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29 August 2012 @ 06:25 pm
Taisetsuna yume no tame ni ganbatta~  
So I was asked, here it is, my review of 24 jikan terebi. (Hora! Terebi, terebi da yo~ //doing the Kamiyama pose~)

As always on a Saturday morning I was up at 4 am and went to work. Then waited for half an hour, cause the new delivery boy wasn't here yet. It was amazing! The sky was so dark and the stars twinkled very brightly <3 I instantly started to talk to the Doctor, because as long as someone doesn't prove he isn't alive, I take it as proven, he IS! So he is out there somewhere and always watching~ Just can't come back yet T_T On this Saturday though his genius doppelgänger will be back on BBC!!!! Seventh season here I come~~

So being in the shop was as boring as always, but I had a very very good idea for a fanfiction in the car before, and started to write it. I should finish it for Jun's birthday tomorrow T__T #whyamIwritingthisthen #causeIhavenoinspiration Around 8am here, it was already 2pm in Tokyo, so I started to feel the vibe~~ But really hoped, they boys were asleep. They needed the rest, or so I thought, in the end, I was a little bit wrong, but that comes later~ xD

Just before I closed, we reached the "One more hour *___* Oh boys, you can be so nervous by now <33 #24htv" period, yes, I am using my tweets as notes, because there are many of them x'D I drove home like crazy, because I hoped I can be there at 11:30 am for the opening, and shalalala I could! Too bad mom was at home, so I was like a jerk, arriving, throwing my things in the hall, then jump into bed, turn on the laptop and just close out the whole world ^^" Yeah, I didn't make any move for like three hours. Even if I needed to pee like crazy already in the shop xDD

6:30 pm, Japan time: 嵐の皆さんがんばってください。 Please create a beautiful five coloured rainbow above the world <3

So it's started~ With Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi, as Smile again~ I'm smiling again~~~ And the whole world smiled. Shh, don't make me said with the reality, thanks.

We watched it on Keyhole at first, but I went to tumblr and was determined to find a people who knows a streaming site, I was sure someone needs to stream it. Meanwhile the boys greeted us with Konbanwa Arashi desu~~ then went away to shake hands with fans who were already there to donate money. No need to mention I wanna shake hands with Arashisan, too, right??

I switched my twitter to the Japanese trends, so I could see all of them during the day~ First trend was 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐 then チャリTシャツ after they started to show the videos of the making of the t-shirts.

After we saw a footage of the Olympics - and Judit screamed GYURTA DANI!!! xDDD - I finally found a streaming site!! justin.tv is an awesome place! People here stream many Japanese channels~ Too bad the first guy we found was a jackass and switched off 24h tv many times, just because it was an anime channel so they wanted to watch the One piece show. Okay, it's an anime channel, while it was on, I understood, but he stopped the streaming when there was nothing anime related to show, too :/

Of course the very first event was the starting of the marathon with the Sasaki&Hokuto family. I got a like so easily on this family while watching footages before, as did everyone else, I guess x'D They were so cute <3 We cheered for them very much~ So Papa started the running, I am not sure about the kms he had to take, but all together the family had a 120 km long task ahead of them. Kensuke-san ran the most, I guess, around 50 km. They were so cute, Kensuke-san was crying before it, then they hugged and as Tokumitsu-san arrived (He was the main host till last year, maybe in every year since 24h tv started, for me and many people, he is the voice of 24h tv <3 He ran the marathon in 2011, he was 70 years old then!! And completed more than 60 kms. Sugoku nai~?) to see him off, he started to run. A very very long challenge was ahead of him <3 Ofc Arashi-chan started to sing Happiness right away, because Hashiridase~~~ <3

The first namidas of 24h tv were shed right after the first tegami here. The little brother wrote it for his family <3

This was the time, #24htv started to trend in Japan, and was almost on the list till the end of the 27th hour :) Happiness trended for a while, too~

I can't write about everything, because there are times when my tweets only this: KYAAAA KAWAII OMG SUGOII XDDDD But I try to do my best xD

The first Arashi related task was Jun's Darts no Tabi. It's a segment, when they go to different places in Japan and talks with common people about 24h tv, or the theme, which was this year "MIRAI", future. It called darts no tabi, because beforehand, they used Japan's map as a darts table and picked their destination very very randomly. No wonder all the places were little villages, towns :)

