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07 March 2012 @ 06:13 am
Review of Jin's First Album  

~California Rock~

Hm~ I'd like to know how will you sing this in live, honey. Really x'D But it'll be perfect for your party-ish concert plans, I guess, as good as BSB was. And that rap part with Prophet and your vocal is awesome. You should vocal more for others, your voice is just perfect for the background.
I like the rhythm a lot, it's pulsing nicely till the end and I want to repeat California rock with him~ There's Tokyo in the lyrics~ I don't understand much - I hope I'm not the only one Ofc I got black eyed peas and motherfucker x"D I like the high notes a lot, but I still pray for you to not force these anymore, because you won't ever be able to sing these in live. Your voice can't deal with this highness now, too bad you ruined it...
California rock rock rock na na na na~~~ //dancing in bed

**That's What She Said**

Hm~ This song is Hey Girl for me x'D That was the song, what I wasn't happy to admit I like. I like TWSS, yeah, I will write it down now and I don't care what anyone says, this song is nothing about rape. I actually like the lyrics and will look at it as a young guy's last crack before he calms down and admit this period of his life is over. It's about drinking a strong alcohol, perverted minded morons~~~~
The music... khm, I can't call it music in the first place x'DDD It's that kind of club tone I can't tolerate in big amount. Jin ruined my music taste a lot since he started to write these disco musics, and this one is the biggest scar for me x'D Autotone, repeating beats, nothing of his voice. BUT!
Omg, you need to dance. Admit it! You listening to it and move. I can't believe anyone can sit still while listening to this song. Except japanese girls, ofc. I like the lower notes a lot, his voice seems dry and there are some nice long high notes, too. It's enjoyable.
But just for now. Jin, please, not anymore x'DDD

~Like You~

Yes, like you and I hope always will. I don't deny, I'm listening to it for the second time, needed to know before why everybody is all over this on twitter. Well, I totally understand. This is the Jin, who gets you fall in love with him~ Just close your eyes and listen to it, it's like you are on a boat in the ocean and having sex. Or not, but definitely cuddling with someone under the endless starry sky. - You write enchanting making-love musics, Akanishi-kun~ - As I read some reviews, I think it's not his song either, or definitely someone else wrote the lyrics, so I need to change this sentence: You sing enchanting making-love musics, Akanishi-kun~
Anyway the rhythm makes it amazing for me, but I know it's nothing new. It reminds me of Naked by Marques Houston a lot, and if I'd listen to any american music I guess I could say countless examples. It's R&b, isn't it? And amongst that a really typical song. Still it's that kind of music, which never gets old.
I'm a little... disappointed? Maybe not, but I'm not satisfied with his English here at all. He sang a lot better than this in Tipsy or Bodytalk. Maybe you tried to force it to be perfect, honey? I don't know, but it's not okay for my ears. Or did I watch too much British English? x'D My elit taste doesn't like this accent xD
So starry sky and slewing boat~
It’s a cold world when I’m lonely You’ll always be my one and only <333

****Set Love Free**** (Originally by August)

Awwwww~ Okay, I'm all over this tone and rhythm~~~~~~~~
//after half an hour Oh, you brainless amazing fantastic jerk. I love you. You always do it, always! //giggling after crying
This song... //sighs You should sing more song from others or let them write lyrics for you until your English will be proper, because this is how you do it in Japanese. This song is totally like an american guy sings, no one would notice he isn't one of them.
Perfect. And maybe beat Tipsy from the top of my list. I'm still hesitating because that is really his music... But yeah, we set that love free, idiot, and now it's better than ever was.

But baby this just ain't my style
I cant stand seeing you not smile
My baby said shes sick and tired, I ain't gonna sit and cry cause it's alright
See this is love in real life. you may or may not be my wife.
And that's one hundred if this what you really wanted
Girl, then go
We know that this love, ain't perfect
But nothing ain't worth fighting for.
So we'll set love free,
If it's meant to be
Then you'll be back
Oh you'll be back babe
If it's written in the stars
Then you wont go far
Girl you'll be back
Girl you'll be back in these arms again.

