidest thing ever. Ryocchan beat Jun in rope climbing o_O But Masaki won against Tacchon. The only good thing was their stupid "arguing" before the tasks x'DDD Like Ryocchan shouted at Jun: HISASHIBURI x'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Then they compliment each other with all the pairings with this pissed attitude x'D IDIOTS <3333 Shosan easily beat Hina with the sit up+basketball thingie. I was the most surprised! HE WAS GOOD. Then Ohno-san won against Maru, too~ The third game was that a volleyball player hit balls at them and they had to catch it. Those men can hit a ball with the speed of a ball of a pistol, you know. It HURTS! And Nino had to do it x'DDDDDD SO FUNNY~ Only Jun was lucky enough to catch one with his legs, anyway. So Arashi won~ And Kanjani has to take them on a tour in Osaka x'DD That was the bet. So I hope NTV knows they have to turn that into a TV show now xDD

Sho's Darts no Tabi was the next. Lots of screaming and eating~ He went to a grape field too. The jichan told him to help to harvest x'DD He did. Then he got THREE BOXES OF GRAPES. BIG boxes x'DDDD The night show, Shabikiri started, but Sho's trip continued after an hour, I don't want to talk about the comedians, so let me continue here~ He went to a house where was like five little boys. They seemed all around ten. One of them shouted SUMIMASEN at Shosan when he showed up x'DDD No one knows why, he just went SUMIMASEN x'DDDD Sho hugged the doorway so adorably... T_T And I can't remember anything else x'D Need to watch it again~

So, five hours of comedians. And I couldn't sleep. I tried, but couldn't so I just watched anime... well, only one ep x'D What did I do during it? Mostly nothing, but talking with the few people that stayed awake. They let Shosan, Jun and Masaki stay there for so long -_- Ohmiya disappeared right away, but those three had like two hours to rest. Shosan's smiles... He laughed a lot <3 And it meant a lot. I still felt he was faraway from me, and I moaned mostly at Jun, but now, thinking back, it's the best to have memories of his smiles. I never really realized how much his smiles means for me. I guess, it's because I take them as an everday thing. How stupid I was to think I want to see other emotions on his face than the happiness. I don't. Never want to see anything else. Kono saki zutto waratte ite hoshii. It never meant more.

In the meantime two Guiness World Records were broken! One of them is... Well, a girl used a jumping rope for it x'D She sat down, then started to jump with her butt and hovered the rope under it xD I'd like to congratulate the people who thought setting a world record of this was necessary XD The second was revenge from last year. This man throw those things Arashi use VSA and I just can't figure out even the name of that game now x'DDD ARGH. Never mind, for the second try he finally broke the record! Congrats for both~

And finally morning came~~~ In Japan anyway, it was not even midnight for me x'D Ohmiya sat through the weather forecast, which was AWESOME XD Comedians did monomane of people so well I have no words xDDD I love monomane! AND...... GOSH OHNO-SAN LOOKED GREAT! I still don't know what the hell changed on him since they went to sleep, but I went crazy looking at him x'DDD

Second part of Nino's task. He talked with foreigners about age, maybe. Dunno I understood only that many women said they don't care about how old they look, not like Japanese women. It wasn't much.

Imouto-chan had a challenge with kids from Fukushima. Their class was separated when they had to leave the nuclear power station's area where they lived. They loved each other very much, one of the kids were even depressed after it, he didn't talk with anyone much since then, and never could make new friends.//heartbreaking// Five of them got together now, and climbed Fuji-san. It took them the whole day, but they made it, no matter the weather was AWFUL. It started to rain in Tokyo, too during the night, poor Oshima-san (_ _ """) And as we watched the news many times, the rain was very serious, there were so many flooded areas through the country -.-
So yeah, they climbed Fuji-san <3 One of the main challenges was cleared! It was a difference from last year again, everything went well with the outside challenges <3

We continued the morning with little challenges of family members all over the country! They were broadcasted live~ Nippon so sugoi hitotachi was the title of the part. They fished awabi, threw tatamis x'D And two roosters compete which one can crow longer x'D Quality television!!! Ohno-san please learn that voice, PLEASE XDD
There was a performance of an orchestra team, they dance while playing the instruments! It was awesome~

They missed the exact moment, but two announcers were by the sea, so we saw the sunrise <33 That was one of the most beautiful sunrises I've eve seen. Then they had a footage filmed from a helicopter~ Through the mountains by the river. SCENERYPORN. So totally fascinating sceneryporn. I remember a boy told Sho Japan for him is "utsukushii", they proved it in these minutes. It was nothing else but beautiful.