Jun went to Ishikawa pref, Kaga city. This part is really random, they drive on the streets, then see some old people and stop the car. The first two obaachans were gardening, and one of them recognized Jun right away XD "Ah USO!!" She was so cute XD The other one needed a little time, she just knew, Jun was familiar from somewhere xD The screaming-one gave Jun some food - that was a gift from the other one anyway xDDDDDDDDD - then the other one shook hands with him. As soon as the other obaachan saw it, she wanted to shake his hand too, but her hands were so dirty because of the gardening, so it wasn't okay for her~ // A not so old, around 40 man was the second target, his first word: MATSUJUN???? xDD He offered Jun the chance to taste his family's soup which was made of the something he brings from the sea. We know Arashichan, they can't say no to foods xD They laughed a lot~ // Third targets were two girls by an onsen. They were just in the right age to be Arashi fans, so you can imagine the reaction xDD They told Matsujun to put his legs into the water, and mentioned it was hot only in the last second. He realized it was hot very loudly xDDD One of the girls is a (maybe) kindergarten teacher so Jun asked her about her like on kids, then they stated it was her dream came true. Then Jun sank into the usual I-am-a-socially-awkward-penguin state, so couldn't say anything, this was the time the other girl took control: Can I talk about my dream too? xDDDDDDDDDDD Poor Jun, he apoligized many times xDDD
Look at those tighs............... //biting

When he walked back to the road, four high school girls appeared. OMG THOSE REACTIONS XDD One of them were crying like crazy, but the other two XDD They answered like three questions, then one of them finally gathered the courage to look into Jun's face, and as their eyes met, she started the hysterical panic xDDDDDDDDD The crying girl was Jun's fan, I guess, but he asked an other one, who is her favourite member... NINO DESU xDD It came so fast xDDDD
Kusotte nani, Jun daaringu? xDD Nino's face:

Did I mention I love fangirl obaachans? Because I DO!!! Jun went into the fish sorting factory, one of the obaachans recognized him right away, and I am not sure on what reason, but she hugged him xDD

Okay, she deserves one more shot, because it was hilarious xDDDDDDD

Jun asked her about if she has any more wishes for the future, her first answer: YES YES I WANNA FALL IN LOVE XDDDDDDD Then Jun as an innocent kid asked about, there is some places she wants to go. Answer: I WANNA FOLLOW YOU WHERE YOU GO XDDDD
It was super fun~ And 松潤 was trending in Japan :) You should watch it.

Meanwhile in an other part of the Budoukan, lots of people started to make something for the Sasaki family. We didn't know what was it, only saw them sewing/glueing pictures together as a mosaic. Four years ago Ohno-san was with the art section all day long, now he said he is really happy because he can be together with the boys, he was lonely last time xD This challenge was the Morisanchuu-san's, which means Ooshima-san fangirling from me xDDD Too bad, she couldn't be closer to Jun T_T

I can't remember the next footage at all, by this time the guy started to play with the streaming, I was angry and switched back and forth between keyhole and that. But Jun was already fighting against his tears <333

Some singing~ 24h tv is touching videos+singing all the time. After a footage, they let a singer sing the song related to the video.

Second Arashi related stuff was Ohno-san's Darts no Tabi. He went to Chiba Pref, Kyonan Town~ First obaachan was having her lunch by the road looking at the sea. She was super funny, because she used the show as a advertisement for his son, who is looking for a wife XDDD She totally didn't know Ohno-san :) // Second targets were a group of obaachans, when Ossan asked what are they doing, one of them answered: Idly gossiping xDDDDDDDDDDD Then they started to say, "Ah you resemble that guy... that guy from Arashisan OHNO-KUN!!" xDDDDDDDD "I thought you were Ohno-kun at the beginning" xDDDDDDDDDD Ohssan's answer: "I am told that a lot!" xDDDDDDD The obaachans started to explain to him, Ohno-kun is the BOSS of the band... he corrected them it's just a leader xDDDD When Ohno-san finally admitted he is Ohno-kun from Arashi, the obaachan's said: Yes, we said, you look like him a lot xDDDDDDDDDDDD After a little while he repeated: I am Ohno Satoshi from Arashi. Obaachan: Ah, EVEN YOUR NAME IS THE SAME? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD How much I love obaachans XDDDDD // Of course he found some boys fishing... xD When they started to talk about, how should they cook the fishes, the tsuribaka boy and Ohno-san said the exact same thing at the exact same time, he found his soulmate XDDDD // Fourth target was a huge group of ojiisans. They were fishermen, and recognized him right away <3 I love this feeling you know, when they are recognized by people totally unrelated to their fanbase~ <3 One of the old men said, they are planning strategies for the next day's work, Ossan asked, what is the strategy. The other man shouted, there isn't any!! They are just going to fish xD Ohno-san you are so naive xD Then a woman with her three children appeared, and omg, her reaction: Ah! Ohno-kun! It was totally like she greeted a family member T____________T I love this. I really really love, they are treated like everyone's relatives T___T Even if the woman said, one of them loves Ohno-kun, the child's first questions was, Where is Sakurai-kun? xDDDDDDDD Seriously, Shosan is the one, everyone knows and love XDDD