Thank you for all those years together. Just thank you. And if it's meant to be, then I'll be back, baby. Chigau sekai de. ♥


EVIL LAUGH, I heard it XDDDDD Hm I like, it's (mostly) low-pitched. This is what you should do from now on, Jin. More bass and less high-pitched tones. It's so good with well functioning speakers. Lots of bass, because you make the bass go boom~~ Why have I this picture in my mind: Jin as a vampire in a crowd in a club? Teasing and seducing random girls all around the floor? It could have a very nice PV, like Kumi-chan's Boom boom boys, lots of lights but basically a dark black-red pv~
You are my aphrodisiac~~~ Party song indeed, better than TWSS, lot better x'D And so much love for the singable melody~~ Do you sing 'It feels so damn right'? x'D It'd be perfect next Party Don't Stop in a club~~

**Tell Me Where**

Uhhhhh... ARGH. UNF. BAMF. You.are.killing.my.music.taste. And I love you for it, moron. What is this overflowing awesomeness??? Oh, Mr. I can't. It's too cool x'DD It's shagging on a dance floor. Seriously, I can't see anything but party bitches and jerks dancing like shagging x'DDD
Akanishi Jin, kapbe. x'D

I can't tell how proud I am of you, and I don't think I'll have words for it. Ever. Because what you do, is everything I'd never be able to do, so maybe I don't really understand it either. But I'm happy I'm here in your back, I'm happy I can see your back, what you carry the whole globe on.
This album has mistakes, I can understand Yoku and the others, who can't be happy completely for it, really do. But it's you. It's so you, like you put everything, what you are into it. For a first album, it's more than okay. It has catchy songs, likeable songs, party songs and love songs, songs for boys and girls, I guess everyone can find at least one loveable. And that's good.
I wish you were more professional next time, ne? Just a little bit hold onto your personality and let others work on the songs, and don't force yourself to be someone who you aren't. Please. It's totally okay to be Jin. Our lovely, amazing and idiotic Jin. I wish you the best, as always. Because I always love you. ずっと大好きだよ。

