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22 July 2013 @ 07:40 pm
Best song ever? Maybe not. But best pv for you guys ever, that's for sure! I can't wait for that stupid movie! I don't care if I'll look like a perverted old hag amongst the 12 years olds, I will go and watch you on big screen <3
Adorable baby boy band!
PS: Damn you HARRY STYLES!!!!!! You are so fucking hot, my ovaries went crazy. And that goes for you too, Zayn Malik. //shamelessly drooling over kiddos
Mood: highhigh
eszter_ke: {1D} Guyseszter_ke on July 22nd, 2013 02:59 pm (UTC)

It's okay, we'll take with us Panni, she'll be our cover, cause our parents won't let her go alone.#yeahsure
さっちゃん: {カケラ} 1D - Harry with Luxcsaca on July 23rd, 2013 12:30 am (UTC)
We'll take Panni who looks older than you. Great, people will think I have two kids xDDD And none of you is a boy! //dramatic sighs
Nathalie: Riidatia995 on July 22nd, 2013 03:25 pm (UTC)
I don't really listen to 1D at all but this PV really is funny and I got to say that Harry's role was hilarious XD My favorite "cute as a butt" haha
さっちゃん: {カケラ} 1D - Harry Holmescsaca on July 23rd, 2013 12:31 am (UTC)
It's really easy to enjoy them without the music, too! Hilarious indeed xDDDD Such a great idea! Harry... I have no words for Harry, everything that comes to mind is éalskdéaádlas xDD
Kirie: smilekiriezero on July 22nd, 2013 04:17 pm (UTC)
"I don't care if I'll look like a perverted old hag amongst the 12 years olds"
LOL that's why I'm glad to be an Arashi fan! XD everytime I start seeing lots of teenager fans around, I tell myself "hey! but the boys are around MY age and still a bit older! is totally fine to like them! hmmf!" XDDD
But I think music is music!!! (and cute guys are cute guys! ;D) and you have the right to be a fan of whomever you want! just push some tweens out of the way, get a good seat and enjoy the movie! ;D
ps: is a movie like "docu-concert movie" or it's going to have a plot and characters?
さっちゃん: {カケラ} 1D - Harry Holmescsaca on July 23rd, 2013 12:34 am (UTC)
Yes, yes, it's so much easier with japanese boys xDD I mean, even if they look young, they are OLDER THAN ME. Not like these kiddos x'D
When I'll go to a concert - because oh fuck I'll one day - it's gonna be super easy to get a great spot, I just need to use the opportunity that I'm the bigger one xDDD
PS: It's a docu-concert movie! I so damn can't wait to hear Harry Styles' voice from those huge speaker, Kirie-chan!!! //whimpering
Kirie: uwaaakiriezero on July 23rd, 2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
XDDD you can pick the short tweens by their hair and get the good spot right away! >:D muahahaha
ohhhhhhh, then maybe the movie is going to be 3D! I heard some docu-concerts are like that :) I can't imagine how awesome must be to watch your idols in the big screen! T---T I'll only know the day I go to Japan (so that means, in my next life XD but that's good, probably teleportation will be an usual thing by then! XD)
Valen: {Shingo} Joy!! Joy!!valenstrange on July 23rd, 2013 09:34 am (UTC)
baby boyband xDDDD and the perverted old hag xDDDDD with her two daughters xDDDD
This post is pure joy.

Anyway, I watched the PV yesterday while I was fighting for Summer Nude and you were failing with Eszti on Twitter, just forgot to comment after I won the battle. It was cute, but I had way too many problems with recognising the boys in the costumes, especially because I thought after half-reading your tweets that Harry is the one in drag. Damn it, EVERY CAUCASIAN LOOK THE SAME. xDDDD
さっちゃん: {Smap} Shingo's joycsaca on July 24th, 2013 03:26 am (UTC)
Örülök, hogy örülsz x'DDDD
Now I love a baby boyband, a real boyband, and menband xDDD

And you thought Harry is making out with her girl version? x'DDD Because if you didn't recognize HOT AS HELL Harry Styles, I'm done with you x'DD
Valen: {Shingo} Joy!! Joy!!valenstrange on July 24th, 2013 04:18 am (UTC)

I THOUGHT! Probably I've seen too many people shipping Tego and Shingo with their own girl selves these days, khmm. xDD Of course I recognised everybody when they were playing themselves!!!
You mean "white", don't you? xD