His face xDDDDDDD

The mother said she liked Ohno-kun initially, but after watching their DVDs it switched to Sakurai-kun. The older girl corrected, at first it was Aiba-kun! xDDDDDDDDD

His reaction: Ah your types changes, ne? Then eventually I am sure you'll come back to me XDDDDDD

You know, Riida, yes. She will. Because you are so precious, everyone comes back to you eventually. You are the very heart of everything <3

The little added, "You look more kakkoii than on TV" Ossan: "Ah that makes me happy." Little girl: "Demo ne.. Sakurai-kun...." Ossan: "Hai, wakarimashita!" xDDDDDDDDDDDD I love them with common people, really really <3333

Because of this, Sakurai-kun "Loved" Ohno-kun on terebi for a little while XDDD

You should watch it.

Next one was Sakurai-kun no task~ She visited a girl's family who died during the tsunami. She was a huge fan of Sawa-san, who is the captain of the national female football team. Shosan talked with her mother a lot about the girl's dream, which was to be a football player and playing with Sawa-san. Ah, my eyes are teary even know, just thinking about the sentence "Her big dream can't come true anymore." I wasn't aware they visited people from the tsunami area, the people they supported now, are all someone who lost a family member/friend during the disaster... It hurts...

I can't write more about it, the story is only that, they held a memorial football game with the girl's team and Sawa-san's team playing against each other. Shosan was a part of the team, too. It was really nice to watch. <3

Right after it came Nino's dorama. And I won't write about it. We need subtitle and good quality video to rewatch it, because keyhole sucked so much, and we didn't find a new streaming site back here. But! Nino, you amazing man, thank you <3

We were in the fifth hour, when Shiyagare started. It was a live show this time, right from the Budoukan~

They gathered a hella lot of comedians for the host's role, so it was mostly chaos -.- Those men just can't shut up or at least not yelling all the time, they totally oppress Arashichan -.- I hate that.

At first they were showing embarrassing old videos of the boys x'DDD Well, we all knew their past, so nothing surprising, but always fun to watch the 16 years old girnyócskákat xD

Next one was the sport challenge. They invited many Olympic champions, like Shiori-san who won gold in wrestling. I love her, she is funny, and a fan of Johnny's, particularly Massu xD (Before she went to London, she asked him to give her a hug, if she gets the Gold. She got it, then yesterday there was the hug too~~) The tasks were funny, like climbing a rope till you can pinking the balloon above you. Shosan and Masaki went against Shiori-san and Ryo-san (he is a swimmer and won three medals, I guess... If it wasn't him, then he appeared later XDDDD) no need to say, they had no chance XDDD

Second was making sit ups, then scoring goals in a basket. SITUPS!!! SITUPS!!! Guess who had the blessed job to do it? NINO XDDDD One pack appeared~~~ He challenged one of the members of Nadeshiko Japan!!! Had a chance, really x'D But it was worth it as the girl said, we could see Nino's tummy~~~ Ueda-san commented, Arashi's life is over, if Nino can have a tummy like that, but Riida answered, he loves it xDDDDD Jun tried it, too, but mostly did the same amount of scoring as Nino xD Well, forgive our Ojiichantachi, they are not in their early twenties anymore xD You can imagine what kind of performance they gave, when Ueda-san concluded in the end, Shosan was the best xDDDD

Third was the dokkiri XDDDDDDDDDDD Can I cry? x'DDD There were three types. First Sakumiya went to location to make a footage about an exhibition. Then they got surprised by one of the shelves breaking down with many vases on it. As I said they thought they are in an exhibition, so those were supposed to be art needlework x'DDD They were freaked out.

Masaki and Jun got surprised by a ghost in the mirror. It was super fun, cause they sat down in front of a huge mirror, and after a little while, right when they looked into it, a ghost appeared instead of their reflection xD Masaki's reaction was priceless xDDDDDDDDD Jun was a little bit cooler, but it was fun, too.