One of the announcers' task was together with a family that has two daughters who can't move or talk well. He told them: Johnny's janakute gomenne xDD They tried to see a fish I guess in the ocean, so they did scuba-diving. This challenge lasted very long, too, almost all day. I'm not even sure they saw the fish in the end oO The two girls weren't much in the sea for sure, their father tried again and again.

The trio came back by the time the documentary behind Kyou no Hi wa Sayounara started. And we cried again. Jun was totally crushed, and we saw tears in Shosan's eyes, too, but he obviously tried really hard not to cry. Ohno-san couldn't even say a word when the dead boy's family came to the stage //heartbreaking// Worst.

An old man - whose name I should remember, honestly, I watched him many times - who is the face of 24htv tried to challenge himself with competitions in Kokuritsu. He is an athlete I might lie, but I think he won Olympics, too. And he was maybe one of Shosan's tasks, because he went to his practice before. He challenged the national records in senior age, but could beat only his personal ones. Three of them. He was in Kokuritsu because it's the last time year the stadium is open, and he was the last athlete to compete in there. I'm pretty sure Arashi will be the last in Arafes, who can go in there~ From 2014 the renovation - well, compelete rebuilding - starts for the Olympics in 2020. Well, only if Tokyo wins the right to host it. Two more weeks and we'll know~

Hatori-san's Darts no Tabi was the next. He met many old people~ It was funny, he is so adorable <3 A family's female members told him who is their favourite in Arashi, then the grandma said she loves TOKIO X'DDD

I don't know why I wrote Masaki for the next project. I have no memories of him doing anything, but pretty sure I'm wrong. Never mind. Here came the -for me- worst part of the weekend.
Noshimura Kokichi-san's lifework was shown and he was present as well. You should read the wikipedia page about him. I didn't understand much when I watched it, the only clear thing was he is a World War II veteran. He returned home weighted 28kg, and I thought that's why the book they shown was called Bone Man. But no, it's called that because he spent more than 30 years searching for the bones of his comrades in Papua New Guinea. Really, read the wikipedia page, he is an amazing man, truly amazing.
This was the part where Jun and Shosan cried. I couldn't believe my eyes. For us, mostly me and Tefa, it was a total life changing moment I'm sure. Sho doesn't cry. I wrote this many times, and I meant it. It was only a few months ago I read the latest interview about he is not a strong man like Masaki, he can't let people see him cry. How much did this story mean for him if it could break those thoughts? It made me weep for an another hour. I couldn't even speak, just sat on my bed, hugging my people and cried. The image of him beating up for himself for crying in television made this whole thing unbearable. Not mention I kept thinking about him going home into an empty house. That no one hugged him after this. I never prayed more, my little OTP was real. That Masaki hugged him before he escaped to Kokuritsu to meet that old athlete. That even though he hated it, he hugged him. Because I'm sure no one had the courage to even mention it happened. Shosan tried his hardest after this to seem like nothing happened, oh gosh, those forced faces... Ah, the worst.
Please, Shosan, never do this again. Now I completely understand how much I need to see you smile. What it really means.
This was the part when I cried my heart out. Completely.

I couldn't concentrate on my previous AKB girls' task at all. Takamina and Tomochin arrived to Budoukan and we watched a video about them helping young girls who have Down Syndrome to achieve their dreams. Which was dancing <3 If you know anything about Down Syndrome, you must realize what a great thing it is that they performed perfectly in Budoukan with my girls. Perfectly. They were pretty, and their dancing was perfect. So so so amazing.

Fuh, the next video made my mood even more worse, seriously. It was about a 12year old little boy, who has an illness that effect one people in million. There is only 6 people in Japan who has it. He is 12year old, but looks like a baby, can't walk and his body will never develope. There was a part of the video when he cried out "itai, itai, itai", he did nothing but sat by the table. He seemed so much in pain then, that can't be discribed with words. And I still can hear it in my head. He is completely alright mentally, by the way. And that makes it even more cruel. He draws very well, that's his talent. The maker of his favourite animation with plasticine worked on a little story with his drawings. They animated them, and told a story about him on adventures, then arriving to his family. The point of the whole video was, the things he draws are the things he can never do. I needed nothing else, but a story like this, really.