It's imperfectly perfect. Just like you, Akanishi-san ♥

And he confirmed the pregnancy. Be Happy, Jin!
Mood: determinedTowards the Goal with Him
shiroiamy: Jinracsshiroiamy on March 7th, 2012 06:33 am (UTC)
Hűha, hűha. Gőzöm sincs, hogyan csináltad, de valami szuper az oldal kinézete, ez a kis ablakocska is, nagyon jó!
Kíváncsi lettem Jin albumára, otthon mindenképpen lehúzom, köszi a kedvcsinálót. :)
Na, most már biztosra tudhatjuk, sok boldogságot, Jin! :D
さっちゃん: {Jin} Borzoskacsaca on March 7th, 2012 06:35 am (UTC)
Ablakocska? A commentbox? Arashi saikou~ :D Köszi ^^
Érdemes, it's really good.
shiroiamy: T-TUshiroiamy on March 7th, 2012 06:42 am (UTC)
Azaz, nagyon aranyos a rajzolt jelük. Az ő fantáziájuk alapján vagy egy rajongó ötlete?
さっちゃん: {Arashi} Rainbow has 5 colorscsaca on March 7th, 2012 06:49 am (UTC)
Ez a penlightjuk már évek óta :)
shiroiamy: pencilsshiroiamy on March 7th, 2012 06:52 am (UTC)
Á~, értem.^^
マルチ / Marcsika: [Jin] Happymarcsi568 on March 7th, 2012 08:46 am (UTC)
Aphrodisiac az egyik kedvencem, a másikról még nem sikerült döntenem, mert ez egy marha erős album lett és még alig sikerült csak 2x meghallgatnom x'D. <3 Nagyon-nagyon és az, hogy jó, az nem kifejezés :D
Oh, és confirmed? Akkor tényleg sok boldogságot nekik :)
((A másik két dal is kint van már valahol?))
さっちゃん: {Jin} Cutiepiecsaca on March 7th, 2012 08:48 am (UTC)
Őszintén megértem, és azt is, ha nem sikerül dönteni xDD <3
Aha, mezamashiban ma kérdezték róla és mondta, hogy igen ^^
((Három, Magnitude, Bodytalk, Yellow Gold, de még nem láttam őket, amire reggel azt hittem, az nem az volt...))
マルチ / Marcsika: [Jin] Happymarcsi568 on March 7th, 2012 08:51 am (UTC)
Én már látom, aha és elbasztam, három. Mindjárt küldök linket, ha jól láttam :D És nem hallgathatom itt meg őket x'D Shit.
Nem hát, majd kb. a 100. hallgatásnál, aztán a 101-nél már megint más lesz a véleményem XD
さっちゃん: {Jin} Borzoskacsaca on March 7th, 2012 08:54 am (UTC)
Azt megköszönném, mert nem látom weibon se... :( BT *_____*
Nekem egészben az egész~ annyira jó hallgatni egymás után a számokat.
マルチ / Marcsika: [Jin] Happymarcsi568 on March 7th, 2012 08:55 am (UTC)
Jó, ez nem jött be x'D Benéztem, és valószínű ugyanezt láttad te is. Ez egy spam. Baaazz. Na, majd mire hazaérek, hátha. Ha találsz, megdobsz vele? :D Köszi~
さっちゃん: {Jin} Cutiepiecsaca on March 7th, 2012 08:57 am (UTC)
x'D Aha, hátha felbukkannak valamerre. Nézegetem tumblrt is, tegnap oda is dobálták fel egész gyorsan.
ildi17ildi17 on March 7th, 2012 09:12 am (UTC)
Éééédesem, gratulálok~
És babácska is~~~ *.*
Még nem hallottam a számokat, esetleg meg tudsz dobni egy letöltő linkkel, ha megkérhetlek? :)
Naggggyon büszke vagyok rá :) <3
さっちゃん: {Jin} 仁csaca on March 7th, 2012 09:15 am (UTC)
Emailben ment ^^
Baba <333
ildi17ildi17 on March 7th, 2012 09:20 am (UTC)
Nagggyon szépen köszönöm, egy kis tündérke vagy ^^ <3
lutienlovemagic: pic#115757748lutienlovemagic on March 7th, 2012 04:23 pm (UTC)
Jó nőt választott, most nézek Kurokiról képeket, szerintem illik Jinhez. Szép babájuk lesz az tuti. :D Lávolom az album borítót is. Sok boldogságot kívánok JinJin^^
さっちゃん: {Jin} Daisukicsaca on March 9th, 2012 04:46 am (UTC)
Hát, abban biztosak lehetünk, hogy az a baba következő világ szépe, ha lány, és a következő minden-lány-szívét-összetöröm srác, ha fiú xDD
lutienlovemagic: pic#115757253lutienlovemagic on March 9th, 2012 05:31 am (UTC)
Az tuti :)
frotika: pic#111017804frotika on March 8th, 2012 04:32 pm (UTC)
Zseniális az album, nagyon büszke vagyok rá! :) <3 Az Aphrodisiac és a a Like you amiket imádok,de mindegyik szám nagyon jó lett!! :) Sok boldogságot Jin! :)
さっちゃん: {Jin} Borzoskacsaca on March 9th, 2012 04:45 am (UTC)
Mint mindenki más :D Pontosan~
Valen: {Jin} flashing lightvalenstrange on March 8th, 2012 07:12 pm (UTC)
California Rock~ Azért I would appreciate, if he would stay in the foreground. xD
Don't say it as "ruin", it's such a fatal word. :\ But, yeah, I wish he would wake up and start to take care of his voice at last.