Yet, the best part just came. Ossan xD I was like okay, you can't scare him with anything, this man is so slow no one ever could make him scared so far. And they tried many times back in the old days xDDDD Well, they chose something else~ They went against his naivety :DDD Jinbo Satoshi-san (he is an actor, for example, he was Mika's manager in Quiz Show) went to the "get to know the unknown" segment, and introduced a massage for Ohno-san. It was very............ kimoshiroii? xD Omoshiroii kedo kimoii xDDD I laughed a lot, Ohno-san's fans on tumblr were all like how disgusting it was. I dunno, I loved it because it showed Ohno-san would never ever say anything against a task in a tv show. He went along without a word... Well, he is used to disgusting stuffs thanks to CnoDnoGno Arashi, but xD

After the dokkiris, they let the comedians guess, who is the most lonely, cries easily, most kakkoii, the one who hates losing the most, and the last one who hasn't got weak points. It was kinda fun because of their embarrassed faces, and they chose the names for the titles, but anyway... yelling comedians -.- Most lonely is Nino, easily crying is Masaki, most kakkoii is Ohno-san, the one who hates losing is Jun, and only one name left... The man who has no weak points, well xDDDDDDDD No one voted Shosan, doesn't matter only his name left xDDDDD

After Shiyagare Sakuraibamiya went to sleep. Juntoshi stayed there for a while with the comedians and Ueda-san for the live Going!, but they disappeared, too. And our suffering started. We should have slept here, really, we were so stupid. We were around 9pm in Hungarian time, but it was already so late in Japan, they knew no one would watch the show, so stupid comedians had a show till morning -.- It was at least four hours of constant yelling. I watched Quiz Show for an hour, then I dunno, but tried hard not to get angry in every minutes.

There was a boy who challenged the world record in scoring a goal in basketball from 8 meters away using a trampoline. He did it~ Looked really awesome :)

We were already in the 9th hour and they were still on T___T They showed a little video of Ossan in the beach with a little girl. She had no idea who was he, they just casually talked, then Ohno-san changed to baby voice. I wanted to die of cuteness xD And this was the moment, Juntoshi went to sleep, too~

We were in the 11th hour and I slept for 20 minutes in the end, then heard Masaki's voice in my dizzy state and woke up immediately~ I missed some greetings of them in front of the budoukan, though. They said Ohayous for the people, it was already around 5 am in Japan. Masaki supported a high school girl, who has one leg, but wanted to climb a famous mountain where she lives. One of the comedians stood up for her, and he accepted the role to support Miho-chan in the mountain. She was AMAZING!! I mean, she has one leg, but she can do anything, and lives a pretty much normal high school girl life :) Her video was really touching. Not mention the live footage, when they started the climbing. We were all cheering for her <3

Around half way (well, at that time I thought half way xD It was the starting of the 13th hour, but in the end the whole was more than 24 hours...) a little girl - she was blind maybe? and has some other disease, too - sang us a beautiful song. She has amazing voice, and she played the piano, too. All of us got thrills from her voice.

They showed some funny old men, one of them challenged himself with sitting on a bottle. (A lábaival támaszkodott az üveg nyakán és ilyen majdnem törökülésben egyensúlyozott rajta. Bazeg xD) They showed a little boy who wants to be a pro-wrestler, too. This is the thing I can never accept as a sport (too bad both Kensuke-san and Hokuto-san were pro-wrestlers xD) because it's just fucking aggressive killing each other -.- And he is doing it for real, I don't think he was older than 12... it's fucking dangerous!!!! -.-

Kensuke-san was still running, but he was on his limit, as I said it was the 13th hour!!!

The documentary of Nino's drama came. We got to know the man, they pictured Nino's character after. The whole story about him getting the supporter of many people who wants to commit suicide was really touching.

Masaki's Darts no Tabi~ Tokorou town, Kitami, Hokkaido~~~~ BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME *__________* Hokkaido boy~~ I was totally like, if people won't recognise him, or just say he is the favourite member, I wanna blow up Japan. I am seriously tired of all the hate on this precious man (_ _ ) The first obaachan was cutting grass, Masaki offered his help, but she was all like MURI MURI xDD She hasn't got a clue, who is he...

Look at that laugh *______*

The next ojiichan said, he knows Arashi, but he didn't recognize Masaki (_ _+) He gave hints to the jiichan, like it starts with "A", nothing. Then "AI" he said, "AH! AIKAWA?" *facepalm* x'D // The next obaachan recognized him right away, though~~~~

She well deserved a hug from me too!!

And she said, there is no people who don't know Masaki <3333333333333 There shouldn't be!!!! They invited him inside, and gave him FOOD!!!!!! YES! GIVE MASAKI FOOD!!!! He is so skinny nowdays again T___T The jiichan told him to not stop with the eating~~ Then this little idiot asked for more, the obaachan offered him to take some home, too. He said, No, no no... CAN I??? xDDD // The next 9 years old little girl's dream is to be a pan-ya-san. That is a bread shop owner. It was funny, because that is Ohno-san's childhood dream too xD

Did you see me somewhere? YES. Do you know me? Aiba-kun. How am I? Ordinary. xDDDDD

He talked not much with the next obaachan and ojiichan, but they barely know him, so it was nice~ // THEN FINALLY THE FIRST SCREAM!!!! Three obaachan recognized him from the car~ They were sewing fishnets, maybe. Then one of them told Masaki her children huge faaaaans... of 24h tv xDDDD Masaki right away started to wave into the camera, because she was definitely watching it xD

Our baby <333

You should watch it.