Six school's kids tried to break the record in jumping rope of groups. Omg, amazing work, too bad I still wasn't really out of the weeping period, so I couldn't be happy for them. Because they did it! In the end one of the groups did it. Awesome kids! Great work.

They found a musician woman from Chernobil for the next project. A woman who lived in Chernobil when the nuclear power station went off. She is living in Japan now, so she talked about her past in a video. Then performed Itsudemo nandodemo. The theme song of Chihiro. It was like kicking me in the stomach one more time, honestly x'D In the middle of the first and with that biggest Ghibli fever of my life... //sighs

And it could continue. Seriously these two hours were about nothing but tears. The next video was about Itao-san who played the father in Kazoku Game. I knew nothing about him. Now I wish it stayed like that... His daughter died, when she wasn't even two year old. They showed the videos he made of her, their happy times together, he sounded and seemed like honestly the happiest person on Earth. And she died. Totally suddenly, without any sign of being sick, so they couldn't even prepare for it. Her wife called him in the middle of work, he rushed to the hospital and by that time the little girl already passed away. He was there in Budoukan, his faces showed nothing but sadness, I still can hear Hatori-san's voice as he told him sorry for make you remember this.

Great, I'm crying again. I hate this tv show.

I can't remember what Nino's third part about. Really, nothing comes to mind. But after showing the Fuji climbers and the diving, came the fourth. That was hilarious~ He talked with foreigners again xD The man who thinks the hiragana of FU is the prettiest moji, the indian couple who doesn't think Japanese curry is delicious, and the thai shop x'DDDDDDD One of the old ladies told him, the best thing about coming to Japan was she met otou-san x'DDD I would like to say that too xD It was the best~

I was up for 24 hours by this time.

The next video was with Hatori-san(? was it Masu-san? Or none of them? I think I remember Hatori-san's crying face, but he cried for 27 hours straight so...) He met an old man, who had a letter from his wife he never opened before. She died years ago, around the age 40 or 50, I'm not sure. She had cancer, so the struggling was very hard, and she obviously looked bad by the end of it. That was the time, when she madly asked his husband to give her youth back to her. He never opened the letter because he thought she wrote something like this in it. But of course it was nice things, she asked him to forgive her and thanked him for everything. Hatori-san was sobbing hard.

An old singer man's wife got a tumour in her brain five years ago, and after the operation she became unable to walk or move her body well. He completely finished his work in the entertainment industry, and lives only for his family now. His daughter wrote a letter for him.

Around this time Arashi performed Love So Sweet for Oshima-san, who was already beyond time and had so much pain in her legs she was even crying. //heartbreaking// I saw picture today from Pon, the two other Morisanchuu members fanned her with her Matsujun uchiwas in breaks <3

Ohno-san's task was the next. He went to Miyagi to meet children who needs therapy to recover from the disaster. They use art therapy, who could be better than him, ne? He saw the children's arts, like they had to make their village with plasticine and such. They made big walls around it, that could save them from an another tsunami //heartbreaking// When they talked about the ocean... How much they loved it, but now it's scary...
The project was glitter painting! It means they painted with glue, then throw glitter on it and like that the picture becomes visible. The master guy made Ohno-san's face when they intruduced the thing for them. Ohno-san's face xD When he tried it for the first time, the picture didn't look good, he screamed Kimochi warui at it with such an honest face xD <3
The kids came to Budoukan, then they painted~ Only in short minutes they painted the picture, and it was huge. I thought they will use only one colour for the glitter, but they used more. So in the end the picture of the sea with the boat and fireworks looked so great, we couldn't believe our eyes. Amazing work <3

Next video was about a little girl who died in the age of 10. She liked the dance for the matsuri in her town, but she never could perform it. They wanted to do it, when she came out of the hospital after it seemed her cancer disappeared. Well, it didn't as in every other cases, so she passed away. Her classmates did it two weeks ago, we watched the footage of it.