That's What She Said~ "a young guy's last crack before he calms down and admit this period of his life is over" It's kinda sad, isn't it? Mármint, nem az, ha nem fog ilyen dalokat csinálni, hanem hogy mire oda jutott, hogy azt csinálhassa, amit akar, ergo ezt, addig már majdnem kinőtte. x'D
We should make our poor, old musical tastes meet, maybe they can support and ápolgat each other in a hard times like this, while we're having party to TWSS~ xD

Like You~ Love your description. <3 But I don't have problems with his English. Even if I listened to it now concentrating on it. But as you mentioned the British English... T____T It still hurts sometimes how Americans can rape this language. xD

Aphrodisiac~ Though, I'm fed up with vampires already, but I could support your PV idea, I guess. ^^

Tell Me Where~ This song made you feel that he's killing your taste? Pont ez? Nekem a party songok közül pont ez, ami egyáltalán nem. :)

I found a point to disagree. :) I think he's proud of taking a big part in making the songs, and I appreciate it very much, too. So I want him to make his music mostly on his own, and I don't care how good song others would be able to make for him. And I don't see him fake or forced, I think he just emphased parts which he all has in him. He wants to show these this time, yeah, for the aim to be cool. xD
However, yes, I also agree with you in the most things. <3 I hope you don't mind my long comment. ^^"
さっちゃん: {Jin} Precious Onecsaca on March 9th, 2012 04:44 am (UTC)
I've a sweet spot for those who can vocal for others~ And Jin is very good in it, his voice is just perfect for the background as well~ But duetts would be the best.
Okay, but we need to admit, he was idiotically careless with it. No lessons, and cigarettes and alcohol... His voice drastically changed in the last three years (_ _')

I meant only the lyrics, he can make this kind of songs if that's what he wants, but please, don't sing about blowjob, when you have a child, that's so... pathetic x'D I got bad goosebumps, when Ákos writes music about new love and one-sided love and such things, when I know he has Kata, and he always says his lyrics are all about his feelings. It's just... not right x'D
Oh, yes, let's make a meet up for them, they need it X'DDDD

He has an accent which hurts my ears, and I heard it here, not that it takes away from the song's worth, it's still amazing <3
Oh yes...

I'd never fed up with vampires~~ Mostly because I don't follow anything except the old Vampire chronics

Yeah, I know, dunno why, I like it very much, but it seemed too cool for me at first xD

Oh, I'm proud of that, too, I can't stop admire people who can make music, and that'd be a really nice world, where Jin's talents is enough. But america isn't that, he needs to be famous before he can make what he wants there. It isn't Japan anymore, he is smaller there than any junior in JE...
Don't you think there is a limit for a guy in coolness? x'D He is cool, but a real cool guy can show his lovely side, too without concern. Jin in my eyes is always concern about something... "I don't wanna be like him, or him or him so I change when say I never changed I'm the same". Yeah he is the same always changing guy x'D I can easily accept everything what he does, because I like him, but this is the main reason he has much more haters than anyone. sometimes I wish he would be more ordinary, but of course I don't want that at all, he is Jin because he is like this. And I'd like to live in a world, where he gets all the appreciation what he deserves. Too bad it's not that world. I'm afraid they will break him if he stays this.. honest, openminded... I don't know. If he will be just Jin.

Hope you don't mind my long answer x'D
Valen: {Jin} himself with glassesvalenstrange on March 9th, 2012 04:46 pm (UTC)
Könyörgöm, csak egy olyan témát mondj, amiről ilyen zenére énekelni tud egy családapa!!! x'DDD This genre of music basically meant to be about party, alcohol and sex.

Maybe there's a cooler hidden party-hard girl in me, than in you, then. x'D

Okay, I understand now how you meant it. But still... #ihateAmericanmusicindustry
Hmmm, always changing... Igazából erre csak megismételni tudnám, amit az előző kommentemben leírtam, hogy én inkább úgy látom ezt, hogy más tulajdonságait hozza felszínre, helyezi előtérbe magából időről időre (sőt, kontinensről kontinensre x'D). De értelek. :)
People don't like things/peole they can't label immediately. But I don't think they would ever have enough power to break him, because of what I said before on Twitter about haters.

You know I never mind. :) And I'm glad we can have conversation about Jin and his music.