Next part was Hatori-san's. We love Hatori-san, he was the first host in the very first Arashi tv show, so they are together for 12 years now~ (Yet, he didn't know any Arashi song title except a.ra.shi in Tobe XDDDDD //pokes him) He went to talk with four old women, who are sisters, and their mother was some kind of local hero-like old lady till the end. OMG, it was a must to watch, because they were exteremly cute xD Three of them over 90 years! And the youngest is 88, too! But they were cooking, riding the bicycle, and seemed really genki~

We switched back to Miho-chan and the mountain for a little while, it was already almost raining T_T Maybe her destination was a 7200 years old tree o_O Or maybe I heard it wrong XD

Kensuke-san finally arrived and changed with Kennosuke-kun~

Hm~ Two comedians had a video about an another one, who died in cancer. He wanted to fight the cancer till the end, he repeated I won't give up many times in the videos... It was really sad, I totally cried in the end. He left a letter for his three kids, they were invited to the stage and a man read it for them... All the tears </3>

He went into the market(?) like spreading his arms wide and yelling YEEEEEE XDDDD First thing he did? EATING!!!! And as the staff-san said, he didn't stop it till the end of the filming XDD ZABAGÉP <3

Look at the boys' faces in the corner XDDDDD

Then came this really daifan obaachan <3 She said everyone is ARASHIBAKA there, and she couldn't let go of Shosan's hand till the finished talking <333 And ofc Shosan is her favourite member~~ What a surprise he was the only one who found his fans XDDD

She added she could live to 80 thanks to Arashi xDDD Her dream? Going to concerts XDDDDD

She just couldn't let go of his hand XDDD

Then two girls recognized him from their cars and went "Are are Sho-chan???" I don't know if he talked with them, but right after the greeting they changed to a little boy~ After he told his dream is to work in Disney land, he mentioned, her mother loves Arashi. Shosan answered, ah you know what to say, then the boy added, she loves Matsujun xDD // He found a family, where the obaachan - she looked really old - a dai fan of 24h tv, she was fangirling so much xD // Then THE Jiichan xDDDDDDDDD He was super funny!!!!

He totally wanted to buy everyone's t-shirts XDDD

Then came an obaachan, they started to talk about she is watching tv, but not many interesting things are shown. But!!! She really like that show of Arashi! OMG SHE MENTIONED THEM WITHOUT ANY CLUE WHO IS SHOSAN!!! They talked until Sho knew it is VSA she is referring at, then he told her who he is. Super funny~~~

Az a dagi feje <33333333333

After he said he is Sakurai, the obaachan answered, "Ah Sakurai-san ne... to Ohno-kun..." <333 So lovely~
You should watch it.

I had a problem with Mago Mago... They made those old people believe they are their grandchildren -who mostly abandoned them- for a whole day. In the evening everyone cried, because they needed to say goodbye to them, like they would never see their grandchildren anymore. There were some really broken obaachan and ojiichan in that show, you know, I always thought it's a little cruel to promise them in the end, they will come again, they can meet again... Not mention how hard it could be to a person with a big heart, like Masaki...
But this segment! IT IS SO GOOD! They are just there for minutes, mostly an hour, talking with common people, old people, kids, families, talking with the nation! I love this. I wish they would change HnA for a show like this ^^"""

After it Kennosuke-kun changed with Sennosuke-kun in running, everybody was impressed, because he was super fast :)

The next footage made me angry... There is this woman who became a nurse for the sake of her sick sister. It sounds so nice, ne? She worked really hard for years and everything, but when she was already on the edge of dying, she didn't let her go :/ I understand her reasons, it's really hard to let go of someone, but that woman pulled out her life saving machines, so she was ready still on conscious... Isn't better to die like this, than being in a state, you don't even know who you are anymore, and your relatives watching over your empty body? Ah, never mind.