DANCE CORNER! ONE WORDS: AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Sho was the host for the competition between the high schoolers this year, but it was completely different now~~~~~~~~~~~ All five of them were there, the traffic light trio announced the teams, and Juntoshi interviewed them after it. THE TRIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. THEY ARE IDIOTS. KIDS. KINDERGARTEN KIDS. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. <33333333333333333333333 Like seriously. He was fucking hyper. Which means, most likely he was dead tired by this time x'DDD Right after the competition was over, Arashi's medley started. The fucking best and most awesome medley ever. They performed only dance songs T___________T No awkward overused songs. Face Down&Crazy Moon&Monster. In black. Dancing like fucking sexgods. Looking like sexgods. I LOVE THESE MEN. MY OVARIES LOVE THESE MEN. SO DAMN MUCH. It was totally appropriate for the event anyway x'D Not mention my thoughts after it watching them all deliciously sweating. AWESOME. Need it in almighty TS so bad.

Finally they showed Miho-chan. She is the girl who had to finish her task last year without completing it. Now she did it, but weeks before the event, so we saw only a video of it. Well done, girl, very well done.

Ah... I don't want to talk about Shosan's task (_ _ ) Second worst part. //big breathe
He went to Tohoku to the school that had their graduation ceremony on the day of the disaster. I know those kids, one of the girls were already in a tv show, but now I think it was in Sumasuma not ZERO. Never mind... So they never had that ceremony, but Shosan helped them to at least get a big memory. First only five kids showed up for the practice, but more than 50 of them were present in Budoukan. They sing the graduation song they wanted that day. All of them were sobbing, so it really sounded bad for many parts, but I swear the only people who cares about this is Sakurai I-Want-To-Give-My-Very-Best Sho...
The girl who played the piano asked him on one of the practices to play with her. He was totally surprised, that wasn't the plan, but he accepted it, so they played two pianos in Budoukan. And I don't know why he thinks he did a bad job, but today I got to know he does. He was swallowing his tears already during the song, but the shock when the boy they first connacted read the letter for him... What did you expect? Why were you so surprised? Of course they wrote a letter for you. He wanted to get off the stage so obviously, gosh... And I knew he is crying in backstage. I felt it... He was gone for 15 minutes. Only I thought it's because of being touched. But he said when they FILMED him, it's out of frustration, because he did a bad job. I can't believe ZIP had the courage to show that video of him crouching and sobbing... But they did. And that greeted me this morning... I thought I'm okay, I woke up feeling refreshed, even though I went to bed totally crushed. Well, I'm clearly not, this is one of the worst days of my life...
You didn't go home feeling lonely, did you? Please...

Nino's fifth part was about forgotten sightseeings. Well, no wonder they are forgotten x'D But Nino was damn hilarious x'DDDD As always he has to go on trips. Complaning and crying about everything xDDD Idiot <3333

Maya Miki-san visited the people she met in 2011 for 24htv. They are the victims of the disaster. A family that lost their little girl, and an old man who lost her wife. The man of the family seemed totally broken for me. He never talked... but they are still together with her wife, so that must mean something good...

Arashi performed a Shounentai song with Higashiyama for the memory of Mori-san. I was already very sleepy here, but good now I know more about her, she was a big mystery for me. And... I'm asking again: Why don't you sing more, boys?

Jun's tap dance with the hearing impairment kids... Well, that's the biggest must watch of this year. One of the girls asked him when they talked, what is "melody"? They can't even really understand what is rythm, how could they do it with melody? Jun was amazing. He still remembers sign language, so he used it and could talk with them easily. The performance was totally marvelous. And this idiot chose Yuzu's Niji for the first song... I was already emotionally knockered, but it made me sob again... only without tears anymore. I was literally drained dry...

I missed out Ohno-san's darts no tabi. Dunno when it was. One of the jisan's called her family and let Ohno-san talked to them on the phone xD Those screams xDDD

Aya opened the show, Aya closed it, too. She met a father who desperately searching for her daughter's body since the disaster. They found her wife and the grandpa 40 kms away from their car, but never found the little girl. They had a funeral, but the only thing in the box is a little hair, because the wife cut it for her only days before so they had it... He spents hours in the affected areas, even near the nuclear plant, where you can't stay more than five hours, soldiers guard it.
Heartbreaking ending for a heartbreaking weekend, really.

Oshima-san still had 10 kms by this time. And she was constantly crying... Still tried hard and smiled at people cheering for her by the streets...

AKB checked in from Tokyo Dome, they performed Flying Get and Koisuru <3

Only one thing left, the letter of Oshima-san's husband. I didn't know about it. I didn't know about she lost their child. I didn't know she does this work so powerfully because of this. I didn't know she risks her body with all those stupid tasks because of this. And I never wanted to know. As I never wanted to watch the video of the happy days when she thought she is pregnant. They wanted to have a video of everyday of the pregnancy, so she asked her husband to film him, when she arrived home from the hospital, weeping and eating a chocopan and trying to tell him what happened. I never wanted to watch it. And I never wanted to see Jun's crying face because of this either.
I love this woman. I loved her since the first time I saw her in AnS, talking about Jun and Arashi. I'll remember this feeling as long as I can. She is truly an inspiration.

Was Wild at Heart here? fter telling what Nihon is for them. Shosan: 一つになれると信じたい / People want to be one. Masaki: 希望の種がいっぱいある / There are many kinds of hope. Jun: 前に進める / They can go forward. Nino: 不満を言っていい 二宮和也 / They can say complaints easily. Ohno-san: 笑顔 / Smiles. <3333

For temporization they showed a few footages of the darts no tabis, then all the celebritis in Budoukan started to sing. Arashi sang Happiness, too. They tried really hard, even Arashi joined in in the end, but NTV had to close the show in time. It was 13:52 when 24htv ended, without Oshima-san reaching the goal. We were devasteted. I thought they won't show it. No matter how much Jun said they are waiting for her, we can't see it. But fortunately the next show would have been about Oshima-san, she clearly couldn't be there, so they gave back the broadcast.
And she did it. She arrived to Budoukan after running for more than 26 hours. And they didn't wait for her with the promised tapioca milk tea :P I'm not happy about that x'D She was clearly ashamed for not reaching the goal in time, so she acted a little coldly, but she must have been in pain, too... Shosan asked Hatori-san to let Jun talk to her <3 Why didn't they let her hear his cheering in the end anyway? So stupid.
So yeah, Jun~ We all cheered for him to hug her. Do I remember correctly the woman who ran in 2004 hugged him as soon as she arrived? I have this image of her running straight into Jun's arms, but I can be wrong oO Never mind. Oshima-san didn't let him to do it. Jun clearly wanted to hug her, he clearly wanted to go closer, but she backed off <3 Silly woman. One of her reasons was clear the sweating and smell, she even told one of her friends to not hug her, because she smells. But the others... That's why I love her so much. She is a great fan. She is like any of us, and doesn't want to use her fame for anything. So she acts like we'd around Jun, she is embarrassed like hell~ She doesn't want to be disrespectful in our eyes either <3 Just how much I respect this woman? I'm pretty sure you did our will get that hug no matter what~s Jun promised to go drink that tea with her, so shy baby, DO IT! HUG HER! <3 She deserves all the love you feel towards her. And oh, you do feel it <3
Please, Oshima-san, never call yourself a dame ningen. Rippana onna desu yo.

I stopped watching it at 14:26. I don't think there was anything after that so in the end this year it was 26 hours and 54 minutes television~ Even longer than last year <3

Ohno-san said in Budoukan, let's meet again next year. I'm not sure I'm ready for it, old man~ But if'll do it, I'm gonna be here and watch it. Because the only thing you couldn't prove me wrong about is that, you deserve my love, because you are the best. In everything <3 Thank you!
Mood: touchedtouched
eszter_ke: {Arashi} Give me powereszter_ke on August 26th, 2013 06:55 pm (UTC)
Már abba belekönnyeztem, hogy olvastam. <3 They are amazing.
dzsuda10dzsuda10 on August 26th, 2013 06:58 pm (UTC)
awww girl!!! you just made me teared up again :')
just recall every memory from that long day~~~ even those ones where i was half asleep and coudn't concentrat on whats going on, so now it's clear XDDDD <3

this was really the namida nojikan terebi! that's sure. those heartbreaking moment T_____T still hurt and they will for a while!