Kanon and Seiran-chan sang together with some old Morning Musume women~

Mana finally arrived~~ I really hoped they invited her <3 She watched lots of videos with them~

Nino's Darts no Tabi~ He went to Akita Pref, Mitane Town~ He first found a group of obaachans having a picnic xD

You 10 years old, you xD

I guess Nii sold the staff-san girls for being wives of the obaachans' sons xDDD // The next two obaachans talked totally incomprehensebly, Nino's face was priceless xD They knew Arashi, but not really recognized Nii~ I talk about these trips like the main part is who recognize them, but it's the question, what is there dream for the future ^^" // Then he found a kindergarten~~~~~~~~~ Nino with kids *___*

All the screaming he's got from them *_____* Well he is Yattaman no tomodachi, ne? xDD

They were repeating "Arashi miteru yo" like crazy :D Oh god oh god~~~ He grabbed a little boy and asked what is his dream for the future: KAMEN RIDER~~~~~~~~ If you don't know what is that, shame on you!!!

Omg look at his hands on Sora-kun's body, and the little boy's on his~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NINO NO CHIISANA TE GA DAISUKI!!!!

All of them gathered around him <33333333333333

I'm not sure what was the dream of the little boy, but in the end Nino told him to practice it, so he hit the crotch of the cameraman xDDD TROLL XD When he was saying goodbye: Jaa, Arashi no oniisan kaeru yo! the kids shouted after him: OHNO GA II xDDDDDD // He found three girls watching the sea~ They started to scream like crazy xD

Can I be one of you??? I wanna sit next to Nino too!!!

The pink tshirt girl told she is a fan since she was a kid, ofc Nino didn't believe it XD The girl on the right told Nino her future dream was getting married at 20, first kid at 21, second at 22, then living raburabu with her husband till the end of time. Then she realized how awful that is, she is there watching the sea with three of her friend at 25 xDDD // Three high school kids recognized Nino from far away so they started to talk after the screaming was over xD They said "ARASHI MECCHA DAISUKI DESU~~" After who is your favourite member, the reaction was "..." xDDD Ohno-kun to Aiba-chan~ <3 One of the girls said her dream is getting married fast. Trollmiya ofc told her about the girl earlier like it was a very bad example xDDDD

We went to sleep after Hokuto-san changed with Sennosuke-kun in running, because they said the next part is Kamisama no Karute, Shosan's movie. Well, as expected it was totally a false rumour, so we missed Masaki's part and a very touching story. I downloaded it just now, so I can write about it longer than about the others'~

She visited a family in Fukouka, where the mother has a very rare disease and she is fighting it for 7 years now. It's like her organs create a jelly like thing in her stomach. They needed to cut out most of her organs by now... And showed a hella lot of pictures of it, uwaaa... Mitakotonai...

The doctors told him, she has no chance against this disease, but her kids were little back then, so she wanted to fight. In the end found a doctor, who told her, they need to cut her organs, there is no other chance to survive. Obviously it led to a life full of burdens. She can't pick up heavy things, she easily gets tired and such. Masaki's task was to help the 15 years old son to create a garden for her mother, who really likes gardening, but can't do it anymore.

OH MAN! 32 fokban kertészkedni!!! És akkor csodálkozunk, hogy csont és bőr vagy T____T

She wanted to live for her children, now she can live only by the help of their children...
The garden~

They chose the purple flower because it is really strong, has bossoms even during winter. It resembles at Hiroki's mother, she is very strong too in his eyes~

Masaki was talking about how the children are supported by their mother, and how their mother is supported by them, then suddenly fell silent, cause of his tears T_____________T Baby macikája <3333333333

I have no idea what was Bekki's footage :( And Fuku-kun was already in Budoukan~

But the next one was amazingly good <3333333333333333 A little girl has a disease, her body can't grow, and she can't use her legs at all. She was cute to bits. Her dream was to go to France and meet a man who helps imperiled birds to reproduce. He helps them to be born, then grow and in the end to fly! He has a machine, he flies with it and the birds follow him~ The little girl had a chance to use it with him. They helped a bird to learn to have the courage to fly <333 It was beautiful!
You should watch it.

And after it they sang Tsubasa wo kudasai, which is a wonderful song, and KAT-TUN sang it back in 2006, too. I love their version a lot, Jin's trembling voice <3

Next program was one of Ohno-san's tasks, the Dance competition. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! It was totally awesome *___* Our ojiichan danced, too in the end and showed everything he's got~ And he's got many!!!

Next one~ Masaki visited a little girl who has one year to live... I am not sure what is her illness, but something with her lung, I guess, she needs to carry a machine which helps her breathe. She is a fan of Shimura Tensai doubutsen and animals in general. So what could our sunshine do for her~? Ofc brought his mobile little zoo and showed her animals in live :D There were hamsters :DDD They showed Shosan in the corner when those appeared, he started to giggle and looked at Matsujun (I think) because he had hamsters, ne? x'D I wished he looked at Masaki instead, but they don't know about the hamster joke xD It was really nice, and worth to watch, Masaki used his Masaki.com too <3
You should watch it.