Ossan no drama was.... konkrétan lelki töréstokozott nekem a vénember!!!! (és átvált magyarba) Am a darts no tabija halál édes volt :d volt egy öreg néni, aki el se engedte amíg beszéltek XDDDD aztán az öregemberek,meg felhívatták vele az egyiknek a lányát XDDDDD jajj de csak adtak a kezébe egy baszott nagy barackot! azt hittem kiverem belőle! it was too soon T__________T

Masaki's project T_____________T azt a kettőt én megzuhanni így még nem láttam! szörnyű volt látni. Azt tudjuk, h Jun kemény papamackó külsője alatt egy letaposott virágtól is megszakad a szíve, de, h Shot így megzuhanva látni T___T Ő mindig tartja magát, és most.... nem tudom elképzelni mi játszódhatott le a fejében <3333
és utna Masaki megölelte, mikor ment Kokuritsuba?? *__________* hát erről miért maradtam le? <3333

Még nem néztem mai műsorokat tegnapró, de most kajak azt mondták (meg Sho azt mondta), h azért volt az előadása után megzuhanva, mert, h rosszul játszott????? Édese!! Hát azt tudjuk, h ő inkább ezt mondaná, mint, h bevallja, h meghatódott teljesen. De azért nem kéne beállítani annak, h szar volt, mert nem volt az!!!! Nem egy Mozart de hát könyörgöm, szerencsétlen tuti minden szabadidejét azzal töltötte, h a zongorán gyakorolt, nem is beszélve, h 20ezer más dolga is van/volt közben.... Számomra tökéletes volt,és őis az! csak ne lenne ilyen makacs, h ennyire man of steel akar lenni.
De a mosolyai mindenért kárpótoltak <3333
Egyiket se akarom szomorúnak látni! SOHA! A szívem szakad darabokra, ha csak valamelyiknek fátyolos a tekintete <3333333333333

Nino-nak meg a Nino-sant egy outdoor műsorrá kell átváltoztatni XDDDD ahol bejárja japán minden kis szegletét XDDDDDDDDDD bár azt a szerződést, sztem csak fegyverrel a fejéhez tartva írná alá XDDDD vagy ha meglenne fenyegetve, h a kedvenc játékaira vki rálép XDDD

Drága Masaki <333 Hát neki most nehéz dolgok jutottak. De szívét lelkét beleadta <3 és tuti, h a szája belseje az most cafatokban van!

JUN <3333333333333 te már részleteztél mindent, szal nem fogom még 1x :D <3 de komolyan! Én miatta lettem Arashi fan, ő volt a kedvencem, de hát Sho csak fel kúszott a nadegatáival XDDDD De, h ez az ember mennyit változott! A DoS, macho, harsh legényből egy igazi tender mackó lett (bár belül mindig is az volt <333)

Masu-san, Aya-chan, Hatori-san és persze a többiek! <3 Arigato!!!! you were and are awesome!

And the real HERO! Oshima-san <33333 Én már eddig is imádtam a nőt, de most!!!! Respect!!!!!!!!!! Nem csak azért, mert lefutotta a 88KM-T!!!!!!!! AMI OMG!!!! Hanem, h az élet is keményen megedzette, és ennek ellenére 150%ot ad bele mindenbe, amit csinál, és semmi nem látszik rajta! A szívem szakadt meg a videója alatt T_____T So OSHIMA MIYUKI!!! YOU ARE A TRUE HERO!!! MY HERO <3 and i think Jun's hero too :)))

jah és most olvastam, h elvileg azért vezették, mind az 5en a táncos showt, mert Sho rosszul volt, és a fiúk mondták, h akk ők fogják mind az 5en, és próbálnak minél többet levenni Sho terhéről <33333 BOYS <33333
And even than that baka triooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minden évben kiderül, h ezek a srácok tudnak nekem újat mutatni és mindig pozitívumot!
És megint egy élmény volt együtt nézni XDDDD Bár lehetett volna kicsit több happy moment.

Thank you boys, thank you everybody! it was bittersweet more than 26 hour <3

(Riidát nem akarom meglátni többé barack közelében!!!! SOHA)
dzsuda10: arashi 24hrtvdzsuda10 on August 26th, 2013 07:17 pm (UTC)
Jah és misseltem a lettert!!!!! HALLOD JUN???????????
dorka_nanaadorka_nanaa on August 26th, 2013 09:32 pm (UTC)
Nagyon jó post volt, rengeteg minden nekem is eszembe jutott, örülök hogy megírtad! És így azért sokkal rendszerezettebb, én már nem emlékeztem, hogy mi milyen sorrendben történt.
Köszönöm, hogy beszélhettem veletek közben, így sokkal jobb volt!