One of Matsujun's tasks was to support a high school who wanted to make the world's longest kite. Many many kids and people wrote their wishes/future dreams on them~ But it tore apart half way. It was already very long, like hundreds of meters! Just a tree were in the way, so it got tangled, then tore apart T___T

Not mention Miho-chan, the mountain climber girl had to stop before her destination, too T____T They said the road is too dangerous thanks to the wind and rain...

And Ohno-san's main task. A little girl who promised to her mother, who died during the tsunami, she will win the national karate competition. The championship was this weekend, on Sunday, so we could cheer for her together... She couldn't win either. All the little challenges failed this year...

Nino's task was about parents who abuse, then abandon their children. Ah, Mana's Mother in live... They invited a mother who talked about the things she did to her daughter. I've got furious, she talked about all these things so casually like she totally doesn't regert it. They met nowadays for the girl's 19th birthday, and it seemed she was glad to see her mother, they were celebrating, laughing and such. My mind was still full with YURUSENAI. I can't forgive child abuse, I don't care about how frustrated she was, abuse your own blood is unforgivable... So yeah, it didn't make me cry at all, I was just super mad.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND~ Our super boys showed they are cool~~~ The Super Medley came. It was announced as the Longest and Strongest Arashi Medley. Well, it was strong, and longer than any other, but not THAT long. Well, not even three hours would have been enough long xD Believe, Love So Sweet, A.Ra.Shi, Monster, One Love~~ JUN'S VOICE IN ONE LOVE!!!!!!!! Little kids read their childhood dreams before they appeared <3 Then in the end many kids came in dream job outfits, like policeman, doctor, etcetc. It was amazing <3 松潤 and 嵐好き were trending after it <333
You need to watch it~

There were still 5 hours ahead us, poor Hokuto-san was suffering a lot during running T__T We were all worried about her and she can make it or not...

Lots of woman sing a song together, and Mana too~ I could hear her high pitched voice <333

Big surprise happened~ An old jrock (?) band, the Alfee appeared on stage to play a song. The vocalist invited Nino to perform with them!!!! He was so shocked, just like that out of blue! They even offered a guitar for him if he can make it. Well, he could! He played the guitar so cool, omg! Nino and guitar forever OTP <3 He was so happy about the guitar~

The next hour was quite boring, we were in the last part, though, 5:30-6:30 pm in Japan~ The 24th hour! First the old men, who were on AnShi recently performed their comedian show, then Ishikawa Ryo - golf player - went back to a school in the Tohoku area, he visited them last year for 24h tv, now met them again. And~~~ AKB reported from Tokyo Dome~ It was Acchan's very last performance, so she said goodbye to everyone for the hundredth time on terebi x'D They performed songs, like my favourite Inuyasha theme song-like song xD And I couldn't stop staring at Yuuko, she looked gorgeous with her beautiful smile <3333333

Jun's TASK!!!!! OMG! BEST PART OF THE NIGHT SO FAR!!! He went to Miyagi to support high school kids with their instrument club. When they first met, he just offered them a chance to appear on 24h tv and such, but the girls asked him to be their conductor! He answered: "If you let me do it, I'll do it." Then suddenly his face changed into great panic, because he had completely no idea what this would be all about xD Conducting isn't just waving with your hands, it's a proper job, people learn for years. Well, our baby boy did an amazing job after just a few months :D

At first it was hard for them to work together, Jun didn't know the basic things and such, but the main problem was his socially-awkward-penguin-ness again XD He couldn't meet the kids' eyes at all, but that is needed for this job. So they had a BBQ party one day, they talked a loooot, laughed together and such, so all of them warmed up towards each other~

One of the girls also lost her mother during the tsunami. She talked a lot with Jun, even brought him home, because she wanted to introduce her amazing dad to him. He takes care of the girl so good, she is really proud of him. I cried. Hatori-san cried too.

Then the performance. If just this one. If just this one. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! Subarashii, it was just wonderful. Jun is amazing as he is, and the girls did a perfect job! AMAZING WORK!!!

Then the letter~ The leader of the club read it out loud. They even gave a nickname for Jun, "Matssun" <333 I can't imagine how close they got~ But Jun cried. He was so touched, I can't even. A mi drága mackókán, istenem <3 Baby man~ Ahhh... All the feelings <3333333333

It was already 7:30 pm, when the Young man performance took place~ An old performer, who is sick by now, wanted to have a performance on stage again no matter what before he dies, so they let him. His ultimate song is YMCA, and it's good, everyone knows it, everyone loves it on a certain level, so the whole Budoukan was a big matsuri xD Ment a party hard XD Arashichan danced a lot xD

Hatori-san's Darts no Tabi was here, we laughed a lot again, because he is just great with obaachans xDDD

Then lots of songs came, and we were all like: THEY DID NOT WRITE THE LETTER! NO ONE WROTE THE LETTER!!!! It was the part all of us were waited for the most. Arashi's letter. The most bittersweet few minutes in four years~ And it was in danger! So pressed feelings...

Other danger was Hokuto-san, omg she still had 4 kms till Budoukan! She was in serious pain, her legs were ready to give up T___T And the show was almost over it lasted only until 9pm!

Of course, this show is about touching moments, so everything turned out the best.

Arashi-chan wrote five letters as all of you know by now, Riida made us sobbing with his perfect words, and they sang Hatenai Sora. We had a big group hug on twitter with Michi and Judit, it was needed. OMG, all the feelings ;___;
ずっと5人でいよ。 <333333333333

Before Hokuto-san arrived, we finally got to know what was the sewing people do in the artistic section~ IT WAS A HUGE ZEPPELIN!!! The Sasaki family's faces were pictured with tiny pictures as a mosaic~ IT WAS AWESOME *____*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand~ Hokuto-san made it!!! Her sons helped him into Budoukan, but she did it! Everybody congratulated her, while Sarai played in the background. It is the theme song of 24h tv~ Jun cried again :D And with that he had more tears than Masaki :DDD <3

So~ After 26 hours and 37 minutes it was over. It was strange, for 26 hours and 37 minutes I felt like I was in Japan. I completely closed myself into my computer, and it was good. It hurt to came out... Yeah... Well, again in four years, ne? Because the top of your yama is wide enough to live on it for four more years, ne~?
I love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart <33

2億8240万4461円 was gathered during the show. Hella lot of money, for hella lot of work. Otsukaresama deshita minna-san!
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Music: Pi-chan - Saigo no love song~
さっちゃん: {Arashi} Goshoku - Coloured soulscsaca on August 31st, 2012 04:43 am (UTC)
THANK YOU <3333 Kudo to you, because I wrote it in English only for you. I thought maybe Tefa wants to read it, too, not just my Hungarian friends, so I decided on the English in the end :D You are talking about it~ I heard MIRAI :D
I didn't see the first 5 minutes of it, and he was already in the hospital talking with the doctor, I was like WTH what happened? xDD
In the chat? It was good there is chat too, I saw many people could stay awake only thanks to that :D And doing it together is so much better <3
Pff, I don't wanna talk about those hours, like the dark age, we should forget it xD
OBAACHANS <333333 EATING <3 KIDS <333 Ahh~ Those darts no tabis are so good!!!
Ah, yeah, Shosan had only one, ne? Not two, like the others. Well, he can't tear apart, even if he wants to T_T It's okay~
Oh, I'm surprised you didn't expect it :) But I can understand why it was annoying, even though I was one in the crowd this time ^^" I cried on Masaki's a lot, but loving Nino's more, because of his clever words. I love how he revealed things in it. Like Shosan can read the scenes so much, and he changes from serious to baka... Or about Jun, who seems cold, but not~ I know, we know this things, but to hear it from a clever man like Nino, who watches them all the time, makes it more special <3

That was a nice visit then, if you slept XDDD Arashi makes you do things, no one ever can make you, ne? :D

Aiyamaedneichon on August 31st, 2012 09:25 pm (UTC)
Im sorry that i dont come to read your entries that often lately~
Why those hours should be consider as something dark?~ i always call this foundraising proyects ~ work of love xDD ~ srsly! (no matter the boring parts), and after the show that sunday i was feeling empty, without the overdose of it :P
Not like i was expecting anything, cause i knew we were going to get something, but i was not freaking out abt it. Wow! really?? well i found that nino's letter was only compliment (i was moved but i didnt cried) while the one from Aiba was more abt the recent issues with them, he been so guilty/apologetic with the guys for a dicease that was not even his fault, mentioning the serious talks abt their past and how each of them are super important no matter what~ that was it for me, that was the 'darkest period in Arashi ~to move on' ~ i think this cause i analized this situation since news were mc's, i had the chance to watch some of the groups been the mc's (1Smap-1Tokio-News) and i cried with their interactions with their tasks more than with the messages they wrote for themselfs or the group, they all move in different ways of sharing <3 ~and so 24htv is not abt the groups *sigh* anyway it ended up being perfect this time~ (but really some of the girls i was talking with, were like im gonna stop being their fan if they dont have a letter from OO member, im gonna be so depressed and blah blah~ glad that the exagerated one moved out from the chat)
I go to my bachan's iie every week to help them(her an ojiichan)cleaning their house~
An yeah ~Arashi and Tomo make me do things no one can xD